Fantastic Bellies and Where to Find them
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2021-06-20 17:00:40

    The next chapter of my feedee journey has FINALLY arrived and right off the bat I go WAY out of my comfort zone! 

    Devouring a massive mac & cheese drenched burger and washing it down with a s'mores shake that was the size of my HEAD all at a PUBLIC restaurant! 



    Feederism pushed to the absolute LIMIT! Part 2 of my 30,000 Calorie Challenge is out now! 😈

    Don’t forget that if you buy and review Part 1 & Part 2 on Curvage you get Part 3 for FREE when it releases tomorrow!

    Watch me attempt to eat 30,000 Calories in less than 24 hours at my very own at home Buffet!

    Part 1 is out now! Part 2 tomorrow and 3 on Monday! This video was MASSIVE 😏

    One year ago tomorrow (March 13th) is my official feedee anniversary (the day I released my first video!)

    It’s been an amazing year filled with an insane amount of calories and to celebrate I decided to REALLY challenge myself to an absolutely gargantuan stuffing!

    So I created my own buffet at home with a goal of consuming30,000 Calories in a single day!

    This time I’ll also have the help of a 10,000 calorie weight gain shake!

    Wish me luck because I’m about to dive in!

    Watch me take on an INSANE amount of food until I literally can’t move or breathe 🥵

    Watch as I get put on a leash and fed “slop” from a trough on all fours like the obese hog I am…

    Watch me stuff down a whole pizza topped with burgers and fries 🤤

    Watch me take on a MASSIVE TRIPLE Layered DOUBLE Chocolate Cake!

    I get on ALL FOURS and CRAM cake into my mouth like an utter PIG..barely stopping to breathe…

    CHUGGING FULL FAT Chocolate Milk to wash down the THICK gooey fudge…

    I almost got sick MANY times as I tried to fit all 6,000 CALORIES of this cake into my obese stomach…but eventually I finished every LAST BIT and licked the plate!

    WHOLE CAKE Stuffing | Mochii Babii

    @mochiibabiifeediis 20 THOUSAND CALORIE CHALLENGE

    The most intense and epic stuffing video ever ever made!

    For 14 hours straight she fills her belly with over 10 days worth of food in one sitting! She pushes herself to the absolute limit, stuffing herself until she can’t breathe!

    You absolutely have to go watch it here! It’s 100% worth it no question~