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    Shallow Hal


    “It’s so nice Dylan, that we’ve managed to stay best friends and you’ve not been judgy about me working as a Life Coach for Forced Fems. You so get it, you were like the only one nice to the scholarship low income girl at your Snooty prep school. I guess they didn’t expect me to lose a buncha of weight and get hawt. I need the money or we couldn’t have gone to the same college.

    Like it’s nice that you even let me vent about the tantrums and tell you the ridiculous ditzy things they say. But you rally did me a solid laying my Bitchboi Patricia,


     I dm’d with him he’s super giddy and chipper after. I’ve barely seen the Femboi smile since working with him, you must have crushed it Stud!


    I’m sorry the pics were a little out of date


    But why would a Fluffy that prime need a self esteem boost? I did say they were older photos


    Well Patty was a covergirl I didn’t lie, Sweetie honestly.


    He just had huge personal problems with the other models. Ya know men, dick, studs, jealously, social media reach. They look chic but they can be super immature brats like I’m always telling you.


    He already was a bit of a pipsqueak to do runway he should have been grateful and quiet. so it was just easier to say Lil Patty was the troublemaker. When you’re a Karlie Kloss physique Forced Fem model you can get away with anything.


    Yes Dear, he did win Forced Fem Pageants too!


    He even won the prestigious Miss Sissy Southern Belle Tiara, honestly not bad for dude from Connecticut, he’s good at accents.


    But since I’ve been working with him, he’s doing wonderfully retraining as a Nanny.


    But the soon to be young mom, refused to have a Forced Fem who was a threat so he’s on a compulsory major weight gain. Her husband is such a hound, if he wasn’t so gorge he’d be on estrogen too.

     Patricia was a real nuisance at first when he found out luxury, champagne and Europe’s most eligible Sissy chaser buying him Furs and pursuing him was over. Management were happy to plump him since her man was still paying, through gritted teeth lol, 


    like the Nanny was a Bella Hadid clone boi!

    The weight gain is going fine Patty’s med’s make him crave calories he’s always eating like a basic going through a break.


    But like I say Fembois are bitchy little girls, they’ve been bullying mocking him rally Bad, yes he was perhaps vain and stuck up when he was a sample size but it’s still way harsh. It’s extra tough on him as he was a total loser as a boy, so he’s like I’m a low status laughing stock again?

    Ok I mislead you a bit Buddy. I hardly think I owe you a beej. I did that because you were so distraught and wouldn’t stop crying when you thought your favorite Aunt might have covid.


    I think it’s adorbs how much you love your Auntie. She raised a fine young man, although he’s too good for plumpers now, apparently! I just did to you what you did for Patty. Ok I owe you a big slobbery blowie, gawd! It’s good to let my man know I’m still committed to smashing monogamy like anyway.

    Well why not save it til you have Blue Balls, you just got laid Honey


    Lets have a toke, snuggle and talk about stuff under a blankie. Like if you gave Patty a chance you could get as much head as ya want. She rally likes you! But I couldn’t cheat on my client obvs!

    She doesn’t mind that you’re not rich, ok so he can’t fit in labels anymore but why is being chubby a deal breaker, it seems silly. Plus how cheap would it be you wouldn’t need Tiffany’s just a big bag of Chips Ahoy to get on her good side!

    You always were sweet on me when I was a total butterball. Plus like seriously she’s the best Nanny. She could baby and mommy you, you need that. All boys do. If I gave you dome every time you cried about missing Agatha I’d have lockjaw!  

    Well I got other Forced Fem’s who need BF’s


    you’d be open to a boy in a Hijab right?

    Well I’ll find you someone Precious you’re my Bestie and that is as close to monogamy as I get. 

    I hate guys who act tough, so called alphas. You’re progressive enough to give me lots of fashion input when we go shopping (fem sides rule!), sweet enough to cry about your Auntie all the time but virile enough to rock a Sissy Piglet’s world! You even look cute in my robe lol”

    Addams Family Values


    “Nicky it is so much nicer to bring a real friend home on the College break not like one of these no strings Studs I’m fucking, not good company like you they don’t listen. Probably all at their GF’s anyhow. About my little sister Lily.......... 

    I suppose it’s our fault as the youngest we’ve always let her get away with anything, she can be pretty full on and invasive especially with cute boys. But if she’s teasing you, playing twenty question and making a big fuss that just means she likes as much as I do bestie! If she didn’t like you she’d just be on her phone.”


    “Hiii Baby whats your name? cute! Gimme a hug. It’s always a treat and a rarity to meet a boy my slutty sister isn’t screwing! How are your table manners BTW?

    Oh it’s just that Mom fosters Forced Fem’s for forever homes everything from Trophy Brides in waiting to fulltime Adult Babies. So we could get you strapped up in a High Chair just the right size if you’re messy, disobedient and fidgety?

    OMG you look like you’re about to cry Dear, good call with the Friendzone Soph!


    What do think Daddy? maybe just have a bib for Nikki on standby. Yes that’s our Step Dad, he’d prefer if you called him Mommy. Oh he’s 22, yep he’s Forced Fem 


    but Mom and Babs love each other, he’s not a foster thing.

    Come on you can pitch in and help me get our current reformed criminal Baby Femboi in his Highchair for dinner then, since you’re a big boy.


    I’ll give Boo Boo a sink scrub, then you can help me get him in these Disney Princess footy pyjamas it will be beddie byes for him nearly by the time we finish a long late lunch. What’s your bedtime btw? you rally should have a set one, honestly Soph is so soft on boys.”


    “Nicholas, I’m Peggy, the other Femboi being fostered here, I’m not a baby like Boo Boo though. I even like work, yeah I wait tables and work retail in the fancy department store, helping spoiled demanding B-Words like my foster sisters mainly!

     I begged to sit next you at dinner when Sophie sent me a pic but she said she already thought we’d hit it off. We are so full for the holidays you are sleeping in my room.

