Some art for the wonderful ashesoflove’s fic ‘loves me, loves me not. Nobara cuts maki’s hair and they have a best friend exchange :)

    Genuinely in love with this fic n you should go read it... it’s a pretend dating fic!

    Cartoons are Tone Down

    Ever since Cartoon Network has cancelled Infinity Train for being too dark and doesn’t have the child apeal. it has comes to an realization that today cartoons are tone down. It’s not just Cartoon Network but it’s also other kid’s networks as well such as Nickelodown, and Disney Channel. 

    Back in the early 2000s - mid 2010s, cartoons were open minded to many idea and weren’t afraid to tackle mature subjects and show dark such as 

    The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Flapjack had horror moment 

    Justice League TAS and Star Wars: The Clone Wars had multiple on-screen death scenes

    Regular Show and Total Drama Island had swear words 

    But now, cartoons are now strict on what to show ot kids by having them be more dim down the maturity to be comedic and take things less seriously.

    Even shows with a story had succomb to tone down such as The Owl House was supposed to much more darker but Disney force Dana Terrace (Creator of The Owl House) have to turn into a horror comedy magical high school although it’s not even that scary comparing to older shows. 

    As of recently, cartoons are no longer the same as in early 2000s. Instead of treating children as adults, they be little them by having them comedic and be less mature. It’s the reason why not a lot of people are talking about todays cartoons anymore and people find it hard to watch because of that. As of today, people, especially children talk about video games (Fortnite, Undertale, Cuphead, Among Us, and many more), comics, espeically Marvel, and anime (Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Zombieland Saga, Jujustu Kaisen and many more). 


    Not going to lie, it’s genuinely upsetting to think about the new “fans” who are going to judge Legend of Korra, without knowing about all of the horrible things that Nickelodeon did to Bryke.


    Two things I always remind fans of/tell new fans:

    1) they had to FIGHT the network to make the next avatar a girl in this series

    2) they could not overtly develop the Korrasami romance. They had to get permission just for that last scene with them holding hands and going into the spirit world and the strong implications the moment had. It really makes me upset when people credit Nickelodeon for “giving is Korrasami”. They didn’t want it.

    What people always remind ME about:

    1) the last two seasons didn’t even air on television, only online.


    3) Nickelodeon originally only bought one season and lead everyone to believe it would be a one and done type deal. Partway through production of the first season (the latter half if I’m remembering correctly) Nickelodeon suddenly changed their minds and ordered three additional seasons so the writers had to scramble and change things last minute when a good chunk of season 1 was finished and/or had started airing.

    This is why season 1 seems like its own thing, has a different tone, and speeds through the plot. It’s also why season 2′s beginning is particularly rough and it takes a while for the show to get back on its feet.

    4) Partway through production of season 4, Nickelodeon slashed their budget by no small amount out of the blue. The reason why the recap episode exists and reuses previous footage while AtLA got the Ember Island Players episode was because that was the only way they could deal with the sudden lack of money without sacrificing their vision for the finale.

    5) The finale was pulled from it’s air block/location with less than a week’s notice and put on Nickelodeon’s website’s streaming option which sucked at the best of times and could not handle that many people trying to watch at the same time. If they were able to watch at all.

    One of the creators also had to take to his block shortly after the finale aired to clarify that Korra and Asami were dating and were bi because they could only get away with the handholding scene and there were a ton of fans at the time saying that it was unclear and they were just very good friends. Yes, in 2014 people were still saying that anything short of tongues down throats or sex scenes meant that they were just gals being good pals.

    Also it wasn’t just that Korra was a woman Nickelodeon had an issue with, it was that she was a woman of colour. A white female avatar they would have grumbled about but eventually came around to, but they fought the creators to make Korra anything other than a woman of colour and they hated that one of their most popular shows with the older demographic starred someone who was neither male nor white.

