We never stop learning about ourselves.

    I for instance had NO idea that watching this foot worship video could get me so worked up.

    I love everything about this. His intensity and commitment to lick every millimetre of her sole, to kiss and suck every bit of skin. Her tenderness as she looks at him, as her hand plays in his hair. As they both love who they are to one another. ❤️❤️


    His passion is amazing and Her understanding the root of his submission shows in Her eyes.


    i swear also if i would have to life in nearly vanilla circumstances this scene will be lifelong possible with me UNDER ADULT WOMEN. ADULT WOMEN HAVE EXCLUSIVELY UNRESTRICTED ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY RIGHTS OVER me,also to every time in life to put HER FEET into the mouth of me. for me it’s absolutely forbidden for any resistance and to questioning WISHES, NEEDS, BEHAVIOR, THAT BEHAVIOR OF ADULT WOMEN to me. It seems important to me that a woman is never ashamed of me, whatever her need and passion is, about me and with me. Every ADULT FEMALE OWNER HAS TO BE SURE that I stop thinking about reasons why A GODDESS IS DOING WHAT SHE IS DOING RIGHT NOW especially with me UNDER HERSELF.