Diaper Lover 94

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    It was probably the best idea we'd come up with yet.

    "Aww, I bet my Little Princess would love to have a super-special Easter with her Daddy, wouldn't she?" I'd enthused a week before. "Maybe a nice morning in church, and then an egg hunt and a trip to pet some bunnies at the petting zoo? How does that sound, pumpkin?"

    To which she blushingly and emphatically nodded, her thumb slipping almost unconsciously toward her mouth. Because, you see, there's nothing that turns my dear wife into her Little self faster than a bit of lovingly condescending talk like that.

    It had been her turn to surprise me, though, when later that day she'd self-consciously brought up the subject again. She wanted to be Little for all of Easter day, if that was okay. From morning to night, she was to be my Little Girl: no breaks, no momentary lapses into our ordinary adult roles. Barring our safeword, she would be living this Easter holiday as an honest-to-goodness toddler... or whatever age I decided she should be.

    Oh, hell yes. Of course I'd agreed – moments before we'd succumbed to our hormones and had another bout of hot, panting sex in our dimly-lit little bedroom...

    And then I'd set about my preparations. Nothing too much, of course. Just everything I needed to ensure she had a seamless experience as an adorable two-and-a-half-year-old girl. Plus a little something extra... just to add a sweet little burst of authenticity...

    Because, well, you can ask any parent: what special day doesn't go by without a little kid having at least one little mishap?

    She didn't know a thing about such preparations, of course. For my dear little Nancy, she simply woke as a toddler – in her Moana pajamas and a nighttime diaper, of course. We restricted her talk to the prattle of a toddler, at which by now she was wonderfully good – though she did blush now and again at the sound of her own high-pitched babble. And she got dressed by Daddy in her special holiday outfit: all lovely pastels and white tights and shoes, and naturally a lovely thick diaper concealed discreetly underneath to keep her snug and secure...

    It was right before the egg hunt that it happened at last. Oh, I'd detected some squirming from my Little Princess throughout the morning. I'd heard her bite back adorable little gasps, and during the service I'd even caught the sound of muffled little toots from the powdery depths of her well-nappied rear. But now there was no mistaking it. "Daddy," she began, red-faced and fighting to maintain her juvenile air. "Pweese, me- me- gotta go- my tummy hurtie-hurtie-"

    Of course I only laughed and shook my head. Little girls didn't have time for such things as potties, I consoled, stroking her trembling head. That's why they wore their nice soft diapers, after all! And besides, the egg hunt was about to begin. Didn't she want to have fun hunting for all those shiny sparkly eggs?

    God, it was lovely to watch: my dear Little caught within the web of her own design, and forced by the invisible power of two days of occasional bulk laxatives, oatmeal, and Nullo to squat down on her knees and yield to the inevitable. "Good girl," I praised as the storm slowly subsided and my red-faced Little, now with a heavy diaper-load of warm, odorless mush beneath her pretty white Easter tights, gazed up at me anxiously and twisted her pretty lavender skirt in her fingers. "Good girl! Wasn't that so much nicer than having to worry about the big scary potty? Now, let's go find those eggs, sweetie!"

    "Duhty," she whined softly, tugging fitfully at her waist and using the only words her toddler self could have known to describe her new state. "Duhty, Daddy..." But I merely laughed once more as I took her hand in mine and pulled her slowly rose into the priceless, waddling stance of a toddler with a full diaper. "Oh, that's okay, baby. Don't worry – you'll get used to it!"


    Like I said... and like she blushingly agreed the very next day. Best. Easter. Ever.

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