Margaret was notionally the boss. But after hours, when everyone else had left, her secretary Sara took over the leadership role.

    Margaret couldn’t resist how Sara handled her body and talked in such dirty, nasty ways to her.

    As Sara unbuttoned Margaret’s crisp white blouse, she began the dirty talk.

    “That pussy is all mine tonight, Margaret.

    “Oh, fuck, at you going to…?”

    “Am I going to fist fuck you again? Right here in your fancy boss chair while you beg me to never stop? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. How wet does that make you?”

    “So fucking wet.”

    “That’s good, cause I’m gonna fuck very hard and very deep.”

    Margaret knew she was going to totally give up control. She knew Sara would edge her mercilessly during the fucking, and by the end of the evening she would be agreeing to give Sara another raise, her third this year.

    Ally enjoyed her job, but it put her on the road a lot and kept her away from her wife Claire. As she was headed to her hotel on her second night of this trip, she received a text from Claire: “I hope you enjoy your evening”. ❤️❤️❤️

    Ally thanked her and said she’d check in after she got settled in at her room.

    When she opened the door to her room, she was shocked to see a beautiful young woman there, sitting on the bed, wearing a lovely sheer dress.

    “Hello Ally, I’m Cassandra. Claire has procured my services to help you enjoy your evening. Shall we start?”

    Cassandra stood up, reached behind her head and undid the clasp of her dress. It fell off her shoulders, revealing her magnificent breasts.

    “Claire tells me you’re a real boob girl. Why don’t you come over here and prove her right?”

    Needless to say, Ally proved Claire right. All night long.

    “Your wife told me you were interested in expanding your boundaries. I’m glad to hear that, Melissa.

    “I can see that she is excited to watch me take care of that for you. Open your eyes; look at how busy her fingers are already watching us.

    “We are going to have such a good time, you and me. And I promise that when we’re done, you will be begging to come back for more. And so will your wife.

    “Prepare for the night of your life.”


    Rachel was a strong independent woman who ran her own business. Mrs Abernathy was high society.

    The two women only met but twice a year at the spring and fall Galla.

    At each event they would do their best to out do the other. The winner chose the payoff.

    In the past it was monies donated to charity in the others name or other socialite events.

    This year Rachel decided to change things up a bit. Bringing Mrs Abernathy back to her bed chamber and slowly undressing the socialite only to have her way with her was so exciting.

    It became even more rewarding when Mrs Abernathy began to renege on the wager.

    That’s when Rachel reminded Mrs Abernathy of the scandalous photos she had of Mr Abernathy and what they may do to her place in high society.

    Propositioned at work.

    I work as a general manager for a pool supply company. So I’m on the all day long. The other day was a very busy and I was running to and from the back room all day.

    As I was returning from the back room with chlorine for a customer I notice what I thought was a family enter the store. You know dad, mom and two little boys about 8 and 10.

    I said hello to them as I placed the chlorine on the counter and began ringing up my current customer. One of my employees went over and was speaking with the dad about his needs.

    When I finished with my customer I headed back to the back room to get Acid. Just as I reached the back room I heard. “Miss” I stopped and looked over. It was the mom or I thought she was the mom. I approached her and asked if I could help her. I noticed she was about 5’7” shoulder length light brown hair and large breasts that the shirt she was wearing was having a tough time keeping under control. Her turquoise short showed off her incredible ass.

    She said she was looking for a specific float and asked If we carried it. Saying yes I showed her where they where and went back to getting the acid.

    Getting back to the counter I rang up another customer and did not see the family anywhere in the store. Figuring they had purchased what they needed and where off.

    The day was coming to a end so I was busy facing and fronting products when from behind an isle stepped the mom. She smiled at me, placed a note in my hand leaned forward and whispered in my ear. (I want to fuck you better than your husband has ever done) she put her right hand between my legs and rubbed me.

    Then she was gone.

    I thought to myself “what the hell just happened”

    I shook my head placed the note in my pocket and went about closing my store. After finishing closing down and was getting my keys out to lock the doors. I noticed the note again.

    I opened it. It read

    Come to the Hampton Inn on Via Sendero, room 1567. When you get to the room remove all your clothes stand in front of the door for 1 minute. Then knock.

    I starting laughing, If this crazy bitch thinks I’m going to meet her , then remove all my clothes in public and stand for all to see she is nuts.

    I walked to my car got in and started it. Putting the car in drive I headed home. Well at least that’s what I told myself.

    Twenty minutes later I was walking through the lobby of the Hampton Inn. Into the elevator and up to the fifteenth floor. Getting to the door I told myself I was not getting undressed.

    So I knocked, from the other side of the door came a woman’s voice.

    Your not undressed!

    If you want me to give you the most incredible sexual experience of your life. “You will get undressed now”

    I replied but I can’t! Someone could catch me.

    From behind the door came the voice again. “ If you want me to squirt my pussy juice all over your face, in your hair and down your submissive little slut body”. You will get undressed “NOW”

    How did she know? How could she possibly know I was submissive to dominant woman? We only met for like 10min.

    Looking both ways down the hallway I began to remove my clothes. Standing completely naked I stood waiting for a minute. Just as I thought I was in the clear. The elevator door opened.

    Two teenage boys came out and headed my way. I knocked in earnest to have her open the door. But to no avail. The two boys just walked by me with there mouths wide open looking at my completely naked body.

    Once past me they started high-fiving one another and looking back at me. I was so humiliated yet my pussy was so wet.

    Just then the door opened. Oh what do we have here? A submissive little pussy eating slut.

    I lowered my head and entered the room. Over the next 2 1/2 hours my body was used as a sexual toy. Every hole was used by her. She did squirt all over my body in my fave and mouth and drenched my hair.

