Goddess Fawn

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San Francisco LESDOM
Transgender lesbian Domme/Goddess seeking a female submissive. Must be cisgender, post-op, or living full-time as a woman for at least one year. Desirable attributes include a willingness to come to San Francisco for live play, the desire to work towards a 24/7 TPE* M/s relationship, and being willing to consider relocation to the Greater San Francisco area. DM me for additional information.
I love chatting with my followers, especially the women (as defined above), however, do not waste my time by asking to be my slave if you do not or cannot meet my requirements. I will block the wannabes.
This blog reflects 50+ yr of fantasies and 30+ trying RL experience with BDSM. I generally resemble the goddess portrayed here, though I would say I am not quite as demanding and extreme as it may otherwise seem. When I speak of BDSM safety and relationship issues I speak from direct experience.
* TPE = Total Power Exchange

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2020-10-22 04:23:34

    Toys must learn to do everything as if they had been born without legs or arms. The training can be quite harsh at times and will be so again each time the toy moves from dominant to dominant. This is because the specific needs of each dominant are different and the toy must be able to perform perfection without the use of its hands or feet. In this way when the time comes for the toy to perform its mouth can completely satisfied its user leaving his hands and feet free to please the user in other ways.