Boots & High Heels Fetish
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2020-09-02 19:15:01

    I’m Back

    Hi everybody, i’m finally back.
    Lots of thing happened this few month, and the more important was the birth of my first baby,
    Then a few month later the lockdown happened in France, and my wife and I discovered new things.
    Our love grew up and as we can’t invite our friends to spice up our sexual life, we experimented a lot.
    I was never a submissive, but my wife which was my sub till the lockdown, and I decided that to fullfill her wishes ( cause she’s a switch ) we should try new things.

    So one day, we talked about fetichism, and she told me that playing on a sub with her feet was something lacking in her life since we had our baby.
    So as i’m totally in love with her, and couldn’t say anything else, I offer her to try it with me.
    To my surprise, it really felt great.
    First, she started to rub slowly and gently my dick through my trousers with her bare feet.
    Then with her feet she gently hit my dick with her sole, before starting to massage my cock with her feet again.

    To be continued

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    Back from holiday

    Hi all, my wife and I just came back a few days ago from out trip in Germany, it was nice as always when we goes there, met lots of nice people, and had some fun with a few of them.

    Sadly, when we came back to our house, we discovered we had been robbed while we were on vacancy. I don't really care for the material they took over ( got a nice insurance ), but i've lost 2 years at least of work, pictures and videos mostly, more than 4 To of data.

    And the worst isn't that.... On my hard drives i got 2 To of private videos and pictures of our crazy nights with my wife ( and some friends to). So no new post till i've started to collect some new elements in my database.

    Sorry all and see you soon.

    If you want to support me don't hesitate to become a Patron on Patreon. It will greatly help me.

    Hi dear followers. Sorry for the lack of new content last week, but got lot of trouble. My wife was pregnant of two month and she just lose our baby. So in the next weeks, i won't have much time to post new content, and i will try to post some when i'll have some free time. Thx for following and take care. See u soon


    As you all certainly know dear follower, since the 17th of december Tumblr change some rules for the post. So in the next few day i will reorder all my post, deleting reporter post and renumbering the post needing it. I also will delete all my repost so if one of my post is reported as explicit i can appeal. So feel free to stay tuned and see all the new changes. See you soon XO XO XO