    Chill It’s two beds my bragging roommate just moved out


    Timothy or whatevs he’s been renamed by his man didn’t know there was a Paris, Texas! He thought he could hit the special designer boutiques everyday!

    I’m not gabbing too much am I? you don’t mind all the questions Darling? 

    Mommy, Babs, Lily, Soph are all going out. Don’t pout over my company Babe. There’s still lots of time to see the girls they’ll want to catch up with old school friends tonight.

    So can you help me get Boo Boo tucked in. Wanna give Missy his night night bottle? It’s that or change him Mister! Your not the type of guy who thinks Forced Femmies have to handle everything? Ok then Good Boy!

    That’s nice he looks so happy in your arms, not seen the Tantrum Fairy this relaxed since he learned he was getting The S N I P! Oh Baby can’t spell but he likes tickles! Yes he does!”


    Up in Peggy’s room, Nicholas saw him without a wig and make up. “Regular boys never see this, it’s way special just for you Sugar. You can stroke my hair if you like.”

    As they smoked joints and Peggy played her Streisand vinyls, the vibe was so intimate, when Nicholas was too nervous to loses his V-Card. Peggy didn’t mind “Nicky that is beyond sweet most men only want that, you just wanna keep it to making out? Soph was so right about what a Goodboi you are.”

    When Nicholas said he was getting into his bed, Peggy just giggled pulled the covers up and held him tighter. “You can be the Babyspoon, rare treat lol.”

    Nicholas had hoped time at Sophie’s without Frat Bullies was the perfect shot at getting out of the friendzone.

    He got a Femboi GF he was falling for even harder. She knew how to get a boy to do what she wanted. 

    Nicky had agreed to introducing Peggy to his family, joint Xmas cards, adopting a rescue pup together. Peggy was moving to Nicholas college town for his sophomore year, she couldn’t be a foster Bitchboi forever. Back when he was a gang connected Drug Pusher he never thought he’d be as giddy as a little girl  to move in with a pretty rich boy. She was happy to work her little jobs, Nick’s fam was wealthy af but Peggy didn’t wanna seem like a lazy vamp.


    “I’m so blessed to have my own man but should I tell him what a bad boy I was get it over with? Tim was always great at giving the advice on how to deal with Straight Boys but he’s ignoring my dm’s. I was way too Bitchy about the texas thing.” 

    Two Out Of Three


    “Hi Daniel , nice to meet you. I don’t do handshakes give me a hug Dear. I like literally never ever do blind dates either but Carrie keep telling me she found the perfect boy for me, my last guy rally hurt me turned out he was married to a High School sweetheart who got fat and the pig had kids too.

    You are a Babe though, oh you’re blushing so your not all big headed and conceited like the bastard who broke my heart. 

    Yeah Carrie is lovely but why did she think we’d be such a match, she just kept saying trust me?


    Ugh Carrie, you lip filler addicted Dingbat!

    No Sweetie I am not an MRA too, I’m an MRR. Male Rights Revisionist.  I’m not like anti MRA, I’m obvs sympathetic to the plight of the modern boi, that’s why so many of girls feel so strongly about the MRR cause.

    But as an MRR I actually favor reform in male rights. In many cases these would seem like a reduction but with a more progressive society it would so be better for everyone in the big picture.

    I do think the tax system must do more to equalize excess male wealth though and I think it’s just kinda a no brainer that the best way to combat toxic masculinity is with estrogen and Forced Fem.

    I rally want to make it so ok for a boy to be in the home doing housework and taking care of babies. The way people say it’s not a real career for a man or that slaving away in a office is more rewarding than bouncing a baby on your knee, ironing your Wife’s blouse for a big pitch or planning a meal for visiting inlaws. 

    The patriarchy is lying to boys to maintain ridiculous oppressive gender roles!

    Don’t you just hate how Male Housewives are disparaged? No way, Housewife  is a gender neutral term in MRR. A house husband sounds like he probably just plays video games in his Calvins all day! Right?

    Don’t these new opportunities sound so nice and we want to end the stigma so boys can say yeah I wanna be a Homemaker. I love babies, I bet you’d be a great stay at home Mommy!

    Just teasing Dear and people say feminists are humorless! Will you come to an MRR meeting and I think you’ll see once you get passed male fragility and actually be open minded it might have way more of the answers you are struggling for. We could have date two right after? I’ll plan it, it’s gross the pressure put on boys to have to decide stuff and be romantic. I like to sweep Boy’s off their feet, well when they are way pwetty like you I do!

    Have you eaten here before? No problems Honey, I’ll order for you”  

    Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen


    “Tommy, Sweetie I know you have such a humongous crush on Megan


     that you love spending time with her in anyway possible.


     But painting her Forced Fem Step Dad’s toenails because he hurt his back trying to trick in a Smartcar, or washing the bed sheets she freshly fucked boys who treat you really meanly on. This is not going to ever get you out of the Friendzone! It’s so cringe you’re more likely to end up like her Step Dad than getting what you pine for. 

    She doesn’t even get her Stud rotation to stop giving you ouchies or dunking on you.

    If you stopped following Megan around like sycophantic Lady in waiting, drinking, cursing and went to Church with me every Sunday I’d totally wanna date you. You actually Friendzoned me, whilst crying about yours, can you imagine how that felt Cutie? 

    It’s ok but thank you for apologizing Darling. Wanna go have a smoke sesh? Babe please the Bible is pretty clear on plants Silly. I didn’t even find Jesus until I got stoned out of my mind in Costa Rica. I used to be worse than Megan!”    


    “I know Lisa sending out hand written invites to a college party is so outdated but I want to make it a real occasion and I love calligraphy. Pretty much the only class I had where I didn’t get a beta to do my homework back in high school.

    The invite system is much more modern 

    Gold - for Studs who all the girls definitely want to fuck, let’s be real these Gorgeous men are getting laid more than once in the night if they don’t over do it on the sauce.

