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    With the TSA having issues over the shutdown, some time saving measures have been introduced. Being ‘randomly selected’ to be completely strip searched was embarrassing enough, but to then have his clothes and items ‘lost’ took it to the next level. Now having to board totally naked his fears about a lack of leg room were the least of his worries.

    The others in the airport gawked as he shuffled past towards his gate. Somehow no one else had been stripped naked. No one else had their baggage vanish into thin air. Just him. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die as he trudged onward, hands covering his groin.

    What will he do when he arrives at his destination? He’ll need to buy clothes, but he has no wallet, no ID. It’ll be days before he can get dressed again…

    In the safe zone some powerful men don’t exactly personify the virtues the safe zone claims to hold supreme. Instead they are in charge of the necessary evils the safe zone permits to keep themselves safe. One such man was director of research Alex Burmingham, who also volunteered as an assistant soccer coach at the university his research facility was connected to. All season he had kept an eye on little Billy Johnson.  He was fit and athletic but also on the skinny and short side. What caught Alex’s eye the most was how shy the eighteen year old was. He had yet to see the boy’s cock or ass uncovered because he didn’t shower with the team and changed in the bathroom stall. After an important game in which Billy had made a critical mistake that cost the team the game, Alex made his decision. That night as Billy walked home an unmarked van stopped and “recruited” him. The next morning he woke up at the research facility, but his clothes and phone had been dumped on the side of the road where they found him. As he woke he started to panic as he could feel his nakedness and was unable to move at all. As he laid there he noticed a dull ache at the base of his skull. The scientist had developed and installed an experimental chip that allowed them to remotely control Billy’s body completely while leaving him aware what was happening. Soon some interns collected him and using a tablet they made him walk behind them and head to the film studio. They were ready to start on the newest safe zone propaganda film. The establishing shot was a close-up of Billy’s handsome face as he smiled with the warm honesty that nobody could doubt. Then it zoomed out to show his whole body, completely naked, with a twitching leaking erection.“Hi, my name is Billy Johnson and I used to be just like you.” He said smiling into the camera. Internally Billy was cringing that they used his real name. A screen next to the camera showed him exactly what the camera could see right now. A light on the tablet indicated that if Billy had any control over his body he would be blushing deeply right now. He was so embarrassed to be naked and hard in front of everyone. “I snuck out of the safe zone for just one night and was turned into a helpless cockwhore. Luckily the safe zone police rescued me but the damage was already done. Even one night outside the protection of the safe zone can make you irredeemably slutty.” He paused briefly to wipe up the shot pf precum that had just emerged from his hard dick. He then licked his finger clean. Billy was so pure he had never jerked off before let alone tasted his own precum. “I have an addiction now and I can’t stop or the withdraw could kill me. I will have to stay here in custody where my addiction can be fed safely. I am addicted to minotaur cum. I am a bitch for their gross horsecocks and sweaty balls.” Bill began walking and the camera followed. Soon another prisoner was in frame. It was a restrained minotaur with a huge hard horsecock. Billy immediately kneeled down and began sniffing and licking the gigantic balls like his life depended on it. The tablet indicated Billy was crying inside but the camera only saw a happy horny teen.When he came up for air he said, “If you don’t want this to be you, remember don’t set one foot outside the border.” With that he turned his tongue’s attention to the flared cockhead while his soft hands stroked the shaft. He was rewarded with a spurt of precum directly on the tongue. The minotaur had more fluid in one spurt of precum than most humans produce during an entire orgasm. A fluffer had been working on the minotaur earlier so it only took a few minutes before it started cumming all over Billy’s face, hair, chest and mouth. With that a door behind him opened and another minotaur emerged (also chipped and remotely controlled). It grabbed little Billy and lifted him easily, positioning his virgin hole above his huge monster penis. It would have been impossible without the chip but all of Billy’s anal muscles relaxed and allowed the dick to enter. That’s not to say it was easy, it took all the pre the minotaur could make and some forceful pushing but eventually Billy got several inches inside him. It was enough to crush his prostate and give him previously unknown pleasure. That is the moment the director tapped the big blue button on Billy’s tablet and the he started spasming as his dick shot load after load of fresh boy cream all over himself to match the cum already dripping down his body. As he came he screamed out, “I am a whore of horsecock!” inside he was screaming too but from the humiliation. He had been saving his first orgasm for the love of his life and now it was being fucked out of him by this huge dick.A lot of the footage would need to be blurred and censored before it was cut into the propaganda film but the essence of what happened would be clear and uncensored versions would be leaked online. Billy’s family was notified of his new status but simply inviting his Dad and brothers to the facility and showing them the unedited footage and then showing them Billy in his new room sucking on a dildo while playing with his nipples. They weren’t allowed to talk to him. Within a week school all over the safe zone were showing the film as part of the education on life outside the safe zone. It also got a lot of play on the propaganda TV channel. Billy was given a counter to let me know exactly how many people had seen the film. So as he sucked his dildo or got fucked by a guard or licked Alex’s sweaty toes he could always know people (including everyone he had every met) were watching his most humiliating moment.

    Timmy had been locked for almost six months now. Before he lost access to his teen cock and balls he liked to jerk off three or four times a day so by now he was going crazy with lust. this translated to him agreeing to any and all degrading sex acts his new Master suggested. Being caged wasn't so bad in the winter with big heavy clothes to hid the cage but now that it was warming up and his Master was assigning increasing skimpy outfits for him to wear, Timmy was pretty sure his secret had been found out by his classmates. Today Master had told him to wear a remote controlled vibrating buttplug to school. As he sat taking a test he couldn't help but grind his butt into the seat as he felt a familiar feeling in his balls. As he started to uncontrollably let out small moans the vibration intensity increased. Other students were turning to look and it was only a matter of time till the teacher looked too. He demanded Tim come to the front of the class where his shorts and tee shirt were promptly stripped from him. As the wave of humiliation washed over him it  happened. He felt his balls tighten as his pent up cum started leaking from the cage and he collapsed to the floor moaning, panting and twitching. The teacher got it all on film including his classmates laughter and sent it to the Master with the subject line, "Bitches first fag-gasm"