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    Hello, re: last month, I am continuing the process of trying to diagnose my chronic fatigue. I've been to three different doctors and was refused testing on the basis of being "too young," but my symptoms are such that I am continuing to try to find a doctor who will listen to and take me seriously. Unfortunately I've maxed out my in-network copays which is going to make this continued search more financially strenuous. I also need to see my therapist and buy groceries. I will probably need around $500 in assistance to be able to continue trying to find a doctor/further testing if I find someone who will listen to me. Thank you ❤️


    This hasn't gotten much traction, please keep reblogging!


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    Please keep reblogging, this really hasn't gained much traction!


    This still hasn't gained any traction and I'm beginning to be really stressed out, please keep reblogging!


    This has still made no progress and I'm extremely stressed out, please keep reblogging!


    $30/500, thank you! This still really hasn't made a lot of traction, please keep reblogging!


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    Despite the notes I still have a really long way to go, please keep reblogging!


    I have 12 days left and am extremely stressed because I have a really long way to go. Please keep reblogging!


    fluoresensitive’s 2022 writing commission post

    Hi! So, my name is Yah Yah Scholfield. You may know me for my short stories or for my novel, On Sundays, She Picked Flowers. Wow, yay, they’re so impressive. Right? But, now, I’m reopening my commissions because poverty and also writing is my livelihood. I’m opening up five commission slots. What I’m offering is flash and short fiction, pieces that range from 500 words up to 10,000 words. While I am particularly skilled at writing horror, science fiction and fantasy, I’m open to any and all genres. Have characters you love but have no idea what to do with them? Have a plot you’re unsure of how to write? Have a story but not the writing know-how? I can handle it all!

    IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN COMMISSIONING A PIECE, CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL ( yahyascholfield@yahoo.com ) with the subject line ‘commission inquiry’ or through Tumblr DMs.


  • I’m offering standard industry pricing for professional/advanced authors, about 10¢ per word. This means $100 for a thousand words, and so on. Tips are not mandatory, but they are nice to get!
  • If I write over your requested amount, I won’t charge any extra.
  • I take my payment up front, but the pieces never take very long. The longest you’ll wait for a story is a week, two weeks, depending on the length of the piece. Anything longer and you can ask for your money back.

  • I reserve the right to turn down any commission offer.
  • I do not write fanfiction for established fandoms. Get somebody else to write your Homestuck AU, please.
  • Do what you want with the pieces I write for you. Share it, print it, frame it, I don’t care, but do not publish it elsewhere without crediting me, and do not sell it. Thanks!

    PICTURED: MARY MAGDALENE AT THE TOMB, by Yah Yah Scholfield / a religious horror

    I’m blowing the dust off this gal in honor of Mother’s Day! She’s a gem, she’s a diamond, she’s been tweaked and edited, and I’m excited to present, for a second time Pictured: Mary Magdalene at The Tomb!

    This began as a commission for a Tumblr mutual of mine, Orla @tallwife, and became such a lovely little piece. Original readers of the story will remember a sweet moment at the end of the first version of the piece; I think they’ll be surprised by some of the changes. This is a short piece about religion and fanaticism, about grief. I wanted people to feel a pit in their chest, like something essential was missing. Hopefully, I’ve achieved that!

    Inspirations for this piece include: Saint Maud (2022), Lingua Ignota’s album SINNER GET READY, and countless pictures of religious martyrs.

    Pictured: Mary Magdalene at the Tomb is about a mother standing in the aftermath of her martyr daughter. Imagine! Joan of Arc’s mother, standing in front of the stake…Mother Mary at the crucifix, lost for words.

    WARNING! There is a graphic but brief scene of a self-harm/suicide attempt, and the main death is caused by self-immolation. Tread carefully.

    If you’d  like a slightly under-edited short story to call your ownand want to give me flowers for  my work, you can commission me or put some money in my Ko-Fi account! Enjoy the story!


    Well, why can’t they see us cry? What is this country, this world, that it expects us (us, of course, being Black people) to keep a stiff upper lip? We’re not meant to waver, wobble. Weakness is not an option. Must we fix our faces, stop crying fore they give us something to cry about? My face is fixed, I’ve been fixed since the first time I ever had a white teacher look at me like I was less than dirt. Face fixed by violence and circumstance—Screw you, America, I’m crying.

