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2023-01-27 21:56:41

    Just finished watching the Japan Dome Tour DVD. It was AMAZING by the way.

    So there is this GTOP moment that has made me squeal badly for the last 1 hour ^__^ ( I saw this moment before but it is seen from different angle in the CD)

    1. TOP was rapping very near GD, then GD’s head hit TOP’s mike...


    [TV Daily News] ‘City Hunter’ main cast Lee Min Ho took a scene with an elephant, making him transformed into a ‘jungle man’ Lee Min Ho’s new SBS Drama “City Hunter” ( with Hwang Eun Kyeong as the script writer, directed by Jin Hyeok) took a scene with elephant in Thailand, where they...


    More teaser stills of Lee Min Ho in Thailand for City Hunter have been released. This time, photos of Lee Min Ho performing action stunts on a one hundred year old tree and riding on an elephant have been revealed. Recently, Lee Min Ho and supporting actor Kim Sang Ho shot a scene...


    ‘He becomes the real man from now!’ Lee Min Ho attracted women with showing his sweet and tough ‘the scent of the man’ through ‘City Hunter’. Lee Min Ho had first shoot in Thailand in the end of March with taking a role of MIT Dr. Lee Yoon Seong in national map and network team of the...