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    will happen, happening, happened

    “Time Adventure” by Rebecca Sugar


    image id: a colored digital drawing of sasha james, tim stoker, jon sims, and martin blackwood from the magnus archives. sasha is a tall warm-toned brown woman with curly chestnut brown hair. she wears round black glasses with a gold glasses chain, a white button up, a mustard yellow cardigan, a long red skirt, and brown ankle boots. tim is a slightly shorter, slightly lighter-skinned warm-toned brown man with short pink hair. he has stubble, a translucent purple shirt with hearts all over it, jeans, and black sneakers. jon is a very short dark-skinned brown man with short black hair. he wears square glasses, a green jacket, a black sweater, jeans, and black sneakers. martin is a tall, fat, white, ginger man. he wears square glasses, a white button up, a green sweatervest, grey jeans, and red and white sneakers. sasha has one hand on tim’s shoulder, tim is resting an elbow on jon’s shoulder and gesturing with the other hand, jon has his arms crossed and is smiling fondly up at tim, and martin has one hand up towards his mouth, laughing slightly. above them are the words: “It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends”. under them are the words: “but you and I will always be back then”. end id.

    [ID: Two black and white digital sketches of Jonathan Sims from The Magnus Archives. He is a short, skinny man with chin-length, curly black hair half-pulled back in a bun with bangs, and a bit of beard and mustache. He is wearing a t-shirt that says “MSI” on it, partially obscured by a black cardigan, a long black skirt, knit socks, and Doc Marten boots. He is also wearing a few bracelets, a black choker, and half-moon glasses with a beaded chain. He is standing plainly, looking very tired. The second image has the same drawing as the first, but it is partially obscured by bold white text reading “GIRL HELP I’M IN THE ANNABELLE CANE FILE”. end ID]

    uni jon from discord feat. a meme with no context