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    Legion of Gays Roll Call

    The legion of gays is now in session.

    It is the purpose of the legion to align our infamous forces against the heterosexual patriarchy, leaving us the rulers of Manhood.

    To do this, we have gathered here the 13 most infamous gays in all of faggotry

    the sturdy Bottoms:

    the perverse mind of the Pigs:

    the aging Zaddies and the Jocks

    the frenzied PNP gays and Masc4Masc guys

    the DL men and the Bears

    the Scene Queens and the ever-flexible Versatiles

    the feminine yet ferocious Drag Queens and the hideous Twinks

    not to mention the brilliant leadership of us, the Tops.


    no he won’t


    really cool of his social media manager to post this ♥️ I wonder what joe biden thinks about gay people though



    I mean, you can argue that politicians can SAY whatever they want on their official campaign policy page, but Biden’s shift on LGBT policy is pretty well documented


    Ah, yes, let’s shit on Biden for MAYBE not supporting or liking queer people as much as he claims to, a claim absolutely no one can prove because it’s based on nothing Because the alternative to Biden is SO much better for queer people, obviously, and has both gone on record supporting queer people and ALSO put his money where his mouth is in a way Biden hasn’t had the chance to yet - …oh wait, you say the alternative is DEMONSTRABLY TOXIC to queer people? Huh. I wonder why people would shit on the alternative to actual queer poison based on pure bitter speculation then OH WAIT NO I DON’T WONDER AT ALL


    You know what queer people need? Healthcare. Soemthing Biden isn’t particularly keen on getting us.

    You know black queer people need? To not be locked up for marijuana, which good ole joe has helped to donin record numbers. Joe is a pos


    Look, Biden’s stance on both these issues isn’t IDEAL, but they are in the right direction. He could and should do more, but those positions are better than what we have now.


    Less than ideal policies vs. Actual Fucking Facist police state with concentration camps, your choice people.


    Anyone else notice that there are a LOT of people being negative towards Biden saying the Exact Opposite of his actual platform?

  • He’s planning to raise the minimum wage to $15.
  • He’s indicated they would decriminalize marijuana and remove conviction records and release people incarcerated for it.
  • He’s. Part of the administration. That made Obamacare? Hello?
  • He’s been moving further left and can be brought further.
  • Again, ask yourself.

    Why are people dissing on Biden, who checks off quite a few things we want, and can be convinced to help even more?

    When the opponent is the exact opposite and a literal fascist with Life Dictator aspirations?

    The people complaining are either misinformed or actively fomenting trouble to harm you by your inaction in this election.


    Literally please read the platform and policy goals before going off “word of mouth” from anonymous accounts. That’s how we got 2016.


    1. People grow and change. Sometimes out of self interest but change is fucking change.

    2. The other option is a LITERAL FASCIST.

    3. Anyone who tells you to vote third party right now is an idiot, an extremist, a plant, or too idealistic to help anyone survive this hellscape.

    Do not play this game this time. Do not let 45 win. Do not let him keep killing us. Do not pretend that there’s a third option. There isn’t. There’s Biden, who we can shape and push left, or there’s more death from an administration that has already gotten hundreds of thousands of people killed.