    Silver - for backup Boys and there’s a little footnote. If they bring a Higher Status more bangable boy along, they can definitely play second Banana in a threesome with their plus one.

    Bronze- no I didn’t put these in the mail yet they are going to be hand delivered on the day by hulking Forced Fem Chasers and the Femboi who is doing there glow up!

    Isn’t it going to be the best party ever with the boys everyone on campus hates making their forced Drag queen debuts?”

    “I’m so excited Sarah do you think fuckbois will still call us the Basic Bitch sorority? Like after we’ve made a bunch of boys just like them leave our rager hideous thrift shop 80′s prom dresses

     on the arm of an Alpha? lol

    He Does!

    Cynthia it’s been too long. Yes everything's perfectly lovely thank you. I forced femmed my Step Son from one of the most eligible and high status young men in the country into a ridiculous little hipster Femboi. His Father thinks it's the real him, isn’t psychiatry marvelous?

    His Father had to pay a huge dowry to get him married off like generations ago they would a flighty burdensome daughter.

    He’s getting married to this middle aged frumpy shrewish Librarian, she drove a hard bargain when I went out to find him a spouse that was utterly awful for him

    She is so strict I think he’s actually gonna miss me, when she showed so much interest in giving him lot’s more fun surgeries, I put my foot down and insisted my Husband stop being such a miser with the pay off. I think there will be no buyers remorse to have his shame out of his house and away from high society gossip.”

    “Dorothy that’s wonderful, show me lots of pics on your iPhone please Dear!

    My Step Son Michael has turned into such a completely feminine prissy Young Lady 

    My Husband through gritted teeth is paying a ruinous amount, well not quite, for his son’s extravagant marriage to a man! 

    Yar Darling, of course they think it’s what the out of the closet Diva wants,

     I’m just an understanding Mother of the bride. He’s such a high strung Bridezilla, I think he’s going to be the battle axe in their Home. Unless his Stud husband can really put him in his place, dick is the only thing that stops him from being such a psycho raging Bitch! Mommy still loves him even if his Father is ashamed!”

    “We really should do something together Sweetie us and the Husband’s, since they’ll be retiring as Grandma’s in the same Forced Fem Assisted Living facility? would help them handle the rather significant lifestyle change if they already have a rapport with another of the men getting age progression feminization?” 

    I Ain’t Got No Type


    “Yeah like when I first got woke and stopped being such a pushover boy pleasing idiot I was 130% anti-porn.

    But I gotta be honest I probably watch more now than some incel loser. I simply adore it when it’s two beautiful straight men and you can tell they desperately need the money.

    Yeah I love when they have to humiliate themselves dress in Drag and comport themselves like fussy old fashion fastidious ladies. I love the contrast of the Society lady vibe and how degrading the action is about to be.


    But I simply have to see them in boy mode first, the makeover is almost as hot as the straight gay fuck sesh to me


    I love to know about them too, I’m such a girlie girl I totally need a story in my adult movies. 

    But favorite thing ever though is not the fake comedic high femininity farce but when you can tell one or more of The gay for pay Heteros is feeling bliss so hard but looks so conflicted like a guilty naughty puppy. 

    Gawd I thought we could talk Dude. I didn’t judge you when told me about how all the popular Gay twinks used to bully you in high school and make all the girls laugh at you.

    You know if you wanna get blazed and watch some Straight on Straight gay porn snuggled up with me that’s a pretty surefire way to get out of the friendzone you keep complaining about, I get so turned on. 


    Like yar, I’ve heard you elected Michelle head of your Beta Rights Activism group. Fine Male, I just think BRA works better as you can pronounce it easier and it’s like you aren’t bad kids on the whole. More approachable less threatening to women? You need allies like me. 

    Yar I think you’re BF material you are so cute and I love how dainty you are, you don’t have out dated views about monogamy do you? 

    I’m such a Fag Hag, I’ve so many gay Besties, I’d like you hang with them. They’ll be super kind and show you that gay-straight friendships can be rally nice, even deeper than straight boy friendships.... 

    Plus it’s the straight fuckbois in your dorm who treat you like a doormat. 


    They can totally help do your make up for me too, well if you Queened up for me imagine all the filthy things I’d let you do to me.

    All I’d ask of a BF is don’t watch straight porn it’s icky, toxic, exploitative, sexist, frankly it grosses me out!

    Let’s make out to this one. It’s a tough southern redneck who thought he was going to the NFL before he blew out his ACL and an old money snooty snob whose stupid parents lost every cent in a Ponzi scheme!” 

    Thank Me


    “Joseph Dearest, I always miss you so awfully when you are at College, give Mommy a kiss and a big hug Darling. 


    Honestly Joseph stop fidgeting. Oh please it’s perfectly normal for a young man to hold his Step Mom’s hand in public, come along Cherub. 


    You seem distressed about something whatever is the matter Dear?


    Well Bethany didn’t cheat on you at all, if you’d just listen to her she’d explain 


    I gave her what you kids call a ‘Hall Pass’.

     Well I was thinking of you, when you’ve fucked as many college age beauty Queens as I have you just get knack for knowing when they need a real man, I suppose it’s easier for me because I’d go and get male company too.

    The way you are fussing and being so hurtful makes me think I should’ve kept you to dating boys only. 

    I only did it for the strength of your relationship and happiness. Well I’m sure you do have romantic times together but you are teeny down there Beth deserves and needs Studs sometimes too. 

    I love her Dear, Mommy is so proud of her boy. 

    But what do you think a girls going to do if she saw all the photos of the drag pageants I had you compete in, your Victorian Doll collection or the fact you dated boys only through out High School. Or that you spent the summers of your prime teen years in sailor suits and winters in your Sunday best Kilt at church with Mommy. All my friends were thrilled but young ladies might not appreciate the adorable childish wardrobe.     

    You should thank the help BTW, they were so busy hiding the framed photos of things like you at the prom on the arm of a Stud, for bringing a girl home. 

