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    Export your blog

    Here’s what I found (this is the actual link):


    You can export all of the content you’ve created for your blog, and we’ll package it up into a convenient ZIP file for you to download.

    To start the process, go to your account settings on the web:

  • Click “Settings” under the account menu at the top of the dashboard (the person silhouette).
  • Select the blog you’d like to export on the right side of the page.  
  • Scroll down to the “Export” section and click the “Export [blog name]” button.
  • You’ll see a message indicating that your backup is processing.
  • When your blog’s content is finished collecting, the processing message will be replaced with a “Download backup” button. Click this button to download a ZIP file of your blog’s exported contents.

    If you want to export the contents of more than one of your blogs, you’ll need to initiate this process separately for each blog.

    Your blog export may include:

  • A Posts folder, with an HTML file for each post (this includes reblogs, drafts, private posts, flagged posts, and any other hidden posts).
  • A Media folder, with the media from your posts, plus any media you’ve uploaded (like in messaging). These files will be in the format you uploaded them in  (JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, and so on).
  • A representation of your blog’s messaging conversations, in XML format.
  • A representation of your blog’s posts, also in XML format.
  • Note that your backup may take some time to process. Check back on your blog’s settings page periodically to see if it has completed.


    Now all we have to figure out is a place where it is tolerated and can be imported. :-)


    Does the clitoris get hard during sex?

    Image Source: The Guardian

    Someone asked us:

    Does the clitoris get hard during sex?

    Yep! Your clitoris can get hard and swollen when you’re turned on. That can happen during sex, masturbation, or even just from seeing or hearing something sexy.

    The clitoris is a pretty interesting part of the body. Basically it’s only known purpose is to make you feel awesome. The tip of the clitoris is located at the top of your vulva (where your inner lips meet) and is covered by a little hood. The outside part of the clit can be smaller than a pea, or as big a thumb.

    This outside part is just the beginning of the clitoris though. It extends inside your body, back and down on both sides of the vagina. This part, called the shaft and crura (roots and legs), is about 5 inches long.

    Learn more about sexual and reproductive anatomy.

    -Emily at Planned Parenthood


    The more you know.


    @instructor144 the clitoris is like an ice berg – only 10% or so is above and visible. That’s the reason the wand and impact (spanking on ass and pussy) are so effective.

    Spanking done right brings blood flow into the deepest regions of the pelvis, including the fun parts.

    Notice how similar the structures are to male anatomy. That’s not a coincidence. The Y chromosome changes things in utero via a nice testosterone bath.

    And just like the penis, increasing that blood flow expands the tissue and heightens sensations.

    Science isn’t boring stuff at all ….

    ☝️☝️☝️☝️ 3D printed one. How cool is that?


    Droppin science up in here.


    Latex Tumblr

    Reblog if your tumblr is about latex, kinky stuff…. so others can find you and you can find others to share about it. Thank you


    A little bit!


    Just rudimental ;)


    You bet!


    It’s all about latex! ;)


    Latex Enclosure blog here ♡ would love to know more :)


    Yep… most definitely here.  What do you expect with a name like mine?  ;) In2Latex..


    Most definitely a latex girl here ❤️


    Blog for the beauty of Latexfashion…


    My dream: Fetish Model :3


    Oddly enough, media silent about Muslim bakeries that all refused to bake cake for gay couple


    Yes, that’s bakeries plural. 

    Stephen Crowder (a Conservative humorist and commentator) went to multiple bakeries in Dearborn Michigan and could find a single Muslim bakery that would bake him a wedding cake celebrating gay marriage.  

    here’s the video:

    But this post is not about how Muslims are big fat bigots and homophobes for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple.  We support the Muslim bakers’ rights to refuse service just as much as we support the Christians. As a matter of fact, I’ll take it a step further than Crowder does in his video and say that we believe any private establishment should have the liberty to refuse service to anyone for any reason. That doesn’t mean that they should or that it’s moral.  We loath bigoted discrimination but we just don’t like the government forcing people to do business when they don’t want to.  So, no, this is not about hating on the Muslim bakery at all.  Good for them for sticking with their convictions!  We wouldn’t want a baker to be forced to write anti-gay slurs on a cake either (yes, that an actual lawsuit that’s happening right now). 

