The Evil Queens Guide
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    “So one of my oldest friends was having her 55 surprise birthday party. Her granddaughter here invited me. She even came to the airport to pick me up.

    I didn’t bring a capture kit with me so I had to make do. I’m sending you the picture so you can come and get it. Poor thing won’t be making it to the party it organized. I’ll go of course and meet you back at the ranch. “


    The slave catchers at Star Stables/Kennels rarely pass up an opportunity. My own granddaughter has been warned about this.


    I Need A New Role-Play Partner.

    (This is my plot)

    Your a popular gang leader and your looking for your new pet/princess/slave/toy/property you get whatever you want and you see me walking home from a popular coffee shop one day.

    Rules:.Don't rush into sex

    .Describe how you kidnap me and how you tie me up.

    .I like to be toyed with and have communication between us use "To talk"

    .Don't share me or talk about letting me go ( No Gang Bang )


    Tongue was getting on my nerves so I told it to beat it.

    Stupid thing was so clingy that I had to leave it a couple of towns ago.

    That’s when I saw it.

    “I’m telling you this one is a keeper.” I say.

    “You say that about each one.” Bull says.

    “Yeah. Like last year when you saw Tongue comin outta that law office.” Says Chop.

    “What was Tongues actual name? Ellen? Erin?” Asks Fuji.

    “Who cares!” I say “Maybe this ain’t THE ONE but I want it, you guys gonna help or not?”

    “Why you want them little toys when you can have a real woman like me?” Bull teases.

    “Cause you would both end up killin each other and destroying what we got.” Chop says and she and Fuji start laughing.

    Bull and I try to look serious but we start laughing too.

    The noise makes my next toy look out the diner window at us. She’s got a little fear in her eyes.



    “I do enjoy a thing on tip toe but I have little tolerance for slaves in human clothing. Buy a pair for each slave.”