The joy of circumcision: Sarah circumcises her infant son

Moments after his birth, Sarah held her newborn son for the first time. She was in awe, a life-long dream of being a mother now fulfilled. She held her baby boy close, and looked at him, a tiny but healthy 7 pounds. Though only 26 years old, Sarah thought about how long she yearned for this, and now it was real. “This is my son,” she thought to herself as she drew a deep breath as if to soak in the moment.

She then held him slightly upright, in order to see more of him before he was diapered and swaddled for the first time. “So beautiful, so perfect,” she said aloud. She took a mental picture of all that she could, observing his eyes, nose, lips, his tiny fingers and toes. Then, she turned her attention to his penis. It was tiny, but large compared to his body, she noted. “Oh my, you’re going to be quite the man!” was all she could muster as the others in the room began to clean up after the birth.

Later, as she settled into her maternity ward room, Sarah’s thoughts once again turned to her son’s penis. Sarah has seen plenty of penises over the years, from her childhood as a babysitter, and changing her younger cousin’s diapers. In more recent years, she had had several boyfriends before she met the man who was Tyler’s father – though unfortunately her relationship with him ended several months ago. All but two of the penises she had seen in-person and experienced had been circumcised. Her son Tyler’s circumcision was scheduled for the next morning.

The morning seemed to arrive quickly, awakened by a nurse who informed the new mother that “it’s time for Tyler to be circumcised.” A feeling of anticipation swept over Sarah, and she made her way to the circumcision room.There, she saw two newborn babies, still in their cribs, awaiting the nurses to prepare them for their circumcisions. Tyler was the first of the two to be circumcised.

Sarah had seen circumcisions before – she saw videos online when she was expecting. She knew what was involved. She also knew some people were against it, but she always vowed that she would have her sons circumcised, for health and hygiene reasons and to satisfy her personal preference for circumcised penises. Her past negative experiences with two uncircumcised partners had cemented her pro-circumcision view. She was adamant that Tyler was going to be circumcised. Fortunately, her female obstetrician Dr. Cowan agreed, and Tyler’s foreskin was doomed even before he was born. 

The nurse removed Tyler’s diaper, leaving him completely naked as he was positioned on the circumcision board. His legs and then his arms were secured to the Circumstraint with Velcro straps, safely immobilizing him for the pending procedure. Instinctively, he strained to move his arms and legs, but there was no escaping. Sarah sat on a stool near the foot of the board, ensuring she had a clear view of her son’s penis.

Dr. Cowan entered the room and greeted Sarah. “Hi Sarah. Are you ready for this?” asked Dr. Cowan. Sarah swallowed hard, and replied, “Yes, let’s do this!”

“Great,” replied Dr. Cowan. “Are you still ok with everything we talked about?” “I am,” said Sarah, confirming what the two women had discussed the day before. Tyler was going to be circumcised with a Gomco clamp, like in the videos Sarah had seen. Dr. Cowan said she will remove all the foreskin and corresponding shaft skin, so that the glans is always exposed and there is no risk of adhesions forming during the healing process. Besides, she said, it will be healthier and better for sex later on.

Dr. Cowan grasped Tyler’s foreskin with two forceps to gently open the tip of the foreskin, pulling on the penis slightly. “See all of this skin? In a few minutes, it will be coming off!” the doctor explained.

Next, the doctor inserted the metal device into the foreskin as far as it would go. Tyler let out an ear-piercing scream, and his arms and legs desperately tried to break free. The adhesions between the foreskin and the glans were being torn apart.  "They really don’t like this part. Shhh, it will be over soon little guy,“ the doctor said. 

Sarah looked on, transfixed by what she saw it front of her. Here she was, watching her newborn son being circumcised. She felt that warm feeling of completeness, much like the day before. Only today, she could feel her panties getting wet. 

The doctor opened and closed the forceps several times, the contours of the instrument clearly visible beneath the foreskin. “He’s got stubborn adhesions. I’ll take care of that!” the doctor explained.

Tyler was crying loudly, letting out screams each time the forceps did their intended task. His toes curled, his arms pulled against the restraining straps, and his head bobbed from side to side – the only part of his body that was permitted to move. 

The foreskin was crushed lengthwise up to the rim of the glans. “This is for the dorsal slit. We need to cut open the foreskin to make room for the bell of the Gomco clamp which will be applied to the glans.” She sliced the foreskin apart and peeled the skin back, exposing the tender glans for the very first time. It was beet red, just like Sarah had seen in videos. “There you go, that’s his glans exposed now,” the doctor announced.

Sarah was mesmerized. Clearing her throat and composing herself, she muttered to the doctor: “Is the circumcision done already?”  "Not at all. We were just getting him ready. The Gomco clamp still needs to be put in place before I can cut the foreskin,“ the doctor replied. “Right, of course”, Sarah blushed.

Dr. Cowan carefully inserted the bell of the Gomco device into the foreskin cavity, ensuring that the bell was of the correct size to fully encircle the glans. “The bell protects the glans from possible injury during the circumcision,” she explained to Sarah. Next, the doctor rejoined the cut foreskin with a safety pin. “Now we’re ready for the clamp,” she said.