    I’m not going to let outdated ideas about masculinity ruin your relationship. I had more than enough macho stuff with my own sons. 

    ,Clearly she likes a beta modern boi anyway we’ll ease her in gently to the lifestyle I’ve given you. I know how to bitch out and bring a Young Lady to heel better than any man.

    She’ll only be allowed to go with a Alpha when Mommy says it ok, don’t worry. She’s nice but rather bold and informal. Spending her summers in sailor suits just like her BF and being put down early by The Nanny will help her be a bit more humble, obedient and sweeter.   

    I told you dating boys would be great for you! First GF since you were in middle school and you’ve found a wife. 

    Don’t cry, it’s just how we arranged you can go to college and date girls but summers are for me and you will do exactly what Nanny and I tell you. 

    Come on sit on my lap, a little peewee like you will never be too big and grown up for that.

    Aaaaw I love you too Baby Precious!”

    Great Exceptations


    “Good Morning Sweet Thing, come and get breakfast, I know how much my man works a Forced Fem Escort.


    Don’t get startled no need to cover up on my account, here use my robe super warm and soft.

     I’m not one of those girls who flips out at a Bitchboi Side Piece. When you date an Old Money Stud who ruled his boarding school dorm with an iron dick it’s to be expected. 

    You deserve carbs, I’m not trying to get you in trouble Silly. How mean are these other GF’s/Wives?

    All of that stuff he did to you is a hard nope from me anyway! I especially don’t mind when I’m on the rag, few days earlier I’d probably just throw the china at you! You are better off with men so much easier to please.

    So like do you do parties and stuff because my Brother’s Bachelor is coming up and she’s said like no whores or strippers. But a Femboi would be dope, do you have talents so it seems like more legitimate if Lisa asks/finds out?

    You dance and sing? cute, was worried you just bucked like a wild cat! I’ll lend you some non walk of shame clothes for the walk home Sweetie.

    Oh he’s sleeping like a log you’ll have to take that as a well done Babe, wanna burn one? then I’m walking down town anyhow.

    It’s yummy? yay thanks Sandra.


    Toodles Honey, yeah you pick the other Forced Fem party gals for my Brothers shindig, you’ve got wonderful taste.”

     I’m not para I have a loving relationship but just getting a Fluffy blowing a room full of people he knows right in front of him, always ensures he doesn’t get too sweet on any one Forced Fem. 


    Although the first time my BF laid eyes on me I had his two room mates dicks in my mouth but we still ended up dating. Just casual at first but now we are as solid as a rock. I guess I’m the exception to the rule...


    He can’t be too judgy about our rather modern meet cute story, he rolled in the room wasted with a  Pipsqueak Pretty Femboi in a Sailor suit working furiously to get his Heavy Lumber out of his pants. We both knew what we were getting into. 

    Fair Warning


    “Louise feel like I gotta warn you Francis went to the same school as me and you need to know if you’re dating. He sucked so much dick and got jocks shooting their loads on his face in the locker room so often his dork glasses needed wind shield wipers,”

    “Well rally, that’s one way to put it. I know everything about Franny’s terrible bullying in school, best first date I’ve ever had. It’s not his fault, I don’t have a problem with it, you rally have no idea what appeals to me in a boy.

    Francis mentioned you were a Freshman from his old school but he says you were nice and stood up for him as best you could, so why are you trying to fuck up his new relationship then Mister?


    You obvs are masking how upset you are about something Poor Baby. If you’d stop being as catty about my BF as a Bitchy Dallas Diva. You can talk to me, yes about anything. Go ahead.................

    Well done Sweetpea, you’ll feel better now you’ve had a good cry, no it’s fine I ain’t a gossip like you. I’m sorry your long distance GF dumped you and is whoring it up like crazy at Arizona state. You’ve got too much going for you to be a bitter Betty, sneak though.

    Why don’t you come over for Dinner on Friday, I’ll have Franny cook. Were you gonna warn me he’s a better chef than Julia Childs too? lol  

    I want to set you up with my friend fair warning: she is plus size and will talk your ear off about the need for castration in the justice system but everything else about her is lovely Dear.

    Oh I’ll just tell Franny you came round to see if he wanted to go get coffee and we ended up talking and you spoke so nicely about my man I just had to invite you over.” 

    Touched By The Hand Of God


    “I don’t know why you thought Kurt and I had broken up Dylan Dear.

    I said brag to all your friends we’d gone all the way, because I wanted to make it clear he may be big man on campus but he doesn’t own me. He talks so patronizing and condescendingly like I’m a Bimbo Idiot who kisses his feet in front of everyone. I’ve had it. I’m sick of fucking loads of other men and having to worry about his feelings its more about his rep and image really. I like how you don’t care about that stuff. 

    What threatening violence? I can’t even what a Douche. If he so much as touches you Honey,well I’d.... break up with him? yar maybe but he’d definitely be in the dog house and I think he’d at least have to transfer fuck the football team. That’s another major thing people don’t get everyone thinks I like the status of being with the Star QB, I’d rather he didn’t play such a dangerous game and studied more. 

    I would never say I cucked him, that’s the sort of language I’ve tried to get him to cut out. Let’s go back to mine you are obvs chilly Babe. Don’t worry fraidy cat I think if a sweet shy gorgeous Beta, that’s positive silly, keeps fucking his GF he’ll learn to deal with it. It was so fun last time, he’d never let me put that big rubber fist toy up his butt, has to be Mr Masc 24/7. Who does that even appeal to gay bottoms?

    Oh please it would have made anyone splatt it’s huge and you were ready to go again before we finished the J!” 


    rest in peace Diego, no offense meant to Argentinians

    End Up With A Goofy


    “Thanks for meeting me Tommy, oh yes please, these bags I’ve got like the smallest biceps in nail school, bad combo other Forced Fems get all jelly that you are showing them up and think even they can muscle you.

    You are such a Gentleman Dear. You look down was everything ok at community College Babe?


