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    “This poem doesn’t rhyme.”

    Dude about to make haikus:

    “Oh you haven’t heard?”


    The first line is six syllables.






    That’s 5 syllables


    Poem is two syllables. Po-em.


    Poem is ONE syllable, who the fuck uses two syllables to say poem?


    What the fuck are you on about? Literally just say it out loud. Po-em. One syllable would be like Pome.


    “Pome” IS how you say it you neanderthal. Who the fuck says PO-EM?


    “pome” is how you
    say it you neanderthal who
    the fuck says po

    ^Haiku^bot^9. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes.

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    Update: It's happening!

    Remember when a couple years ago we had a discussion here about a dating site idea I had that would be unlike any other? I was really stoked about it and got a lot of useful feedback from you guys.

    I've been quiet on the idea because for a time I didn't know if it would happen but I have finally come up with a social/dating platform without any identity constraints which means that you won't have to select your gender or explain how you identify to anyone unless you want to add it to your profile later.

    Whoever you are, you'll be welcome! Instead of gender and physical appearance, matching will be done through what you're looking for - whether it's friends, chats, relationships, casual, etc.

    The idea is that members will be happy to see all kinds of different humans with whom you may share interests, exchange experiences, chat and more. This will be a niche platform for completely open-minded people only. Take it or leave it and there will be zero tolerance for discrimination or exclusion.

    It'll be a safe space for anyone who identifies within or beyond the usual male/female, gay/straight and other constraints. You don't have to put yourself into a box if you don't want to.

    From the social perspective, members will be able to create and join groups of other likeminded users and share posts.

    The dating angle will be similar to other dating platforms - you'll see profiles based on what you're looking to do and if two people match, they'll be notified.

    The security of members will be absolutely critical. With security controls like user verification and reports by community will be used to ensure maximum safety on the platform.

    I'm so excited to share more soon. In the meantime, please hit me up if you'd like to test!



    Disabled Person: “I struggle with this.”

    Ableist: “I don’t believe you. It’s not normal to struggle with that.”

    Disabled Person: “I struggle with this because of a disability.”

    Ableist: “I don’t believe you. Unless you’ve been diagnosed, you don’t have a disability.”

    Disabled Person: “I struggle with this because of a diagnosed disability.”

    Ableist: “I don’t believe you. You’re high functioning. Disabilities are overdiagnosed. You’re nothing like those low functioning people who actually struggle.”


    and how could you forget

    Disabled Person: “I struggle with this and I am what you would consider to be ‘low functioning.’”

    Ableist: “Oh dear well you can’t possibly speak for yourself then. Where’s your caretaker so they can tell me how to deal with you.”