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2020-09-24 21:59:33

    Okay Sissies, get ready for an amazing post. 

    First, who missed Sissy Ashley? 

    Everybody of course! 

    Well you’re all gonna be super happy cause this post is about her and how SUBMISSIVE and OBEDIENT she is. 

    A few weeks ago, Daddy Max asked Ashley to go to the STORE, put a PINK NAPPY STUFFED WITH BOOSTER PADS ON and get dressed in her adorable LITTLE PIGGY ROMPER. She had to do all this in the public toilets, then she had to walk to the car park to take some pictures. 

    Daddy didn’t think this SISSY DIAPER FAG would walk through the store wearing NOTHING ELSE but the clothes and diaper you see on the pictures. 

    But SHE DID!! Isn’t that amazing??

    I absolutely ADORE how HUMILIATING this outfit is but look at her face on the third picture! What a cute SMILE! Looks like ASHLEY is enjoying each second of this PUBLIC EXPOSURE. 

    Here’s another special thing about this post. ASHLEY did all this yesterday, FOR HER BIRTHDAY!! That’s right, this HUGE EMBARRASSMENT was her special way to CELEBRATE her birthday. Isn’t that absolutely PATHETIC?!?!?!

    Let’s wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY again okay? 

    And, as a birthday also means some GIFTS, Daddy made a special decision to make his SISSY DIAPER FAG happy. Considering how much she ADORES HUMILIATION, she’s gonna wear THICKER DIAPERS from now on and at all times. Such a lucky SIssy! Absolutely no chance to escape as Daddy knows exactly how to contact Ashley’s best friend! 

    Hope you’re gonna be a good Sissy Sweetie Pie! Ha ha ha!!