Fantastic Bellies and Where to Find them
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2021-05-15 17:00:51

    UdderlyAdorable's face first ice cream stuffing

    “Maid Gets Force Fed” is now up on OnlyFans, Curvage and Manyvids!

    OnlyFans, watch for free when you sub! - https://onlyfans.com/rosiemariefeedee

    Curvage Clip - https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/13217-maid-gets-force-fed/

    ManyVids - https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2732421/Maid-Gets-Tied-Up-and-Stuffed/

    After months of capacity training, weeks of planning, days of setup, over $1,000 in supplies, 20 HOURS of filming and 14 HOURS of unrestricted gluttony the final act of the Trilogy of Gluttony has arrived!


    Feederism pushed to the absolute LIMIT! Part 2 of my 30,000 Calorie Challenge is out now! 😈

    Don’t forget that if you buy and review Part 1 & Part 2 on Curvage you get Part 3 for FREE when it releases tomorrow!

    Watch me take on an INSANE amount of food until I literally can’t move or breathe 🥵

    New clip: Pie Stuffing Contest

    It's time for a challenge; let's see just how quickly I can stuff myself full of pie! I've got extra sweet and juicy apple pies to fill myself up with. To make things a little more fun, I decided to chain my hands behind my back, causing me to get extra messy and struggle a bit in the process. My belly quickly expands the more I cram into my mouth, it's so sweet and tasty, but I've got to hurry if I want to win the blue ribbon! I decide that eating with my hands behind my back just isn't allowing me to eat quickly enough properly, I unchain myself only to make a bigger mess. I rapidly start to shove my face full of pie, gleefully smiling in the process, knowing I'm by far the best pig at the fair! I finish up with time to spare, making sure to show you my prize-winning belly in the process!

    Curvage ManyVids C4S

    Watch as I get put on a leash and fed “slop” from a trough on all fours like the obese hog I am…

    Messy Cake Stuffing

    Squeezed into my tiny dress, I was feeling absolutely ravenous! I couldn’t wait to devour the massive chocolate cake before me. Dipping my fingers into the gooey mess, I grabbed handfuls & shoved them into my watering mouth. I felt as though I could cum straight away as the fattening treat hit my taste buds. It not only tasted amazing, but excited me so much as I knew what a greedy & gluttonous piggy I was being! I knew I would consume this cake (supposedly for 8-10 people) in a matter of minutes! I just couldn’t control myself. I became very messy as I shoved more & more of the cake into my mouth. I was moaning & rubbing my belly in between mouthfuls. I felt so stuffed & become extremely hot, so decided to strip down before I chugged half a litre of cream. I could barely move afterwards!


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