haha damn didn’t i do a number on you. You had wanted a drive to a nearby city and unfortunately your car broke down and the only person near by was this truck driver called Nate. The only way you were gonna make it to the city is if you asked him for a ride. So little dude you wanna ride to the nearest city aye? Well i’ll take ya but there’s one little thing, you have to be my seat, yep you heard my right fag there’s a little contraption i made and you can insert your head into the seat and lay flat backwards. The last thing you saw before the next three hours of your life was two huge greasy, hairy, raunchy ass cheeks slowly lowering towards your face. Nate stopped just above your face and you heard him grunt PHBBBBBBBBBBHHBBBBBBHRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT. A 20 second fart rolled out of his ass and sprayed onto your face. He quickly sat down to trap you in it. If i have to smell one of these faggot i’m chucking you out.


    This is like a fantasy of mine 🥵🥵