Worshipping Devine Feet
Last update
2021-11-29 13:03:01

    Welcome to my home, Samantha. And of course this is my little hubby. I’ve trained him to await my arrival naked and in the child’s pose ready to worship my feet in greeting. Good boy, hubby. Greet Ms Samantha too, and make her feel welcome, little man. There’s a good boy. Now watch this Samantha. When I turn my back to him, he’s been trained to kneel up, gently lower my panties and bury his face between my ass cheeks, no matter who may be present. Giggle. Your tongue tickles, hubby. Lick me clean. Mmmmm. Samantha, would you like to have him lick your anus? It’s really quite refreshing. No? No problem. Hubby go fetch some Chardonnay. We’ll have it in my den. Chop chop!