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2020-12-03 18:12:15

    I just love being cuddled by a chubby cutie who's confident and knows I like their chub

    Someone who knows the bed is soft and they're soft and I'm a little soft too and with all that softness they're not gonna hurt me if they lay over me a little, I love it

    And when they do the thing where they wrap one leg around me and I get to feel the warm weight of their thick thigh it's just

    *chef's kiss*

    Or when they do that thing where I'm the little spoon and they let their fat belly pool out against my back

    That's what I live for

    I feel so beautiful and fat😌😌😌 Happy and free. I want this more than anything. It’s the most sexually satisfying thing I’ve ever experienced. I yearn to grow and soften. I need to be bigger. 🐷🥵🐷

    If you enjoy my free posts here, feel free to take a look at my only fans page. I update daily and genuinely love showing off my growing body. I’m so freaking excited to be documenting this transformation!!