Random Twitter bios

    {name of idol} is my aesthetic

    I’m the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain

    You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

    Lol no I don’t do “love”

    No one dies a virgin, {name of idol} fucks us all

    But I’m lost in you

    Everything is grey

    Not all beautiful things are real

    S/he wanted tea, I was coffee

    Love doesn’t hurt, expectations do

    Bring your love baby, I can bring my shame

    Sometimes quiet is violent

    Peace will and win fear will lose

    Crying out to ears that never listen

    A black glass heart filled with sorrow

    A black year and a black heart

    It fills with hatred and leaks with blood

    Inhale the love exhale the fire

    Those who are heartless, once cared too much.

    I’m lost. Show me to your heart

    I’m lost

    Silence is better than bullshit

    Are we awake

    What if

    Bring the drugs, I’ll bring my pain

    No miracles here

    More lost than the lost boy from never land

    take my hand and I’ll throw you back into hell

    You are my sunshine

    Sing me to sleep

    I cried tears you’ll never see

    Love is perfectly destructive

    It’s too mainstream to have a life

    I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up

    my mind chooses the worst moment to reminisce

    and I am just a fallen star trying to put myself back in the sky

    and if you fall, I’ll make sure that you fall hard

    lol no

    and your blood stains my heart

    love is bs. Stick to food

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    twitter bios

    speak your mind even if your voice shakes

    tell me a lie

    you were a masterpiece, but then everyone saw you

    I smell autumn

    yes I function with out a heart

    my mom won’t like you

    please do not touch

    there are so many types of art but {name of idol) is my favourite

    seize the day

    fragile, handle with respect 

    I was the perfect roe that drowned

    happiness is a great colour

    you eventually will run back into it 

    keep your heart closed but mind open

    qualified meme-ster


    s/he was so artistic painting smiles on every face but her/his own

    did s/he forget to love

    ask no question and you’ll get no lies

    people change quicker than you think

    society is an ugly burnt ass cracker

    how many secrets can you keep

    only fools fall for you

    meme queen

    everything I ever loved, I lost in the magic

    seek joy, embrace joy, share joy

    if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

    autumn kills summer with the softest kiss.

    no tears for the creatures of the night

    you will let go

    the colour yellow is really under-appreciated

    im a petty bitch

    Im a golden thread; fragile but valuable 

    a little bit of sugar, but a lot of poison too

    confusing reality with dreams

    and I will fight even if I break 


    fuck im broke

    give me a sign

    you’re one of a kind and no one understand

    make your life a story worth telling

    in conclusion, im bitter

    but one day I’ll stop falling

    (idol name)’s the tear in my heart

    im soppy and emotional so stay the fuck away


    have I fit into society yet?

    is this any better?

    create you’re own path to an adventure 

    I let you out, and everyone saw

    send memes

    glazed donuts 

    late nights, red eyes

    entertain my faith


    sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind

    I’m Fiji water, you are toilet water

    see good in all things

    we rise by lifting other

    oh no, not you again

    you still have Facebook?

    you make me emo

    just keep going

    but do you know my aesthetic?

    wheres the leak ma’am 

    be like spongebob, create fire in the ocean

    can life go back to when I didn’t understand it

    How do I silence my sins

    I will burn again

    did I give you permission to break my heart?

    red blood, black heart

    dear society, do you accept me now?

    a thornless withered rose

    a touch of gold

    fuck you I don’t care I failed

    aesthetic mind

    my brain is 80% song lyrics

    im at the top but I still don’t see you

    left me in the dark

    stars fall and the world goes blind

    sorry mom I promise to never be a a bad bitch

    if you’re lost just look for me

    dismayed mind

    fuck of weirdo

    home is where the art is

    keep your dreams close to your heart

    teach me your contour blending ways

    find a way to be yourself

    first you find yourself

    let me glow bitch

    I don’t want seconds

    take on life like a swan; calm and serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneather

    (idols name) fills my heart

    mom can I be savage now?

    do ya thang

    neither lost nor found

    have a positive mindset

    im honestly a troubled kid looking for dank memes

    don’t look back, chase whats in front

    no thanks, I don’t want leftover

    I want to create

    a black cloud in a black sky - nobody notices

    oops sorry I spilled out my heart

    I found the heart, but its empty

    did I leave a stain on your heart

    I thought this was eternal

    buy me food pls

    I asked for the word, and you bought me a carrier bag

    sorry only dark humour is accepted 

    you made it this far kid

    you’ll probably love me 

    too lazy to socialise 

    I found my happy ending


    This went REALLY well last time so I thought I would try it again (idc if this failed miserably its 2am)


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    what should I do/make next? 

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