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2018-12-10 19:50:06

    Farewell, tumblr

    Something like eight years ago, I decided to create my own tumblr, primarily as a way to save and easily access some of the great femdom and erotic content I was stumbling across in various links from Google, etc. I started posting some of the favorite things I’d found, and to my surprise, started noticing others following me and reposting the same things. Who knew there were so many who found what turned me on to be interesting to them as well. 

    Over the ensuing years, I got to (virtually) know several fascinating, insightful and simply entertaining posters. Memorable conversations happened.

    As is old news by now, tumblrs like mine are essentially going dark as of Dec 17, thanks to Verizon’s decision that boobs, balls, pussies and dicks are all a far greater threat than Nazis, antisemites and other purveyors of hate. Nobody threatens your stock price if you let the vilest of the vile spew their hate. Show people enjoying sex and it’s the end of the world. 

    And so it’s the end of my little corner of the world. I have set up a site at bdsmlr (same username - fetishlocker). I don’t know yet if I’ll update and maintain it or not (if I do, you can find and follow updates here). Over the last year or two, I’ve been running out of steam here. Like everything, my interest in keeping things going waxes and wanes, and real life keeps getting in the way. We’ll see if that continues or changes in a new home.

    Thanks to all of you who have followed and commented over the years. Thanks even more to those I’ve reblogged frequently, or simply enjoyed viewing and reading. Sometimes with both hands, often with one. 

    I hope to see some of my favorite bloggers here somewhere else out there, wherever you all land.