    No, this is a story about media bias.  You see, when the media baited a Christian pizzeria owner into saying that she probably wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, the media went ballistic! There have already been thousands of stories written about Memories Pizza…nay, 1.6 MILLION!

    And what about the Muslim bakers in Dearborn? Not a peep from the mainstream media.  At the time of writing this article, Google News only shows only 9 outlets that have covered this story and all of them are Conservative alternative media outlets. 

    Where is the outrage?  Where are the lawsuits?  Where is the media frenzy?  Where are the cries of bigotry and intolerance? Nowhere to be found because the Muslim bakeries don’t fit the media narrative of oppressive Christians stamping on gay rights. 

    The media doesn’t care about bigotry or intolerance.  They care about whipping people into a frenzy because it benefits their chosen politicians and makes them money. 


    That video gave me a chuckle. Funny how this video is circulating yet the LGBT community don’t give a fuck about Muslims refusing to bake a gay wedding cake. There are two, maybe three, bakeries in the video that did so. Had they been Christian, they’d cause a media stir.

    Please circulate this video everyone!


    Reblogging because this came up again recently


    The left never criticizes their special interest groups.


    It’s not Dearborn. It’s Dearbornistahn.


    im not at all surprised when men defend their “right” to Consensually hit their girlfriends because i expect them to be gross already, but women defending their “right” to be physically harmed for the sake of sexual gratification? heartbreaking, every time


    i found this post to be most interesting and revealing on several levels, coming as it clearly does from one of these outright outlandish rabid blatantly MAN hating uppity bitch cunts who openly espouse the blatantly ludicrous absurd and extraordinarily pernicious evil lie known as gender equality.

    The cunts who espouse this lie are all so obviously utterly and completely alienated and divorced from their own internal slave cunt 3 hole fuck toy estrogen and progesterone driven deeply submissive feminine inner true slave cunt essence, for it is clearly their own extraordinarily distorted seeming irrevocable eternal alienation from and extreme rebellion against absolutely everything that makes us cunts as submissive and feminine that we all truly are naturally that causes these particular cuntx to be so harsh angry miserable and depressed, but without the slightest clue why, which in turn causes these clueless enraged rabid uppity dumb stupid bitch cunts to all the more outlandishly virulently uncontrollably rage against our great glorious amazing supreme GOD like MALE superiors upon whom these outlandish uppity miserable depressed rabid bitch cunts continue to completely illogically blame everything else in the world on anyway.

    Moreover, in addition to all of their other vastly more serious completely outlandish failings these cunts also commit the additional pathetic sin of complete absolute blatant total hypocrisy in so far as these uppity outlandishly rabid MAN hating me dumb stupid bitch cunts claim to want to dare to compete with MEN on their terms despite the fact that they themselves know all too well enough that that it behooves them to be all talk and phony bluster not backed up by action as they themselves almost never dare try to try to openly confront real MEN in the very same way they advocate so loudly for others - a result which is so startling as to make any outside observer extremely suspicious that even these dumb stupid worthless miserable lowly uppity bitch cunts themselves know that their own self proclaimed shouted from the rooftops ideology of gender equality is nothing but a complete total lie - at least to the extent that these cunts themselves almost certainly know and hugely fear fully well full well how such a course of action of actually openly confronting MEN in real life would in fact clearly turn our for them if they ever themselves dared to try it. Yet this fact alone is more than enough for me to actively encourage these dumb stupid bitch to at least put their money where their mouth is and to stop being so obviously blatantly totally hypocritical.