    I’m so sorry Sweetie, that Step Mom of yours. That is so mean giving The Rolex that has been passed down through generations to your even worse Step Brother. She’s already got money to burn like no sentimental value to them unless you count hurting your feelings. 

    You’d think putting all these childish restrictions on you so you were back riding the school bus and going to bed at an elementary kid time


    so your first serious GF dumps ya was enough to own you! 

    Evelyn did do one thing I’m thankful for this November. Dragging you along to a Forced Fem Sissy Mixer on the rebound. Most of the men at them are so old (someone confiscate these old geezers dick pills!), pushy, handsy and pompous. Aaaw thanks Darling, it was on my expand your vocab daily calendar and I’ve been dying to use it! You were cutest thing there and nice n tall!

    So you were like a breath of fresh air and I felt an immediate connection you were sad about your break up but as you spoke more about her cucking you with college jocks and street dudes. Bossing you about, treating you like a servant.

     She so wasn’t right for you! People saying she was out of your league not even, you were too good for Nicola.

    I’d never cheat, well that sort of stuff is just part of Femboi social interactions. Plus I guess I hate to be selfie but if she hadn’t said Harvard was not happening and sent you to the community right by my Bois Beauty School we wouldn’t get to hang all the time, even if we had met. How sad is that thought?


    Now I’ve got myself a BF Lizzie really likes and I’m doing good in class. I’m getting on so much better with my Big Sister, she didn’t even wanna be responsible for me so I could get released from the reform school after my court ordered Feminization. She nearly sent me straight back, I had these unrealistic ideas about being a boy again. I shouldn’t have given her trouble not her fault I’m a Femboi. 

    I know like sometimes I frustrate you because I don’t fully understand regular boy culture much anymore but this I so get. 

    Like at any Forced Fem School if your watch isn’t Disney you are a nobody. The only thing worse is if you get called out for wearing a non official knock off. It so should be yours I could just cry, I’ve been doing a bit of store modeling work at Humiliations, yeah it fits around classes ok.

    Call in if you wanna see me in more feathers than a chicken, a bonnet or whatevs strutting around for the approval of rich Forced Fem owners. But Liz is letting me keep some of the cash, since I’ve got a Minnie...


    wouldn’t it be super romantic if I got you a Mickey?

    I know Brad has got the status symbol but love means much more. I wouldn’t give him a glance even if he pulled up in The Batmobile, totally the Bale one Dude!

    If he got me a huge Sable or a Birky? gawd you know how label obsessed my Therapy has made me, yep still he could get lost.


    My stylist always knows which thrift shops to hit up, plus I got a bigger budget now too.


    I think it’s a great sign of progress that an African Lady can now sponsor an American Boi. I’m always modeling the new clothes she paid for. Darling, you gotta come over the next time I zoom with her She’s so nice and I never shut up about my Tommy.


    When we get back to mine can you tell one of your stories about playing for the JV team back in school please?


    I’m not just being nice, I love hearing them but don’t get so into it you forget to keep petting me, Big Guy.

    I have the best BF in the world, Timothy is really trying to play up the fact her BF competes in Chess tournies


    now it’s having a moment on netflix. It’s like sorry girl he’s a total dork. He’s never even kissed a cis girl, Timmy tries to act like it was his BF’s choice like he’s romantic, I can’t even lol!”


    I don’t know why I ever fought the therapy or tried to hamster cheek the pills, I had been bitched out so hard I had to move on and deal. TBH I was never this happy as a boy


    the feelings of humiliation are still intense but brief like stubbing your toe. I hope Tommy can get at least some money out of his Step Mommy she has more lawyers than O.J but if he’s dating a Bitchboi and not being bossy about how she’s running their affairs. Hopefully she’ll be nice for once, it is supposed to be his but then again I’m supposed to be and up and coming coke dealer.

    I can’t earn much: future nail tech, ex-convict, part time clothes horse! Maybe Durah would like to sponsor a Modern American couple!  


    She shows me all her new buys too, well not all of them I swear she’s richer than Kris Jenner!

    Tell Me Why He Don’t Like Mondays


    “Like I just don’t get it why would a Kitty care what day of the week it is? If I wrote something so silly in our Forced Fem homework I’d get flunked and put in the dunce cap again but this cartoon dude is super rich somehow, Ugh!


    Well my life coach, Carole, couldn’t explain it either.....so that’s trash Prissy idiot”


    “Ugh, you so don’t get Garfield, it’s over your head, you mad Bro?

     It’s just way too deep for you and cats are intelligent actually. You’re the one who struggles with days of the week, you’re so proud of your Mickey Mouse watch and you can’t even tell time. Your opinion: like who cares airhead!

    What hope you got though Loser if your life coach is a complete boob too, I feed bad for you. This sort of sour grapes and anti Forced Fem culture hate, is why the other Fluffies at Bitchboi school exclude and pick on you, no one likes you Dork!


    These two Forced Fem reformed criminals I adopted squabble all day long and then kiss, snuggle and say how sorry they are too each other when tucked in together at beddies byes, it’s very sweet.

    But I had such peace from my Church visit, to come home to another infantile spat.

    James if you were more positive and encouraging to David, I’m sure he’d like that and you could enjoy your comic strips together. You are so snippy and contemptuous. David has not been a weak, utterly feminine totally controlled Femboi as long as you, you’re supposed to be his Big Sister! 

    You remember how hard it was for you when you thought you were still a Bad Boy Gangsta, even though your new mature Mommy was so much stronger than you.

    David, you shouldn't be rude about something that is so important to your Sister either, also using malecentric regressive so called logic, well really.. Honestly you know how hard James finds that Sweetie.

    Hug each other, then you may have a Hug from Mommy.

    That’s better Darlings.


    Now I just spoke to Stacey


    Her friendzone boys are coming over tonight still, so you too have a dinner to plan. Lasagna yes that’s a wonderful idea James, yes they may have wine they are probably going to be shy I expect. Not you two though, you are Goofy enough already!”

