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    For some, a diaper unlocks the child within and supports a form of regressive role play.

    For me, it is merely a piece of gear used to reinforce and extend a good bondage situation. It sends the message, “You’re not going anywhere for a very long time.” and allows for long sessions with no release for the inevitable bathroom breaks.

    The fact that for most men it is extremely humiliating is an added bonus.

    I find that the best way to introduce a diaper to a scene is to do it after the bottom is already securely restrained, and can do absolutely nothing about it.


    Mon lit ou je dors toutes les nuits pendant 12 heures en prison ségufix, bien sécurisé comme un baby en régression.

    Dans ma grenouillère d’hiver, j’ai beaucoup trop chaud ,je dors peu et les nuits sont très longues, bien serré dans les contentions, je ne peut pas bouger, toute tentatives d’évasion et impossible et ma couche continue de gonfler exagérément, je me sens si diminué, humilié.

    Pourquoi n’arrête t’elle pas de me prendre en photo?

    Je suis obligée de prendre des médicaments qui me font uriner et boire beaucoup d’eau pour remplir mes couches et me sentir baby.

    Jusqu’ou va t’elle me faire régresser ?


    Segufix diaper bondage and mittens

    Sometimes I take med-fet pics like this. A lovely lady sent me a ton of gas/anesthesia masks & diapers in exchange for a photo set. These are two samples from the set I did for her. I used to be terrified of anything medical or anesthesia (mostly anything surgical related) as a child so it amuses me to see that I literally have a bin of those objects. It’s crazy how life works itself out sometimes. Anyways, I wanted to share these w y'all. Maybe I’ll post some more, hehe! Happy Sunday babies! 😘

    Don’t remove my caption / blurb. 💋