"You look like a girl man! With pussy ready to get fucked."

    "Haha yeah?! Like what you see?!" He teased me and opened his legs more.

    "Fuck yeah." I climbed in between his legs and play humped him. We were both laughing and having a good time. Till I got hard....and horny.

    "Dude...are you hard?" He asked quietly.

    "Yeah..." looking down at him.

    He gulped and opened his legs slightly more and pulled my hips more into his crotch. Minutes later I was fucking my best friend's ass. Soon it was long strokes and deep dicking thrusts as I pounded his ass to a chorus of his moans. After 8 minutes he cam all over himself and 10 minutes I came in his ass with a guttural roar breeding a newly minted jock pussy.