    “I agree with the Pussy on that fer shure Lasagna is super yummy. I’m sorry I was Bitchy Jimmy Dear. It’s fine Babe, I’ll do the side salad.”

    “I’m sorry I called you Dumb Davey, Honey. TBH I didn’t vibe with Garfield at all when I was arrogant awful Boy, so it’s great that you’ll give it another chance. I’m sorry I said no one likes you, the Femmies will if they get to know you, I’m gonna make sure they include my Baby in everything.

    Lets get these Boys all full and tipsy, so they get all sleepy and we can just hang!

    “Totally! Mommy which boy is mine btw? we don’t want to get into a cat fight! Oh so lots of these Beta rich boys are coming. I guess that’s ok Jimmy has been teaching me how to smooch boys better!”  

    Recount: Ouchies


    “Liam, I’m always super happy to see you, ya Silly Goose. Aaaaw I know your control freak Step Mom is goin crazy with the spankings lately, she’s impossible you’re so fucking good. My BF pouts when I gab about how nice and kind and cute you are!


    I keep offering my services as a sitter I wouldn’t take any nonsense but get you inline easy without any smacks, I way prefer cuddling a sweet boy. I wouldn’t diaper you or do anything too humiliating.


    Yeah but like you are legally required a sitter now Precious, I don’t think sitters for young men is a bad idea but like the way she set you up in the hearing with ‘expert shrink’. 


    whose is her man’s GF and got her ‘credentials’ online.  If you were allowed out past 7 you could find a great GF who would take that role. But I guess on some level she must actually love you and doesn’t want her Baby to get independent and leave her. Maybe you could tell you love her more often? and she shouldn’t have to prod you to mention Mommy in your night night prayers!


    I respect her sorta for employing a Forced Fem as your sitter. Not a ton the ditzes can do, I tip my nail tech like he’s a charity. 

    But why Ingrid? The Queen is such a Bitter Betty about losing a high status luxury masc life. She just won’t move on: get a man to keep her, she wouldn’t have to do these little jobs or live in the city's crummiest Femboi dorm aka Bedlam. I get it she’s mean Dear, I know, she’s saltier than an old sailors spunk!

    But I want you to know I’m 100% here for you, so keep count of the spanks my roommate is gonna match you blow for blow on my spoiled tushy.


    Oh she’s waay tougher than she looks, I’ve seen Mia make a bunch of boys even Studs cry, lol yeah that was mostly verbal. But she’ll not go easy on me, we are close but my habits get on her nerves.

    Could ya be treasure Sweetie and help me with the housework or I think she’ll spank me anyway! Hey quicker you finish the more time we can hang, no I said we Dear. You are clearly all in a muddle and tired we could just nap together but the housework first pwease, it could rally use a boys touch!”

    Poor Baby his self esteem is so low if I said make me a sandwich a slut he’d totally do it. If I’d just let his Mommy have the threesome she wants, my man seemed too into it though so I felt needy, 


    maybe she’d chill a bit.

    Pride & Privilege


    “I’m sorry Becky promised to give you chance at a date and like it was a real schlep obvs. But if she still sees you as just a v.close friend you gotta respect that, your ‘tude seems kinda entitled and coming from a privileged regressive male lens. I understand you’re glum, she won’t fuck me either, you are getting a big hug Baby. 

    Well, we’re not just friends we are BFF’s I talk to you about my feels way more than with that big Himbo. Plus you watch so called girls shows and movies with me.

    Look for the positives: at least 


    you’ve read the entire works of Jane Austen


    I wouldn’t be salty about helping Becks with her assignments, well you know she has ADHD. Hey self diagnosis is valid, the patriarchal medical industry is set up to systematically to control and oppress women!

    She’s gorgeous obvs, I’d drop my man for her lol, but I think you are going after the wrong kinda girl.

    Let me redo your tinder we can put up that a you are a Bonnet Novel lover, seems so sensitive totally adorbs and we can post new pics.

    I wanna dye your hair platinum blonde and give it a modern pixie cut, you’ll look so cute, you are too white bread rn. 

    That’s just like one look though, can we do some pics of you in clown drag? to show you are not insecure or toxic in your masculinity. The women I have in mind will swoon over that.

    I’ll give you a handy Dude? one time offer. A beej? Ugh, someones in a bossy mood today. Like I’ll probably put in my mouth, I can’t help myself but it’s kinda awkward to mention it, why can’t you a Gentleman like in Austen.


    Oh I borrowed it off my BF actually the worst player on The Football team has to wear it to the end of season party! Now we just need to find the right kinda lady who’d be good for someone so fun and modern. I’m proud of you and the diet I’ve helped you with is dope af, your load tasted yummy.

    Let me do your dating app swipes


    Oh she looks nice she’s a feminist, she probably likes reading too then


    Says Exec and political activist you could get fancy presents and an education, says she loves Modern Masculinity!


    A Femrule Plus Size gal could be cute? she is not like that big, wish I had a curvy bed partner to keep me warm this winter, The BF is all muscle


    ‘Macho Men Are A Joke’ perfect you so could vibe Buddy!


    A Nerd Girl might be great: avid reader loves Sniplit. Hey they can be freaks in the bed, I couldn’t keep the four eyes dork’s face out of my snatch at boarding school. She’s prettier than me now, I envy watch her on the gram!


    Gimme a good luck kiss for matches.”

    He’s a Goodboi and I do like him but he has so much more potential as a full time Femboi. I keep getting the urge to throw out all his clothes. But he’s still early on with the conditioning, pills and mones.

    I figure dating girls could be a phase for him I’ll relate to so much more when he can pass and get Studs. I suppose if a girls loves him I couldn’t hate as long as he’s the bitch, gets a big allowance from Mommy and likes to gossip!



    “I don’t mind being physically stronger than you one bit Tommy. I don’t care about outdated gender roles besides....

