Imagine growing a big soft belly that jiggles at the slightest touch or movement.

Imagine always being the fattest person in the room by a long shot.

Imagine buffet workers breaking a sweat when they see you waddle through the door ready to eat them out of business.

Imagine having a meal with family and being at the table stuffing your face greedily with plate after plate long after everyone else has stopped picking at their single servings.

Imagine having a feeder who never lets you stop snacking between meals, and those snacks get bigger until they're more like full meals in themselves and they have to stuff you with more snacks in between those too.

Imagine having to feast on enough delicious food to feed a family of four at every mealtime because your gut grumbles at the first sign of emptiness and nothing less will sate you.

Imagine feeling constantly euphoric because eating is the best feeling you can imagine and you have someone around to keep you filled to the brim.

Imagine having such a caring feeder that they do every little thing for you so you have all the time in the world to eat to your ever expanding stomach's content.

Imagine how enormously obese you could get with nothing to do except laze around while you just eat and eat and eat.


Even better is that some of you don’t have to just imagine this stuff 😏