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2020-08-04 17:01:29

    A little update <3

    I still read all of your lovely replies! I have not given up on art my friends! I have even started my own webcomic on webtoon! It’s called Seth In Space and it would mean a lot to me if you would support me there! Love you all and happy halloween!!


    I’m so happy to tell you all that I’ve made great progress with my mental health!! To genuinely be able to say that I feel happy is so liberating and free! I know a lot of you are still in that dark place. I’m here to say that it does get better. Much better! I still have some tough days but progress is progress! Be kind and gentle to yourselves. I love you all and thank you to everyone who’s supported me over the years!

    Here’s links to my commissions and projects!
    Animal Crossing Commissio
    Animal Crossing Tarot Car
    Tarot Readin
    Seth In Spa



    I didn’t know there was a 2020 update and now I’m crying. I’ve been there before. It’s h*ll. I’m so proud of you OP for finding beauty and love. 🌷




    i have just found out about green peacocks and its fucking me up i havent ever heard or seen anything about them before considering peacocks are so generally popular


    Okay so the ‘standard’ peacock, the Indian peacock


    lovely, blue body, interesting patterns on the wings with the eye tail feathers and tall dainty seeming plumage like a crown on the top


    Now heres the green peacocks


    Which i’m labeling the punk of the peafowls for the plumage up top that reminds me of a mohawk and the even cool green neck that looks more like scales than feathers which is just rocking


    pretty birdie indeed

    now we have the congo peafowl which is quite a departure from our peacocks above


    The congo peacock [the dark one with the red gizzard] and the peahen at the side




    its like he has a straw crown on his head…good for him, manlet king 

    Doodled the snaky blob ghosts that appear in the chapter of Living Phantom I’m working on because I needed a visual for them. Of course then I hated how they looked in pencil so I put them to digital.

    Now they’re my avatar because I have no chill and think they’re adorable.

    I feel like I jacked up their glows, but I know I’ll just mess them up worse if I try to fix it. Still need to name them.




    I distinctly remember the first time my dad called me my right name. I was sixteen, I’d gotten my driver’s license not too long ago, and now that I was driving, my dad gave me a credit card so I could get gas, or food if I was staying late at school due to marching band. He was very clear, this card was for food and gas only. Only gas and food. Just those two categories of product. He would be checking the bill. I had no desire to buy anything else with this card.

    However. Often when getting food after marching practice, or on our scant breaks, I’d drive my friends to burger king or little ceasers or starbucks or whatever, and sometimes not all of my friends could afford the food they wanted. And well…food is food. I have a big appetite, and as long as I didn’t go crazy overboard and order catering for the whole band, a few extra burgers and shakes wouldn’t stand out on a monthly bill. So I bought my friends food. 

    I did this for several months, and sometime during that came out to my parents. They both thought it was a phase, and that I would grow out of it. Since they’re not terrible people their approach to me having ‘a boy phase’ was to let me do my thing and wait for me to change my mind. I didn’t change my mind, and eventually they understood that, but that’s a whole other post. The point is my dad didn’t discourage me from transitioning, but avoided talking about it with me. He stopped calling me his daughter, but replaced it with child rather than son, that kind of thing.  

    But back to the credit card. Eventually I started feeling guilty. TECHNICALLY I was obeying the rule ‘food and gas only’, but I knew I was bending it. I nervously admitted to him one day that sometimes…on occasion…once in a while… I’d buy a friend food. I waited solemnly for his judgement. He walked over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, looked into my eyes sternly and said,

    “Zackary, we are Italian. If you let your friends go hungry….” (and here he decided to shake me just for a little emphasis) “I will disown you.” 

    And that’s when I knew he’d come around. Trans? Fine okay sure, give it a shot. Stingy? Get the fuck out. 


    consider: 'i wanted to prank the mcdonals drive thru person, who is you, by ordering water but now youre crying because of pent up emotions and i don't know how to comfort people and theres a line behind me, oh god im so sorry' zukka au

    - obviously zuko is the drive thru person because as we all know, he is bad at emoting and also has experience in the service industry.

    - and obviously sokka orders water as a prank because it’s a relatively harmless prank that’s just ridiculous and doesn’t shame anyone aka, right up sokka’s ally.

    - so he’s driving with suki and toph because let’s be real, they’re the ones who convinced him to do this. they’re all chaotic. and then zuko literally just starts tearing up.

    - and because they ARE good people, and maybe sokka thinks someone that attractive shouldn’t cry, they ask him when his shift ends.

    - zuko, confused but stupid, says in fifteen minutes. they nod, go over to the closest store and buy a bunch of candy and soda. when they return, zuko’s just leaving, so they all tumble out and drag him to sit on the sidewalk with them.

    - they just munch their sugar-food while discussing the latest spiderman movie (zuko only contributes: “andrew garfield is hot” and sokka chokes on a twizzler.)

    - after all the snacks are done, the sun is just setting and the roads are purple, they decide to go home. they drop zuko off to his house. they forcibly enter their numbers onto his phone and the rest is history.


    >be me

    >about 13 years old

    >basically naivete incarnate still

    >just discovered the world of fanfiction.net

    >have an account and a few stories posted so far

    >currently working on a fanfic of Spirited Away

    >get a comment one day

    >commenter asks if I can put lemons in my story

    >I think it’s an odd request but will do anything to please a fan

    >write the next chapter acknowledging the lemon request and say that the chapter WILL CONTAIN LEMONS

    >about halfway through the chapter I wrote a giant duck running past the protagonist with an armful of lemons

    >duck says “MY lemons” then runs off

    >feel pleased with myself at having granted my fan’s request

    >years later I find out there’s another meaning for lemon in the fanfic world

    >lemons are sex scenes

    >my commenter was asking me to put a sex scene in my story

    >at 13 years old I unintentionally trolled the shit out of some random person



    That is th most beautiful thing I have ever read