    I knew you were a Bad Boy on court ordered HRT with his tummy stapled when we started dating. You know I can protect you right? I care so much at making you feel safe in my arms. 

    I’ve always been such a fussy Pris I never thought of myself as some jock but it’s been fun beating my BF at Tennis and Golf!


    No way Mister, being considerate enough to go to all this trouble dolling yourself up, not being afraid to show your silly side, checking your privelege and taking my big strap-on is soooo not weak, you are the strongest boy I know, sorta....

    All your out there looks stop me from getting bored. Well I still need Studs sometimes Dolly.

    Yeah I wouldn’t have a problem dressing up ridiculous for you obvs but not like right now


    You know Lisa and I are doing these critical struggle sessions with a cutting edge therapist


    She puts us through everything from puppy play to full adult baby treatment to break us of our spoiled entitled upbringings. So that’s kinda using up my Humiliation tolerance right now. Thanks for always being so sweet and snuggly when I come back from Therapy, she’s not shy about hitting a rich girl with some hard truths, you don’t think I’m a Becky do you Dear?”


    I’m wearing my bestest biggest Fur to get Monica big mad, frankly I love the spankings and being denied the potty even, aaaw it’s so gawd awful I feel two inches tall and so outta control.

    I love it though, an FLR is a lot of pressure I got be my Baby’s Mommy, Daddy and Wife. The bread winner and a bajillion other jobs from opening a jar of pickles to catching a spider.

    I only went because Lisa called me out for internalizing and enabling White Supremacy. Honestly Bitch, if it’s that important to you I’ll go. She was just nervous to do it alone!

    Walk Like An Egyptian


    “Thanks Jenna it has been rally hard. I mean you think you are getting a Jock college Stepson but the sexual transition and conversion to Islam. Well I didn’t question supporting him for a second. The press attention has been such a bother though, Football is just a game boys!”


    “You have shown such grace under fire, I freaked a bit at first you get it right a serious ex and I thought we might get back together, once he’d burnt out on banging thots and wanted a wife with more than two brain cells to help the Himbo with his NFL career, all those confusing contracts right? 

    It’s not how I expected him to stop being a Boi Slut!

    But like whats been the hardest bit for you Sweetie?


    “Well Ryan was completely against the idea at first! I appreciate your support but it’s actually been much harder for your ex.

    Oh don’t worry Honey he’s doing way better, he’s on a date right now, this cute little Beta Wasp wants to convert for him but I don’t know if a boy who works at CVS can complete with the petro dollars!

    Yar he wouldn’t dream of going any place with a liquor license now, I think it’s sensible that he made his ‘starter’ BF quit alcohol on the first date.

    But I’m a little sick of being lectured by the former King Of Keg Stands for having a little glass of vino with my dinner lol.

    Ugh, the zeal of a convert!


    Let’s not talk about his Father, my Husbands coming out is enough to turn any gal to drink. Wanna do shots? let’s talk about this new Man of yours Dear!” 

    But I’m A Lib?


    “Mikki, of course I was appalled to hear how mean and disrespectful Scott was to Forced Femboi boys as both a John and a date. Speaking to you is what really got through to me, that I couldn’t enable somebody that toxic.


    But to meet such a sweet boy as yourself who totally turned his whole life around, from being a disgusting male delinquent from Forced Fem made me agree that it was right for Scott.


    I mean I felt like Lisa kinda pressured into a little bit it all got so extreme. I am not like a nasty or cruel person so I was just thinking fulltime Drag, maybe Breast implants and something to shut down his dick forever.

     But on the surgeries, drugs, training. I don’t mind her getting a commission obvs she’s so capable but I did feel up sold. Now when we are out shopping or whatevs he get’s hit on more than me whether they know he’s a Bitchboi or not!

    It’s the best being in full control of the family money and affairs, I hated being second banana or the emotional labor of trying to get Scott to give me some dough rather than spending it degrading Bitchboi Escorts.

    I never expected to fall in love with a Femboi but you are so special and amazing company. I didn’t know much about Forced Fem or that non-possessive Fem Husband and a buncha stunt dicks on the side was what I’d always wanted

    . You make me orgasm more than them half the time anyway Babydoll,, what a tongue twister you just put on me, I go out of my mind.

    But like actually selling him to a man? like he’s property? running his whole life and giving him a much better persona is one thing but I feel like that crosses a line on my political principles.”


    “Oh Honey, I love that about you are so kind and sweet. But it’s for the best Scott, is boy crazy af now, it’s healthy that he moves out and finds a man. I mean I like having the Airhead Dress Up Doll around too, it’s natural you feel maternal but it’s time he leaves the cozy nest you made for him.


    He’s so happy living a life so feminine it almost makes a Fancy like me wanna puke! I know the persona breaks and all the tantrums about how much he hates you are so hard on you, if he knew how much he was upsetting you he’d check himself.

    But they are getting less frequent, you were worried about the harder ditz pills but gawd the Lil Madame should have gone on them so much sooner! The Tycoons treat Bimbo Bro way nicer than he ever treated even like an elite Femboi Trophy and he can be such a Brat.


    He like mass texts his Studs, ‘Baby needs a new Fur’. But he means a Basso most of time, such a label Ho! Forced Fems demanding designer he just fucked them harder to put them in their place. 

    These hang ups about taking all his money you shouldn’t have them, doeshe deserve it because like his Great Grandfather was friends with like Henry The 8th or whatevs? hard nope. We are going to spend it so much better anyway.

    A sale fee for all the work he’s had just makes sense. A Wealthy Dom hands that over instead of all the bother and time he’d have to wait if he did it himself. It’s not slavery it’s more like a finder’s fee. 

    Yeah like they might snip him but a Femboi takes that actually much better coming from a Stud, he is all in on Real Man worship! Plus way less baggage than if you got him the Orchi, I think that’s why Lisa dropped the snip concept when you didn’t seem stoked.

