The path to the blessed gynarchy and embracing the natural order is through the full acceptance of Female Supremacy. The patriarchy is a failure and will be replaced with Female power; males must be trained and controlled, and accept Female Supremacy as the future, at home and in society; Women empower and support other Women; Women dominate men and replace the patriarchy with matriarchy and gynarchy; the future is Female: through the control of masculinity, the evolution of Female power is inevitable. Hail Female Supremacy.


    "Men rule the system so they can repeat the endless cycle of collapse and reconstruction, which gives the guise of change to soothe those on the lesser fortunate end of the social spectrum. They're scared of matriarchy because they know if women ruled, change would only need to happen once for everyone to be on equal footing."

    -Yosano Akiko, from a fic I'll never write.


    The innate fear many males have towards Matriarchy is that subconsciously they know that Female leadership is vastly superior and a Female Future will undoubtedly be a much better future for us all. Hail Female Supremacy.

    The acknowledgment of Female Supremacy and path to total Gynarchy is through the worship of women. Women are to be worshiped like goddesses, with divine femininity, gynocentrism, and a culture of matriarchy. The inferiority of masculinity and the superiority of femininity are bedrock principles of the glorious Female Future. Patriarchy is a discredited failure and will be replaced with Female power. A male must be trained and controlled to accept Female Supremacy in all aspects of society. Through the control of masculinity, the evolution of Female power and Female Supremacy will come to its blessed fruition.