If You Are Going To Walk On Thin Ice, Then Dance

50 male dominant in the Boston area. I created this blog to spark my fantasies as I have already done most of them. These are fantasies, they are about power, degradation, humiliation, pain, and torture of women. While I am a liberal and a feminist, my fantasies revolve around my male supremacy over women in my world. Tdlr: Lots of consensual nonconsent and power exchange fantasies, stupid.

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    You can just kneel there while I fuck this younger, tighter cunt. You won’t be able to touch yourself, won’t taste my cock after. I will allow you to smell, hear, and see me being pleasured by another woman. Next time it could be a male, but either way disappointed me again and I will take away another one of your useless senses.


    She failed her doctoral thesis defense for the 3rd time. She knew the consequences, all the girls did. She never understood why she failed or why they all spoke to her like she was a child. All she knew is when she failed she was punished. Then she pleased the all male review board. All the girls failed, got punished, got abused, and then had ton watch and listen to that strange video about what failures they were. The worst part, she got so horny afterwards, she had to try again.


    Charlene didn’t understand why she was being treated like this. She was smart, attended church, volunteering at nursing home with the elderly. She didn’t understand why she was being molested and abused again like she was when she was a child. She hated how her new boyfriend treated her but it shut her brain off and made her so horny and obedient. She thought it couldn’t get any worse and then she heard the sound of the cane swishing back and forth.


    It’s simple really

    1. Turn my mind against me with hypnosis and conditioning.

    2. Turn my body against me with edging and denial.

    3. Repeat 1+2 until I’m a broken, dripping, animalistic mess addicted to obeying you and begging to be used and owned.

    4. Use and own me. (Don’t hold back.)

    5. Degrade and patronise me when I cum for you. Call me a good girl and a slut.

    6. Repeat 1-5 forever.


    How to: make a good girl.


    So romantic.


    Dreams do come true. 


    So you want what I do on a basic Tuesday night...


    I want to make myself more eager and pathetic than anything else so the number of notes this post gets will be the number of edges I complete, the reblogs will be how many hours I keep my ass plugged for, and the likes will be how many minutes I clamp my nipples and clit for.

    Please get the numbers high!! Thank you for helping me stay depraved <3


    Let’s see how many days we can generate kids