    When she was done with me. She went to the door opened it and said get out. I wasn’t allowed to dress.

    Submissive sluts do not get dressed in my presence. Once again I found myself in the hallway completely nude. Only this time I was covered from head to toe with her incredible pussy juice.

    I dressed and left the Hampton Inn never to see her again.

    Think back, I never even got her name.


    The fourth continues day of sexual pleasure and Joan has succumbed to her new Mistresses assault.

    Joan is not thinking of her husband David or her family in Ohio or even what she will make for dinner.

    No Joans only thoughts are of the sexual pleaser Mistress is giving her. She is thinking how and when will she be used again in the future.

    You see when Mistress decides that your her next sex slave. Well, you just don’t have a chance.


    Angela looked back into the hidden camera. Wanting to give David a look of conquest.

    You see, last week Angela bet David that she could get his wife into her bed and she would do it of her own free will.

    David being so sure of his wife and their relationship took the bet. He was so sure that Joan would not break their wedding vows. Joan being being brought up in such a religious home. As well as her strong feelings about the LGBQ community.

    It only took Angela two days to find Joans weakness and use it against her. Now here on day five. Joan entered Angela’s bedroom of her own free will and removed her dress. Stepping into Angela’s arms.


    I love being the one to relieve the stress and anger of these men who wants to claim vengeance for all the things their girls and women of their lives did to them, using me, choking me, yelling at me, spanking me, punishing me for all the wrongs female gender did to them, covering me with insults, spits, shame and disgrace, fucking me with rough hate, and covering me with their sticky cum and filling my unprotected holes with their potent seeds as they all know I’m someone else’s wife, then leaving me like a disposable cum trash once being used and abused, thrown down the floor, so fucked, body covered in sweat, ass cheeks all red, sore holes, their cum oozing of my pussy like a waterfall, face covered by the mix of their spits and sweat, cheeks red from slaps, a messy hair from being pulled into all directions and dragged down, with mostly a dollar bill stuffed in my mouth, and always with a very wide smile over my messy face for being used that way by men I had no idea who they were, but I knew and felt them leaving me there all messy, they felt way better.

    And I also love it when I come back home to find the man of my life, my husband, who’s clueless about all the things these men did to me, to sit and rest in his lap for passionate kisses, spending a wonderful evening with him and the kids (kids that he still thinks his, but they were conceived by these random strangers that even I don’t know which ones) cooking the best meals they could eat, and ending the day by making love with hubby, so soft and so tender, then sleeping in the tenderness of his arms full of love and respect, with a smile over my face, happily, feeling the joy of a duty well done to satisfy everyone’s desire, hate, and love, they needed it, and they deserved it.


    Because even if being taken or married, nothing changes the fact that the beauty of my body is to be used by all these men, mostly strangers, no matter who they are and how they look like, it’s a purely physical need to be sexually used, and a lustful one to be disgraced by men fully aware I’m someone else’s wife.

    So what I have with these men are my selfish pleasure I must keep secret from hubby, a hubby that I live and feel all the love and respect of the world with, and switching back and forth between a dishonored whore and a respected princess, is what makes the both sides even more intense, just don’t think I cheat because I hate my husband or sex with him sucks, it’s all the opposite, I love him so much, and making love with him is something out of this world, it’s just having other men having no interest else than using me sexually, is something my depraved lust needs.


    When a stranger about to cum makes me know that he’s about to finish inside my unprotected pussy and not sure to pull out or not because I’m married and could being knocked up, my reaction answer is always the same, rub his balls, and push his cock deep into my pussy and lock it in, till the last drop of his potent seeds lands on my womb.

    The same situation happened again and again that I couldn’t knew who knocked me up, and to be honest, why should I care? I just know that these babies aren’t my hubby’s, and he still think they’re his, loving and raising them right.


    My husband have everything I want, he gives me security, love, respect, kindness, and he’s a caring father for the kids, he satisfies all my wife/mother/woman’s needs, that’s why these strangers they keep hitting on me can give me nothing else but extra cocks, degrading fuck, risky unprotected sex, potent seeds, and disrespect, they satisfy all my cheating/cum whore/fucktoys needs. I assume both sides, and even though they’re separated, one can’t exist without the other.


    Someday I’ll take a two in one


    They were both hitting on me at the same time, they started arguing and almost got in a fight till I calmed them down, letting them know that I’m married, and they don’t had to fight, there’s always a better solution than fighting… And it didn’t took so long before we came up with the best solution.

    And we all took our time to use all the options this solution had to offer.

    Once back at home, I told me husband that I managed to stop two men fighting, he was so proud, but he’s clueless that I was THE SOLUTION that stopped the fight.


    Оксана Салдыркина


    I’m a nature lover person, I like walking at the park in a nice sunny day and making my way till I reach the nearby woods, and paying my respect to mother nature, following her old nature rules where female creatures in heat welcomes any male to join me for a mating session, then other males will join in, taking turn on me, one after another, till everyone is satisfied under the eyes of mother nature.

    Just…only my husband doesn’t know about it, never will, but cluelessly and happily will raise other males babies, as he already did and still doing.

    That’s what mother nature taught me at least.


    tw: nuttypinkx


    My husband asked me once why didn’t I ride my car whenever I went out to enjoy a day at the park, I told him that I like to walk all the way to the park and enjoy the fresh air on these sunny days. Which is true, but little did he knew about the other reasons that included strangers hitting on me for some rough and unprotected quickies, and how easily I accepted their invitations to fill my days with, being used and useful while he’s at work, then come back home like nothing happened but a long walk at the park to explain my tired look.