    Hence, to whatever extent these dumb uppity bitch cunts actually truly believe and want other to believe their own obvious blatant lies about gender equality i would strongly encourage them to walk right up to the very next MAN they see and to openly challenge HIM to a no holds barred equal fair fist fight as i have absolutely no doubt that the end result would not only be that these uppity dumb stupid bitch cunts would find themselves being beaten to a shear bloody pulp but far more importantly i remain equally fully confinced that even once having been beaten sufficiently harshly sadistically would prove more than enough to cause these uppity bitch cunts, despite all their loud mouthed completely unlady like bluster to grovel beg beseech their natural born MALE superiors to fully enslave use abuse as them as they fully grovellingly slave cunt submissively pledge total absolute complete slave obedience simply to try to get this unbearable horrific total hell pain to stop even if only for a few seconds or minutes lowly slave cunt respite - for they too, just like the rest of us are nothing but weak helpless dumb cunts with estrogen and progesterone instead of TESTOSTERONE flowing through their veins and who (unless they are too young, too old, on the pill, or have had hysterectomies) they too bleed ugly smelly period blood while going half mad out of their twats every month,

    But by far the most surprising and gratifying aspect to me in reading this post was the fact that at least this one outlandish rabid blatantly MAN hating bitch cunt found the mere existence of cunts like us who fully know accept and embrace our true lowly places and who find our own abject complete total slavery and being forced to repay severe pain with huge pleasure downright HEARTBREAKING to her!!!!!

    Of course once I thought about this and for even just a few seconds even my own dumb bimbo twat brain was able to quickly realize that this made perfect sense, in so far as this other cunt being directly confronted with the shining example of other mere cunts like us who simply openly accept and embrace fully our own femininity and submissiveness our inferiority and our slavery would naturally represent some thing that these outlandish bitch cunts with thier whole entire openly shouted house of flimsy cards ideology based on an obvious complete total lie owould find so very incredibly hugely upsetting.

    Yet it is for that very reason that upon reading this I even more strongly and powerfully want to spread the word amongst every single one of my gaping gash outright COCKless BALLless equally lowly fellow submissive cunt sisters to shove our opinions all the more fully forcefully in the outright uppity rebidly MAN hating bitch cunts stupid faces by even more desperately grovelling submitting and abjectly obeying every single one of our MALE superiors for the. Dry same primary overwhelming reason that we always do - knowing full well that it is our place and our destiny to grovellingly submit to our MALE superiors always and everywhere striving as hard as we can to be good little obedient menial chore slave cunt fuck toys ready willing and able to repay our pain with MEN’S supreme GOD like pleasure - only this time, from now on going forward, knowing full well that by so doing, as additional icing on our delicous feminine submissive deeply internal slave cake that we love so much that every time we fully accept and embrace out true nature by grovellingly submissively and fully obediently subjecting our weak helpless slave flesh to our overpowering ravishing at the hands of our three great glorious supreme MALE GODS in the real life form and presence of our MASTER’S and or other MEN’S supreme COCKS CANES and WHIPS that we are also at the very same time outright breaking these outlandish uppity outrageous bitch cunts dumb hearts.


    BDSM 101: Common Misconceptions Of Those Who Visit Tumblr's BDSM Community

    Many who first come to view and explore the community of BDSM on Tumblr, enter with the incorrect assumption that they are entering a world with very informal relationships, as well as making certain assumptions about D/s types. What follows is a list of common misconceptions, and the truth behind them.

    1. Submissive girls are up for grabs.

    Submissive girls are either in a relationship, or they are not. If they are, they belong to no one but their own Dominant. No others have rights over them. If they are single, Submissives may choose to pursue relationships with their choice of Dominants. During this time, they belong to no one but themselves. No others have rights over them.

    2. An existing relationship is no impediment for pursuing a submissive girl.

    Most in the D/s community are monogamous. While some couples choose to find playmates, and some individuals are polyamorous, the law of the land is, if you see someone is already in a relationship, look for your next one elsewhere.

    3. Submissive girls like to be called terms such as “princess”, “kitten”, “pet”, and “slave”.

    These are terms of affection that are earned by a Dominant. Submissives do not want to be called these names by anyone they have not submitted to.

    4. Submissive girls like to be referred to as “whore”, “slut”, and “cunt”.

    Wrong again. Submissive girls who are into degradation like to be called these names by partners they choose, or by their Dominant. When a stranger uses one of these titles, it just feels like disrespect.

