Toys For Twats
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    Martin got a new house and he was eager to break it in, the proper way!  He picked me up one night - I thought to move more stuff from the old house to the new but there was nothing in the truck.  Whatever, guess we’re just going to hang out.  But when we got there, he gagged me and cuffed me up in the garage before we could get into the house.  He wrapped a chain around my throat, cuffed my elbows, wrists and ankles, and ran the chain from my neck all the way down to my ankles.  He made me walk from the garage, through the laundry room, then up the stairs and stand at the top.  Spread up against the wall.  The chain around my throat was so tight that when Martin f0rced my head back, I choked myself.  He kept me there for a little bit and left to his room.  Probably to get something ready for me.  Leading me into his empty room, he stood me in front of the big mirror and I naturally got into position.  Standing, slightly bent forward with my legs spread and ass up.  Staring at myself in the mirror while Martin stares at me.  When I love something, you can really tell - and I know Martin can tell how much I loved this.  At one point, Maritn jokingly asked if he should let the neighbors see me.  I was so turned on, I didn’t care if he opened the blinds.  After a while, he made me go into the closet to kneel there.  All by myself.   LOVE this kind of bondage.   @originalrigger  www.AsianaStarr.com


    -Nyxon.. The Pleasure Prisoner (mp4) 

    Nyxon is pulled into the room by her leash.. She is taking very small steps, as there is only a 6 inch chain between her ankles. She scuttles into frame fully chained, gagged, and bound. Elbows locked behind, wrists in front, and head harness pulled way back so she stares at the ceiling. She is paraded around for a moment and then helped down to a seated position on the couch. A blindfold is added and her ankles are unlocked.. A large spreader bar is introduced. Now fully sunken back into the couch and legs held helplessly open, his hand reaches into the front of her satin panties and begins to rub her most sensitive parts. She moans into the gag and tries to struggle. He continues rubbing her and works her into a frenzy. She cums hard and tries to thrash, but the restraints keep her in place. Now sensitive and wet, he pulls her panties to the side and inserts a powerful little vibrator. He pushes it up deep inside of her and then fixes her panties over her crotch once again to hold the toy in place. Nyxon moans as the toy comes to life inside her, the shaft churning around her G-spot and vibrating her sensitive clit. He removes the spreader bar from between her ankles and bands her legs together tightly with thick leather straps. Her wrists are also unchained from the front and moved behind her. She is pushed over onto her belly and a chain is locked between her wrists and ankles, effectively hogtying her. She is left there to writhe hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded, with a powerful vibrator buzzing away between her tightly strapped thighs..