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    This is absolutely disgusting.

    This child is NOT trans. He doesn’t meet ANY of the requirements to diagnose a child with dysphoria. Not a god damn single one! And yet, in only a short time, he may be FORCED to undergo chemical castration (which can be FORCED ON HIM at the age of 8). When given the CHOICE, he overwhelmingly choosing boys clothes, games, friends, and his BIRTH name, JAMES. His mother, however, ONLY gives him girls clothes, games, and requires him and everyone else to call him Luna.

    I support trans people. Hell, even kids should be allowed to experiment with their gender identity. But this is not him CHOOSING to experiment as “Luna”. This is a little boy with a far left mother who wants to make the choice FOR HIM, regardless of what HE wants.

    This boy may be forced to undergo a seriously invasive, IRREVERSIBLE, medical procedure because his ideologue mother and a quack “doctor” who even admits he doesn’t meet the criteria (BUT IS STILL SUPPORTING HIS TRANSITION) want him to.





    Please support his dad in his efforts to get his son back before he is forced to go through with this procedure.



    Rope bondage of FUTILESTRUGGLES

    FUTILESTRUGGLES의 영상들은 리얼 본디지에 초점이 맞춰진것 같다.

    따라서 마니아층도 많은 듯하다.

    그러나 성인영상이란 것이 리얼감도 좋지만 이른바 영상미, 즉 미적인 부분도 배제할 수 없는데…모델들의 얼굴을 일그러뜨리는 표현들이 너무 많다.

    재갈을 물리는 것은 나 또한 좋아하지만, 그로 인해 얼굴이 보기 싫게 일그러지는 것은 내 취향이 아니다.

    사족 : Tumblr 계정들을 보다면 그야말로 온갖 성적인 부분을 표현한 영상 혹은 이미지가 넘쳐나고 있다. 성기나 은밀한 부분을 훤히 드러낸 계정들이 헤아릴 수 없이 많다. 이럼에도 불구하고 그나마 많이 자제를 하면서 소제를 선별하는 나의 Tumblr에 대해 불순한 목적성을 가지고 계속 신고를 해대는 인간….빌어먹을 XXX. 엿이나 쳐 드세요.


    Lots of tension in this bondage…..


    Nice mmmmppphhing!!


    I really wish I’d had access to this type of technology when I was training my real time slave’s.

    I’d have loved to take them out in public with a Bluetooth controlled vibrator either up their pussy or up their asshole. I’d make sure to whack it up to full throttle whenever they had cause to talk to a sales assistant or a member of bar/restaurant staff and just enjoy watching them try to keep it together.


    You can buy them here: http://www.lovense.com/r/uhvcka

    Great service and a wonderful product. Lots of fun.

    Mistress Lena xxx


    this looks like my idea of a dinner date… no sex… just let me control the button… I love how flush her cheeks get as she climaxes in public!


    That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.