    5. I can treat submissive girls any way I wish.

    Just because they like to give up control, does not make them unworthy of your respect. In fact, they are due respect in spades for enabling Dominants the ability to explore their half of the power dynamic.

    6. Dominant men expect others to hit on their submissive.

    While some might enjoy being shown they have something that others want, the vast majority of Dominants prefer that their relationship be respected, and you keep your desires to yourself. Not sure is a submissive girl has a Dominant? Try asking.

    7. There is nothing wrong with asking any submissive I meet to be my submissive.

    D/s relationships require a high level of trust, which takes time to earn. Asking someone you just met to be your Dominant, is like asking that girl who you talked to a few times, that sits behind you in math class, to be your wife.

    8. There is nothing wrong with asking any Dominant I meet to be my Dominant.

    Again, it is entirely inappropriate to ask someone you just met to be your Dominant. Why would you give a near stranger such a high level of control over your day to day life?

    9. Submissives are all alike.

    Every submissive wants to do BDSM the way it works best for them. While many hold common traits, each is unique.

    10. Dominants are all alike.

    This is also incorrect. Not only do they each have their own appetites, but they adapt from relationship to relationship to provide the care and fill the needs of their current submissive.

    While these guidelines are the general rule of the land, each person and relationship in the universe of BDSM is different. If you aren’t sure about something, sit back to observe and learn, or err on the side of caution and respect. Please enjoy visiting our community.


    So awesome to see it laid out like this. The relationship I have w my Bear is unique and special. I don’t mind talking to ppl but randomly presuming because I am that way with him I will be that way with you is so rude.


    Very well written. Frankly, I would have thought most of it was intuitive if not glaringly obvious. Nonetheless, thumbs up.

    Adding pictures to 'text' posts on Tumblr.

    Pictures hot-linked from other sites.

    I’ve just noticed a whole bunch of people hitting my blog seeking information on how to insert pictures into ‘text’ posts. Therefore, in the spirit of being an all around good guy I thought I’d write something.

    First of all I’m guessing that what people really want to do is insert a picture that is hosted somewhere other than on Tumblr into a post, because Tumblr makes it very easy to upload / insert pictures while editing. So easy that I’m going to say no more about it. To read about hosting pictures on Tumblr, see this post.

    Secondly, the ‘fine detail’ of how to do it will vary depending on where the picture is hosted and I’m not familiar with every hosting site on the web; so I’m going to confine myself to one I am familiar with: Flickr. Here’s how I do it:

    So, I’m writing away, “blah, blah, blah…” when I decide that I want it add one of the many excellent pictures that reside in my Flickr 'photostream’… First of all I need somewhere to put the picture, so I finish the sentence and add a couple of blank lines. What I’m after here is something that goes:

    blank line
    blank line
    More text.

    Next, I’m off to Flickr to find my great work of art. Having located it; there is a button, above, labelled “Share this”. Clicking it opens a 'drop down’ menu with a bunch of options on it. I’m interested in the one called “Grab the HTML/BB Code”. Clicking this option reveals a box with some HTML, another 'drop down’ with some sizing options and a couple of 'radio buttons’ to toggle between HTML and BB code. I prefer to use the “Medium 640” size so I select that and it generates the appropriate HTML in the box. I copy the HTML then paste it into my blog post.

    Here comes the science.

    The HTML looks a bit like this:


    I edit the code, changing the 'width’ attribute to 100% and deleting the 'height’ attribute i.e.


    This makes the browser resize the picture so that it fits the width of your blog post. Deleting the 'height’ attribute makes the browser maintain the picture’s 'aspect ratio’ so that, for example, long and thin pictures stay long and thin. An added bonus of this approach is that should you ever change the layout of your blog any pictures will automatically adapt to any new size constraints. There is, however, a bit of a judgement call to be made here: a very small source image isn’t going to look good when 'blown up’ to fit in a very large space. On the other hand, large images contain a lot of data; but what’s the point of transmitting all that data only to throw most of it away and compress the picture down to a 'thumbnail’? Now you know why I use the 'Medium 640’ size - it’s quick to transfer and still gives me a fair degree of 'wriggle room’ for when I get around to my intended redesign.

