18+ blog. I'm a 23yr old bi trans guy looking to have some fun. I'm usually pretty awkward but basically I'm down for everything, so if u wanna send me anything just go for it, be as degrading or as nice as you like. If you tell me to do something you'll get pics if I go through with it. He/Him.

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    Any thoughts on centaurs? I've been thinking lately about what it would be like to be strapped up under a centaur's belly to be used whenever they want. They'd only take their cock out of you when it was time for you to drop a foal, or maybe not even then, since their satisfaction is so much more important than your comfort...

    Any thoughts on centaurs? I've been thinking lately about what it would be like to be strapped up under a centaur's belly to be used whenever they want. They'd only take their cock out of you when it was time for you to drop a foal, or maybe not even then, since their satisfaction is so much more important than your comfort...

    O-ho, I’ve done some stuff on centaurs in the past, but it’s been quite a minute.~

    I’m imagining being out in the woods on a peaceful afternoon when I’m suddenly captured and roped up to the underside of a centaur for their own amusement, their enormous horsecock buried in my pussy. I’d pretend not to want it, of course - but with knowing how willing centaurs are to rape innocent humans, and just seeing the size of that beautiful thing before they forced it into me, I’d probably be dripping. They probably wouldn’t be able to fit all of it in, at first, but as they go about whatever other business they have, their movements sink me further and further down until their cock feels like it’s filling my entire torso. My cervix is easily battered through, completely defenseless.

    Of course, my helpless, tight, warm body would be too much for the centaur to resist, and they’d probably just be cumming in me anytime the urge struck them with no regard for how much cum I could actually hold. My midsection quickly swells, hanging with seed, but some still manages to escape despite my cervix’s best efforts, dripping from my body as I shudder, all sense fucked out of me. The centaur doesn’t seem to mind.

    They also don’t seem to mind when my belly grows heavier and heavier, more than what would be reasonable even for how much they’re stuffing me full. It occurs to me one day that I’m likely pregnant - which only makes sense, because the centaur wouldn’t use birth control of any sort. I’m only a cocksleeve, so it doesn’t matter if I get pregnant or not, just so long as I’m keeping the centaur’s hard-on warm at all times, milking it of all the cum the centaur can store. All of their thick, hot seed has been filling my womb directly, because that’s what feels best for them...and it only matters if it feels good for them.

    That’s why they don’t pay any attention to my moaning and whining when I feel the pain of labor start to kick in. They’ve had me wrapped around their cock for a while, so why should it be any different now? If they don’t want to take me off, then I’m not coming off, no matter if I’m trying to give birth or not. Im stuck for days on end, the centaur’s cock blocking their child’s efforts to escape - and their child makes an effort, believe me. As a matter of fact, the only reason I manage to even give birth at all is because the young foal manages to shove a single hoof through my cervix, even though their other parent’s cock is blocking the way.

    The stretch, the pain, the sheer sensation of the centaur foal making its own way out of me, regardless of my input, is too much, and something in my brain snaps when the second hoof makes it through. An obscene moan spills from my mouth - and then I cant stop moaning, begging, pleading with the centaur to please move more, fuck me while I give birth, try to stop me, make it hurt, please, hurt me with your beautiful thick horsecock oh fuck-

    That’s when the centaur finally seems to pay some attention to me, even if only because I’m providing them with slightly more...fun. They start shifting their hips a little bit, as if testing the waters, testing how the feeling of my body becoming even tighter for them feels, and then promptly trot over to a tall fallen log that’s just about at my height. The centaur turns their human torso around for a moment and, to my surprise, my hands are abruptly freed - and I suddenly find out why a moment later when my captor starts thrusting.

    I brace myself on the log, howling in pleasure and pain both as the centaur rails me at the same time that their child is trying to escape my pathetic, helpless human body, too small for a being like this to be fucking so recklessly and too small to be giving birth to a centaur foal, say nothing of both at once. If my mind hadn’t already crumbled, the feeling of horsecock slamming into the top of my womb over and over again would have done it.

    I feel the foal start sliding out of me, stretching my pussy and cervix both as it squeezes its way through my birth canal, fighting the entire time. It doesn’t fight too hard, no violent thrashing or anything, but it’s definitely more than enough to mean that I don’t have to push at all - I’m just being dragged along for the ride without any say in any of this, no choice, no input, completely trapped beneath the centaur that’s completely shattered my willpower. The centaur in question speeds up, as if the new tightness of me finally giving birth around them is satisfying in a novel way, and I can do absolutely nothing about it.

    When the foal finally slips all the way out of me with a wet, sloppy sound, their parent buries their cock as deep inside of me as it can go, and I feel the familiar blessing of their seed painting the walls of my womb. I moan loudly and shiver, begging for them to get me pregnant again - but I know that I have no choice in whether they rape another foal into me or not.

    I also know that they just did.

    The night before last I was in such need while spooning my love that i couldn't stop myself from playing with my her sleepy little pussy, gently rubbing my cocks head back and forth on her delicious velvety folds, until she was soaked with my precum, then slowly sliding my cock inside, just a little tiny bit at a time, gently fucking her in hushed silence, relishing her small sleepy moans, burying my face in her pillow to stifle my gasps of pleasure as I emptied myself inside her....


    Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately- imagine your pussy being an actual flesh light, probably through magic bs, and a random dude selling it to somebody, of course you’d have no idea who was using you at all times. Maybe it gets left somewhere public and you have to go through life wondering when the next cock will fuck you randomly. Maybe they person uses your detached hole in their dog, leaving you tied on its knot all day

    Oh I love this.

    I’m just like anybody else around town, but I’m known as that one person with the misfortune of getting randomly fucked throughout the day. Some people give me mildly-disgusted looks, others just shake their heads sadly, and others laugh whenever I randomly collapse to my knees in pleasure. I can’t focus on the people around me, though - not when my attention is fully drawn to the stranger forcing their way into my pussy without my permission.

    Cock after cock after cock, endless strangers, all fill me with cum over and over again. My womb is stuffed full and then some, rounding out my midsection with a smooth, even swell that grows and grows - sometimes I feel another hot stream of fluid rushing into me, and I realize that I’m getting pissed into, the taut skin of my belly stretching even further to make sure that I’m a good urinal that won’t overflow.

    Maybe the “fleshlight” that has my pussy is rented out to an animal shelter with lots of unfixed male dogs that keep starting fights because they’re so pent-up. Knot after knot after knot with no breaks for me, my pussy always stretched around a new cock just waiting to fuck pups into me, even though it’s biologically impossible. Maybe some people would just have fun and see what household objects they could fit into me, not even cumming into me or using me for pleasure - just shoving things into my cunt definitely not meant for a cunt because they know some poor soul out there is going to be left whimpering, eyes rolled back, tortured by the impossible stretch of a wine bottle or the scraping pain of a toilet brush...

    “Take a seat, my prince.” I look down at the chair and blush when I see the dildo there, already lubed. I fiddle with the ends of my long white shirt, made by the best tailors around. I reach up to take my crown off, as I’ve just finished making a royal appearance, when a pair of hands stop me. You, my royal bodyguard, who’s been here this whole time, fix the crown on my head. “Leave it on.” I blush again before pulling down my pants and slowly sinking down the dildo. The crown reminds me of my status as prince, the dildo my status of a slut. You drape a cloth over my lap, to protect my image should anyone enter my quarters, and stand behind me. I bite my lip as I start working on my studies.

    I can’t focus well, I’m so full and I feel your presence behind me. You watch carefully as I write. I almost drop my stylus when I feel your hand wrap around my throat from behind. “Your writing isn’t very neat, my prince. Are you looking to be punished?”