“This is the Gomco clamp. I like it because it’s very safe and gives a good aesthetic result,” the doctor said as she held the device in front of Tyler’s mom. “I love how a circumcised penis looks and feels for me. It’s how all penises should look, not like an elephant trunk with that nasty foreskin,” added Sarah.

She positioned the clamp over the bell apparatus, and pulled the foreskin through the opening of the clamp with forceps. “Now, do you remember what we talked about the other day?”, enquired Dr. Cowan. Sarah looked puzzled. The doctor clarified: “We want to remove enough foreskin to ensure a proper circumcision. Better to remove more skin than less to get a good result." 

She pulled more and more skin through the clamp, until about half of the penile skin could be seen, the end with the safety pin still in place. The doctor then turned to Sarah. Sarah looked up, and the two women’s eyes locked in a deep gaze. For several seconds it looked like they were in a trance; they were connecting. Sarah nodded her head. Not a word was spoken, but Dr. Cowan understood. She returned her attention to Tyler’s penis. Taking the forceps again, she pulled more of Tyler’s foreskin through the clamp. The skin on the shaft was now straining and most of the skin of Tyler’s penis was now on the top side of the clamp’s opening. "That’s what you want, am I right?”, asked Dr. Cowan. Sarah’s face was flushed and she could feel the hardness of her nipples and the wetness of her panties. “Yes, it’s what I want,” she blurted out while looking down at her son’s penis in the Gomco clamp.

“Great, this looks really good. Now we’re going to tighten the nut of the clamp. This crushes the foreskin, cutting off the blood supply to it. Then I can safely remove the excess skin,” Dr. Cowan explained while Sarah strained to maintain her composure. While the videos she had watched of other babies being circumcised were interesting, nothing could have prepared her for this uniquely personal experience. She felt a deep bond with her son.

With the foreskin in position, the doctor began to tighten the nut of the Gomco clamp. She gave the nut several turns, and when the pressure started to build, she stopped and asked Sarah if she would like to do the last few turns needed to clamp her son’s foreskin. Sarah was stunned. Without a word, she reached for the clamp and turned the nut, crushing the foreskin. When the nut would no longer turn, she looked over at the doctor with a nervous smile. “Is that good?”, she asked. The doctor tried to turn the nut. “Very good,” she replied. Then, another moment of silence, as Sarah breathed deeply. The doctor broke the silence: “Empowering, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like circumcising a baby boy.”  Sarah tried to find the right words to respond: “I never thought it could be like this! This is truly amazing. If only I had known about the joy that circumcising your baby brings…”  It was finally time to do the cutting.

“I leave the clamp on for a few minutes, to make sure we get a good crush and prevent the possibility of blood loss,” the doctor said. Not to mention, she thought to herself, the crushing will leave a dark ring around the penis – her trademark signature on the child’s penis for the rest of his life.

“It’s at this time I usually give the after-care instructions. It’s important that you keep his penis clean, so be sure to wipe off any stool and urine at each diaper change. For the first month or so it’s a good idea to dab some Vaseline on the glans and around the scar when you change him. The glans will be red for the first 2 days, and you might notice a few drops of blood in his diaper. After 3 or 4 days, the glans will start healing and it will turn a greenish-yellow color. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be alarmed. The skin on the glans forms a scab-like crust, and this is necessary as it starts to build keratin and get tougher with time. Within 2 months his penis should be fully healed and it will look normal. The way a penis should look, circumcised.”

With that, the doctor used a scalpel to excise the protruding foreskin that was bunched at the base of the Gomco clamp. The severed foreskin now rested on the yoke of the bell, and with a pair of scissors it was detached and placed in a surgical tray for disposal with other medical waste. Tyler was now circumcised. Sarah squeezed her legs together, trying to get some relief from the built-up tension. 

Dr. Cowan disassembled the clamp, and then carefully removed the bell from the glans. Tyler’s delicate glans was now fully exposed, never to be covered by skin again. What little skin was left on his penis was taut, causing his infant penis to stick straight out, though it was not erect at the time. The dark scar was plainly visible about one-quarter of the way up from the base – it was a very tight and very high circumcision. “It’s perfect…perfectly beautiful. Thank you!”, Sarah gushed. “You’re welcome, it was truly my pleasure,” replied Dr. Cowan.

But the procedure wasn’t over quite yet. “Just one last thing to do…we need to remove the frenulum.” The doctor turned to the underside of Tyler’s battered penis, pulled the frenulum out hard with tweezers, and cut it off in its entirety with scissors. She then quickly cauterized the area to stop the bleeding. Tyler screamed and curled his toes, but he soon calmed down once again. 

The nurse came to apply Vaseline to the circumcision site and to put a clean diaper on Tyler. Sarah spent the day resting and soothing her baby. Later that night, she played back in her mind the unforgettable experience of circumcising her baby boy. It was all too much: She reached down between her legs and experienced the most intense, mind-blowing orgasm of her life.   

When she returned home with her new baby, Sarah’s mind was already made: she wanted more children. How wonderful it would be, she thought, if she had another boy and she could share in the miracle of birth and experience the joy of circumcision with her future husband.