Hello. I'm a fun loving man who uses Tumblr to explore my fantasies. I'm into cuckolding, t-girls, fem-dom, bdsm, pegging, gloryholes, and just dirty, nasty sex. Let me know if you enjoy the same.

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2020-08-06 15:07:32

    I just want someone of authority, like daddy, an uncle, or a teacher, to sweetly touch my innocent body. I want him to start by telling me how cute I am in my little dress, and pull me close to him. I want him to feel my little nipples thru my dress and look me in the eye and tell me what a good girl I am. I want him to pull the straps of my dress down my shoulders, while he tells me this should be our secret. I want him pinch my bare, pink nipples and tell me mommy would be so mad at me if she knew what I did to him. I want him to pull me into his lap and suck on my nipples, while his cock grows in his shorts beneath me and his hand moves to my wet, panty covered cunt. I want to feel slightly uncomfortable and try to get off daddy’s lap, but he holds me there and puts a hand around my throat. I want him to tell me I have no choice, I did this to him, as forces his fingers into my wet cunt. I want to feel ashamed as I cum on them. I want him to tell me I must like it, and if I’m going to lie he’ll treat me like a liar, then push me off his lap and face down onto the couch. I want him to pull his cock out, slide it along my slick, little girl hole, priming it with my wetness. Then I want him to push all the way into me, filling me with his big cock. I want him to tell me this is my fault, i made him do this. I want him to tell me he can’t control himself around me. I want him thrusting in and out of me while he tells me my sweet innocence is too much, and he’s going to have to ruin me if i don’t want this to happen again.