the kind of guy who likes to take his boat out

all his sails on fire, a burger in each hand, a cape on his back, ready for Valhalla 
(Ari "rattanwhip" rattanwhip | 22 | they/them | previously pennyfitzgerald / pennysfitzgerald)

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2020-07-11 21:47:05

    Dude, sick reference to Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I can't believe you’re so clever. You were clever enough to bring up Sm -- Snoop smoking weed on your stream, because you KNEW that Snoap Dogg smoke weed, and Smoke Dogg, he is s҉m҉d҉snoop. And you KNEW that if you brought up the Smook Dogg smokin 𝚍veed, that you -- people would know that! And they would 𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕡!

    can you imagine archie trying to herd the aqua grunts like kids on a field trip and being like “ok guys we have to line up and pay for our tickets” and one of the grunts is like “archie what the hell we’re a criminal organization why can’t we just barge right in” and archie’s like “but that would be WRONG, kyle”