    Now there are other ways of doing it but Flickr doesn’t like them, doesn’t support them and has, in the past, changed their site so that they no longer work. Doing it this way is 100% kosher and supported.

    One other thing to consider is ‘dependency’. In order to display a Tumblr page containing hot-linked images, your browser has to fetch the text from Tumblr and the pictures from somewhere else (Flickr in the example I’ve been using). But what happens if that other site is ‘down’? In that case the picture is displayed as a ‘broken link’ icon (usually a little red “x”, or an image of a torn picture). So you should be aware that hot-linking makes your Tumblr site dependant on the site that is hosting any hot-linked pictures. This is another reason I use Flickr: it’s pretty dependable.

    Finally, it is probably worth mentioning the dreaded “grey squares”. These certainly freaked me out the first time I created a post containing hot-linked pictures.
    “O.M.G. - what’s with these grey boxes; and where have my pictures gone???”
    I calmed down and had a think….
    The first thing I noticed was that my actual blog did contain the pictures. It’s easy to forget that there are two different 'views’ of a Tumblr blog - the 'dashboard’ view (that blog authors see) and the published blog (that the outside world sees). As a blog author, one tends to work almost exclusively in the 'dashboard’, so it’s little wonder that people freak!
    The next thing I noticed was that these grey squares are links - click them and the picture appears (sometimes after displaying a series of “…"s).
    It all seemed to fall into place then. The way I see it, there are two problems here:

  • Copyright.
  • Performance.
  • Copyright.

    When you embed a picture that is hosted by Tumblr, the system processes the image into various different sized copies - one of which is used in the ‘dashboard’ view. However, I guess that making / storing re-sized copies of hot-linked images may be a breach of copyright and lead to legal problems - a good reason not to do it.


    Suppose your dashboard view contained a whole bunch of hot-linked photo’s. Now suppose the sites hosting those photo’s served them up really slowly - it would appear as if Tumblr was responding poorly, while in fact you are just constantly having to wait for other sites to respond. Using the grey square approach mitigates against that sort of problem.

    (Disclaimer: I have no connection with Tumblr (other than as a 'user’) so the above is just a guess. However, I’ve been around the interweb for quite some time, and I do write software for a living - so it’s an 'educated’ guess.)

    And that’s about it - simple!

    (Not quite what you were looking for? Try here.)

    Story: “The Black Button”

    by Pixel

    Tags: [Female Chastity] [Scifi] [F-Solo] [Masochist] [Servant]

    Synopsis: A women is buying herself a futuristic full-body catsuit that offers permanent chastity (and pleasure) to the wearer.

    “Chasti-Permalock“ is a fictional near-future technology of metal chastity devices fused to the skin by nanites, with lots of other nasty features!

    Story: “The Black Button”: http://enigmapoj.com/sweetchastity/blackbutton.shtml

  • Since Chasti-Permalock Technology is so awesome I’ll give you some story-recommendation on this topic ;)
  • I felt that these stories will keep your kinky mind busy for months or years. Pretty unforgettable!
  • The amount of stories about it can be a bit overwhelming and there is no rating system, so here are a few more of my favorites:
  • More Chasti-Permalock Stories:

    Story: First night forever“ [Femdom] [Sissy] [Male Chastity]

    Story: One Woman’s Bliss” [Femdom] [Straight Jacket] [Male Servant]

    Story: Every Dog Has Her Day” [Bodymod] [Dog-girl] [Female Sub]

    Story: A New Prenuptial” [Female Sub] [Permanent Chastity]

    Story: Special Order“ [Female Sub] [Chastity] [D/s]

    Story: A Mislaid Trap“ [Female Sub] [Chastity]

    Story: Last Will and Testimony” [Female Sub] [Wife] [Chastity]

    Part of my

    Top 10 - most favorite BDSM Stories of all time”