Food Baby Boy
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2021-10-23 14:47:25

    Halloween is almost here and I have a costume to try as a surprise for you all.🥰

    Also I put on an old shirt for this set and I have noticed another significant size increase to my breasts as I keep gaining.😍 Thanks to all of you we are finally entering the stages of turning me into a fertility goddess. Maybe I should start lactation?🤔 Anyway,support me on Patreon over here and another "explicit" set for 3rd trimester subscribers is coming this weekend so stay tuned.🥰

    Her: Yeah, Uh, I give up. Nothing fits me anymore in my closet except for this tank top. And it’s too cold to go out in a tank top. So I guess we’re just stuck inside today, huh? Whatever will we do? You’re home, all alone with me, your pregnant wife, with her huge belly, nice and round, packed into a super tight tank top. I can see that little glint in your eye as you look at me. C’mere. You can feel our baby moving around inside me...she’s so big and strong now, sometimes it feels like she’s gonna pop right out of me. Stand behind me. Like this (she takes his arms and wraps them around her). I know how much you love to hold my belly...and kiss my neck...you know how much I love that...sighhhhhh...is your boner poking me in the butt? I think it is...you’re ready to go, aren’t you? See, we can have fun at home...just help peel this tank top off my my big, swollen body...