Fantastic Bellies and Where to Find them
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2021-06-18 17:01:21

    Stuffed ‘Til I’m Sick 

    I got a family size feast of Chinese food, all for myself!1 order of Walnut Shrimp, 

    1 order of General Tso Chicken, a huge platter of Ham Fried Rice, six Cream Cheese Wantons, Eight Potstickers, two Egg Rolls, and to wash it all down, of course a 2 liter.

    In this full length clip, you’ll see me stuff myself past my comfort zone and struggle a bit to fit all of this food into my growing belly. There will of course be many glorious belches along the way, and rubbing of the belly as I stretch out it’s capacity to the point of feeling sick. After some burps and belly rubs I had an amazing food coma and felt incredible!


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    I’m back...

    Hey everyone! *If any of you are also on Feabie, then you already know what’s up because I’ve been dipping my toes back into the community for about a month, now and just happened to start there*

    Around the end of 2017, I disappeared from the community.
    The reason behind that is, I had a health scare..some issues were starting to arise, so I decided to completely change things. I got rid of all my social media, all my feedism sites etc, suppressed all of my natural feedee urges and within the last 2 years, lost a lot of weight. That was the biggest reason, another being societal pressures, mainly from family.

    Me, at my lowest weight of 220 lbs

    I started to realize that being thin, and becoming thinner was not making me happy or fulfilled.It was causing me anxiety and making me miserable. On top of that, I had an extremely difficult time feeling sexy in this slimmer body. Despite being more accepted by the general population, and my family, and all the praise I got for losing so much weight. Hearing that all the time began to make me feel annoyed and sick to my stomach.

    About a month ago, I decided to let go of my anxieties and give in to my desires. Within that month, I’ve already gained 30 lbs!

    Me, now at 250 lbs

    I’m starting to feel much more complete, liberated, happier and sexier..

    Thank you to everyone who stuck around and waited for my return, I appreciate each and every one of you SO much and I hope you’re as excited as I am for my new gaining journey.

    ps. I am not fond of talking about my weight loss, But I might answer some asks for those who are extremely curious

    Weigh In: Before & After Stuffing

    I weigh in and talk about how I’ve been feeling like a bottomless pit lately, I’m so excited to see my gains, I’ve already prepared a big celebratory feast for myself- and boy, do I pig out! I stuff my belly full of Chinese food!As I’m greedily hogging down these yummy calorie rich, fatty foods, I chat a bit about how excited I am to gain more weight, how much I think I might weigh directly after the stuffing, etc..and all the while I’m letting loose some FEROCIOUS belches! Ohhhh, god it felt so good to be such a PIG! My belly gets so round and packed, and I step back onto the scale for the results, and they now are AMAZING , come see how much I weigh now /Watch me pig out/ see how much more I weigh after feasting like a gluttonous beast!

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