    And for that they did everything in their power to fuck over production so that they could cancel the show and point to the numbers as a reason why they did it, not because they’re racist, sexist, and homophobic.

    So something I feel like needs to be said here since it was said on Twitter.

    I wanna take a second to use all this attention WhiteRose is getting to say this. If you are using the ship just to sexualize a minor in a wlw relationship I'm gonna break your kneecaps. You're not a wr shipper you're a pos. We were here before your nasty asses and we'll be here after you're gone. And that we'll make sure of- that you're gone. You're not welcome here. We're reclaiming this ship and bringing it back to being wholesome.

    It's becoming more and more obvious from people on Twitter that nasty people are using WhiteRose to do nasty things. This needed to be said here on Tumblr in the WhiteRose tags because the amount of times I see people just casually posting pedo shit in those tags is far worse than it is anywhere else. Sorry to anyone to is just trying to scroll through the tags to look for art and fics, but we can't ignore this any longer. Yeah it sucks when a post like this has to be made trust me I want WhiteRose content to be wholesome at all times too. If we do nothing and act like it doesn't exist then we are complicit. It's time to expose these people when you see them, make it known they're not welcome.


    Gonna make a Bumbleby fic recommendation list for stories I like and don’t see get mentioned all that often:

    * = contains NSFW

    Check out these fics and give the writers some love!


    Wooohoo!! I just bingewatching railgun series, to aru kagaku no railgun series, if you don’t know about it do check! It’s good, really it is.

    So, regarding Mikoto and Kuroko, who do you think more prone to turn to the dark side? I bet most of you will answer Mikoto since her behavior kinda vigilante,

    But I think Kuroko too would be quite dangerous, if she has enough reason to turn. I mean you know, Kuroko has a very high sense of justice, and drove by reason not emotion (minus the emotional comical relief she provide throughout the series). BUT! Think if those high sense of justice hammered down with the rage once she knew what the city has done to her beloved onee-sama, and obviously they can’t be judged at the moment because of politics and power and yeah. I think once Kuroko has done her best the legal way and finally understand that it’s impossible, she’ll turn to other resources to bring peace to her onee-sama.

    So what you guys think? Any recommendation for good Railgun forum out there? I kind of late but yeah they say better late than never lol

    “Why” TPN ended so quickly ?

    Theory and analysis of the authors and the reasons why the manga ended with a rushed final arc with a climax announced too long ago.

    Hi. Yes, I know, you expected me to write a long post about my impressions on TPN. And you are right ! I shall do that ! But I’m not home right now, and I decided to do better.

    My art history teacher was always suprised to see me caring so much about the context of some art piece rather that the piece itself. But as an artist myself, I know how the context can be so important and affect something. And TPN is no exception in that matter. That’s why, instead of directly talking about the fictional piece, I want to tak more about its authors and their mindset for the end of this manga.

    Or more precisely… I want to talk about Posuka Demizu.


    (Everything said in this post are only speculations, I don’t pretend to know the Truth or to know the authors better than others, those are just analysis from what I could’ve guessed happened in Posuka Demizu’s life)

    Credits to my older sister @machikurada​ for translating Posuka Demizu’s tweet in English.

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    Weiss: There is a massive spider in my room. Can I sleep in here tonight?

    Ruby: No need! I’ll take care of it.

    Weiss: It’d take too much effort. I’m better off staying with you.

    Ruby: You don’t think I could do it? ‘Cause I totally can.

    Weiss: I’m not doubting you, but it’s probably hiding by now. I’d feel safer close to you.

    Ruby: Give me sixty seconds. You room will be spider-free in a jiffy!

    Weiss: Ruby, no. I’m sleeping somewhere else. Like in your bed.

    Ruby: But when I’m finished, you can sleep safe in sound in your own–

    Weiss: Just take a hint and let me cuddle you, you dolt!

    Ruby: Ohhh. There’s not really a spider, is there?

    Weiss: None. Now make room for me.