i think the reason i love studio ghibli as much as i do is because it encompasses everything i love about life. wearing clothes that make you feel young and free that you can run and jump and climb trees in. the sense of peace that only comes from sitting on a train watching scenes move by the in windows, walking through the city at night, reading on a bench. the way there is so much grief and pain and hardship in each movie, and the world being torn apart but in spite of that, there is wholesomeness and warmth in bowls of noodles and dinner with your family and singing loudly without worrying about what your voice sounds like, and if you love someone enough it doesn’t matter that the world is falling apart around you. it’s about romanticising the little things in life, the hot mug of tea, that moment in the streetlight in the rain, the sunrise looking pretty through your little window; and it’s about the quiet, soft, warm moments you share with other people through those. those the things i cling onto in life, the small moments of joy that make life worth living.

    I once had a neighbor who was thoroughly convinced their indoor/outdoor cat never strayed further than a couple houses around. As proof, she put a GPS tracker and little camera on her cat. 24 hours later she had the proof she didn't want. Her cat went as far as a mile away, into the nearby woods where their were coyotes and other predators that would a snack of her cat. Her cat crossed the interstate several times, went to a construction site, and various other places that had me surprised her cat was still alive.

    The following week was full of them building a catio and enriching their home. The cat became an indoor cat and chilled out very happily in the catio. They spent the summer harness and leash training their cat as well.

    Oh, and the cat killed over a dozen birds and didn't eat any of them in the single day my owner tracked them with the camera and GPS. They had been going out daily for over a year. Imagine a cat killing 12 birds a day, everyday, for just a year. That devastates the local bird population and leads to the extinction of entire species.

    Enrich your home, install a catio, get a few cat trees/towers, play with your cat, and they'll live long healthy lives. No worries about some random person killing them with poison or shooting them, no worries about them getting hit by a car, no worries about destroying the local ecosystem. My cats are 17 and 15 years old, 100% indoors their entire lives, and they're happy.

    Oh and since avian flu aka bird flu is spreading, please remember that it kills animals that eat the contaminated meat. That means if a cat kills an infected bird and eats it, they will get sick and die.


    i’ve seen multiple people say “the punk scene has never had a problem with nazis and has always staunchly opposed nazism. this song, ‘nazi punks fuck off’, proves this is the case.“ which. hm. is a strange argument to make.


    like who do they think the song was directed toward.


    also it’s funny cause downplaying how massive the problem with fascism in the punk scene was completely undercuts how genuinely brave the song was at the time- like if you do serious research into where the punk scene was at during that time, the punk scene was crawling with nazis, and the dead kennedys were one of the few bands in the hardcore punk scene at the time to actually take a stand against them.

    like, just to be clear about the context at the time, fucking crass was playing both-sides games over nazis and saying you shouldn’t be too mean to them! have you checked the lyrics to “white punks on hope” recently?


    every time i read the lyrics of “White Punks On Hope” i’m struck with awe at how fucking stupid and asinine they are