    I got angry, and then I started crying, and then I started writing. Inspired by @notchainedtotrauma‘s beautiful piece, Nobody is There: Bless us Who Never Tell, and of course, the Black urge to put our pain into art.

    the way in ten years when this situation has been britneyified people who are in my replies right now saying “umm did she not literally cut his finger off????” will be on twitter lecturing me about how “we were ALL complicit in the abuse of amber heard 😔✊” and people making youtube videos with “expert” analysis of ambers body language and facial expressions to prove that she’s a liar are gonna be making videos like “how johnny depp tricked us all 😳”… insanity. girl when that time comes speak for your fucking self because we were not ALL gullible misogynists


    Good article about the case and the level of vitriol it’s inspired towards AH


    “One could blame “the Deppford Wives” for all these online smears, but that’s not exactly right. Some of the most active commenters aren’t so much determined fans of Johnny Depp as anti-fans of Amber Heard. […] “Anti-fans know as much about their object of anti-fandom as fans do about their object of fandom,” Van den Bulck said. Their relationship with the celebrity they despise is “often very deep, very emotional.”

    “In 2020, I reported on fandom communities that were fixated on theories that the male objects of their fandom were being manipulated and tortured by less-famous, female romantic partners. […] These fans, who are also anti-fans, subject the women they hate to body-shaming and wild criminal accusations, and skewer them using sexist tropes. The targets of their anti-fandom are manipulative and ambitious, as a rule, but also stupid. They are glamorous and seductive, but also secretly disgusting. When I interviewed a Cumberbatch fan who was a firm believer in the conspiracy theories about his wife, she identified herself as a feminist. It was Hunter, she said, who was “setting women’s rights back [and] making everybody look bad.” Many Depp supporters now make the same argument. They insist that they are not a reactionary movement trying to undo the work of the #MeToo movement, and that questioning Heard’s claims does not make them misogynistic. If anything, she is the one who is making a joke out of #MeToo, and making things harder for “real” victims of abuse.”

    “These are usually complicated theories, all the better to be discussed for months or years on end, but they’re tied together by something simple: anger at a woman in the public eye. Rebecca told me that the Depp fans had seemed to lose interest, at a certain point, in defending Johnny Depp. They were “just using him as a platform,” she said. Now they’ve become obsessed with someone else, and they’re not about to let her go.”


    i wish all affluent people who are in college and make nonstop jokes about being poor a very understand that poverty is not a temporary condition


    if you are poor for four years and know the exact date at which it will end, you have not experienced poverty.

    this is the same reason that "politicians should have to live a month on minimum wage to see what it's like" doesn't work. poverty is a lack of resources beyond monetary ones. it's not having family members you can borrow money from. it's not having a place to stay if you were outdoors for a bit. it's not having the nice kitchen equipement with which you could make food more cheaply. it's having to buy cheaper things which will break sooner because you can't afford the better ones.

    the bit about knowing the end date is not a semantic point to make me feel better. if you know you'll be out of this soon, it enables you to make choices you otherwise couldn't. you can splurge on pizza delivery or spend half your paycheck on good shoes because it isn't real. if a crisis comes, the irreality of this situation allows you to deal with it. you can ask your parents for money, you can stay with someone for a while. impoverished people can't.

    i think a lot of times otherwise progressive people come out of college more classist because they think they know what it's like to be poor now, and they made the right choices, so why doesn't everyone else? you weren't, and you didn't. poverty is more than that.

    new question being asked from the little bubble I live in! do y’all do “fend for yourself” nights in which there isn’t a meal cooked for the whole household so you have to look in the cabinets and make your own meal (or get takeout if you can) and as the title says, fend for yourself? my friend just informed me that a lady she mentioned doing this too seemed horrified and now I’m curious on like how common it is to have fend for yourself nights for everyone!


    it honestly is super upsetting that queer is just what you’re going to be called nomatter how hard you try and how far you run.


    it’s about people addressing “the queer community” and “queers” and it’s about hearing someone describe a person they know as “obviously queer” and thinking oh i could easily be that person that’s what they think of me. it doesn’t matter what i do or say you will always put that label on me without my permission. as much as i just want to make it easy and give up and roll over i can’t because it’ll never feel like anything but a label i’ve been forced to use. do not call me a fucking queer that is not what i am