Organization Briefing File 86391 - “The House of the Taken”

    Threat level - Personal (8), Economic (4), Violent (2)

    Headquarters - Unknown, seemingly American

    Sphere of Influence - Global

    Leadership Structure - Unknown (likely small central leadership group with semi-independent cells) 

    Description:  The House of the Taken (HoT) is a clandestine organization that has come to prominence in the past decade.  It seems to possess advanced chemical, electronic and bio-robotic technology of unknown origins, all capable of causing behavioral abnormalities, severe changes in mental state (amnestic and hypnotic programming), and significant biological alterations in humans.  Currently, they seem satisfied with cornering the market for luxury human trafficking, and have not (directly) used their resources to alter political landscapes or muster an armed force as far as is known.

    It has been determined that the HoT is comprised of agents numbering in the low hundreds, operating out of facilities in all G20 participant countries.  These facilities house HoT victims during the processes that prepare them for a variety of uses, mostly sexual.  Several escort services worldwide utilize HoT “graduates” whether knowingly or not, and many work in the pornography industry at various levels from “Cam-girls” and adult dancers to known industry megastars.  These activities seem supplemental, with the income gained allowing for the “graduates” lifestyles and HoT cell maintenance.  

    The more lucrative activities seem to stem from what they call VIP services.  Through offering to abduct, enslave and alter specific targets for individual clients for exorbitant sums, they have become a minor power in the global economy - and enjoy the protection of the many powerful political actors in their clientele.  It is also suspected that the various processes allow for the creation of “sleeper” agents in governmental and corporate positions that work unwittingly to defend HoT cells and further HoT goals.  

    More in-depth investigations have proven impossible due to the HoT’s perfect detection abilities and the resulting loss of agents.  See addendums for recommendations and believed sleepers as well as suspected activities outside the usual purview of the organization..  


    “What are you doin to me?”

    We had been here before, Barbra would ask that question - subconsciously telling me she had nearly acclimated to the previous change (Be it the dietary adjustments, hair extensions, clothing restrictions and of course the surgeries), and was ready for whatever the next step would be.  The process was nearly complete, but the method was so successful, it would remain the same.

    “Not much at the moment, just the things you’ve wanted me to.  Why, is there something new you would like me to help you with?”

    “I dunno, like, I think there’s somethin but it’s hard to put my fingie on it.”

    Chuckling a bit at the broken accent I’d helped her develop, I pulled her into my lap and slid her panties aside.  A few wet humps from her and I found the mark, wrapping my cock in her flesh and bringing a dazed bliss to her eyes.

    “Well let me do the thinking Barbie, let’s see… They all seem to be making you out to be some kind of plastic sextoy.  That has to be what you were thinking of.  You want to be a living sex toy don’t you?”

    Her head nodded along, just out of rhythm enough to separate it from the fucking.  She was receiving now, only barely able to express anything more complex than that.

    “Well sextoys are owned by someone, someone that decides just how they’re used.  They never think for themselves, that would be silly wouldn’t it?  So I’m going to own you just like you want, and I’m going to help you stop thinking for yourself.  Here’s how we are going to do it…”