    So what if if he sells for much more than he cost, that’s just the side effect of making a horrible Alpha, a Dream Trophy Bitch. An auction ensures he’ll get the Highest Status owner. Fembois have a bad record in divorce court but in theory if he divorced any of his most smitten suitors he’d be way richer than us, unless he sells like a Piccaso!

    Yet you feel bad! There you feel ok Dear? Beth you are good person.

    Great there’s a sensible Girl, I already entered him for the next elite auction. His Beau’s are getting tired of sharing, male ego’s right? I can watch you fuck a whole College Baseball team just be happy for you, fix drinks, shake my pom poms like a Pretty little Moron!

    I’ll confiscate those treats he got sent though, he’s on a pre-sale diet! 

    Oh come on don’t be mad about the auction, I’m just antsy to get him moved out so we can start having lots of babies together.

    Are you ovulating right now Dear? oh no that’s cool I rally could do with a Beej! It’s great that you treat your Forced Fem fiance as an equal it shows you rally live your politics. We vote Democrat we are obvs the good guys!” 

    The Left Can’t Meme


    “Like that was rally why The Radfem’s Philanthropist who owns you and employs me as your life coach


    thought you were so deserving of Forced Feminization and a tighty controlled new girly lifestyle. Like she has binders full of boys but you were pick of the litter Babe!

    It’s wasn’t just that you were so prominent and influential as a Right Wing, MRA, Pick Up Artist social media personality. Whilst it was all basically misogynist trash, male fragility hiding behind anger and frankly a ton of it was triggering, zero shame in admitting that now.

    But it was the fact that you were like actually original and creative and funny with some of your takes and response videos to SJW’s.

    I’d find myself actually laughing at you dunking on one of my closest allies. Humor was the weapon you used that was getting you such a massive following. Boys are so easily mislead that’s why I’m so pro-censorship.

    Of course it made me feel awful giggling with, not at, my avowed enemy, it’s a bit like when a girl makes a dick reduction meme and you catch yourself chuckling. 

    But then you feel soups guilty because you know so many Modern Boi’s would be way better off much smaller and that type of mockery creates the stigma that makes it harder for boys to be brave and get a cuter lil dinky.  

    But you know like you used to say The Bigger The Hoop, The Bigger Ho’?


    What would the old you say about those giant wind chime door knockers you are rocking?

    You got nothing? Rally Smart Mouth? Well what about the pink hair, like if a Leftist girl had that and it wasn’t on a Forced Fem Clown. Oh well not to worry.

    Since you ‘decided’ to come out, transition and disavow all your old views and friends you are gonna be using your relaunched Social Media to wreck the enemies of Wokeness instead. 

    The Ditz pills they make you a good Dolly and chill company but you are not like too sharp anymore. Maybe we need to get you some writers?

    Whatever you say you can feel proud that you are helping now, anything you post is cool even if it’s not your idea, I mean it’s such a win that you switched the red pill for an Estrogen implant we just need to put the correct words in your mouth.

    The boys who just got their channels shutdown, should feel lucky but male entitlement, is there any limit to it?

    Let’s collab on a vid on exactly that, Powder Puff!”  

    It’s For Her


    “See Kurt, I can feed myself like a big boy, yeah obvs I prefer grown up food!


    All that baby stuff, I just do it for my Wife. When I first got Forced Feminized I did have a major break down and a baby stage but she totally over blows that. 

    Marla was volunteering there at the time and we did rally connect she loved spoon feeding me, bathing me and powdering my surgically shrunken teeny weeny and getting it in pull-ups.

    I mean a lot of Femboi’s get sooo hung up about how humiliated and pathetic their new lifestyle is they don’t think about the feels of others.

    Yeah like I needed that kind of care at first. But it’s actually like my wife is the needy and insecure one. 

    Like if it wasn’t for being like acclaimed as the biggest fashion plate influencer on the gram, endless luxury travel on Tycoons dimes, ultra wealthy men taking her on insane shopping sprees and loads of super close friends, amazing sex with the hawtest Studs ever, presented company excluded Handsome! The poor girl’s life is rather empty without me, it’s sad really.

    So like no blabbing Dude, but honestly I just wet my Pull-Ups on purpose so she feels like I need her still. I humor her letting her give me bubble baths, spoon feed me yucky baby mush and I sometimes pretend I’m sleepy and cranky if I’m not tucked in by 7pm. If she wants to put me on the potty in front of her friends whatevs my ego is not as important as her fragile moods. I don’t actually need the help!

    I mean you’re a messier eater than me, you need a bib you big Himbo!

    So I dozed off in the cinema so what Mister? You should be flattered I feel so safe with your arm around me. Was so not a beddie bye issue, you pick some foreign arty snoozefest and well the subtitles just put me to sleep. 

    You don’t have to be someone else to impress me Sweetie, you could have watched some silly boy action flick, of course it’s not my thing but I’d have been happy because you were. 

    So why did I wet my yoga pants on our walk in the park? Gees one slip up honestly that’s doesn’t mean I’m a Big Baby, a gentleman wouldn’t mention it. So you had to buy me leggings, I only let the not allowed cash or credit card thing slide because my Girl is such a Drama Queen she’d get rally worried if I was being too independent. I got myself cleaned up and into fresh clothes all on my own didn’t I?

    Anyway like you’re so perfect Hotshot! Your P.O says you’re dealing more drugs than ever! You’re lucky she’s a sweet chubby middle aged Mommy type with a big whopping crush on you.

    So I think you are gonna need to do something considerate for her right? She is keeping you out of jail. So let’s just make out so you can give her the Real McCoy at her next visit.

    Good boy that’s a very mature attitude, total kindred spirit. But take me shopping too please Honey, since you’ve been such a busy D Boy! Yeah ok you can buy me one ridiculous Clownish Humiliation get up at The Femboi Store, as well as the sophisticated stuff, right? But I ain’t wearing it in public nu-uh! 

    Well unless Marla really likes it!”