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2022-08-12 13:56:55

    Anyone that says ¨I’m ok but we gay people but we don’t have to see them kiss¨ is just homophobic. We don’t buy that bs. Sex is everywhere, very explicit sometimes for everyone to see, every day of the year… But one gay kiss or any soft sign of LGTB sexuality is scandalous? that’s what homophobia is. 


    I see the same mental gymnastics/discourse used with people furious at LGBT pairings in western cartoons as well

    The whole "oh fast food workers are quitting because they aren't paid enough" really ignores that fast food work is the most dogshit job you can have. Like McDonalds in Aus pays above minimum wage in a lot of places and still struggles for good staff because it's just an awful place to work. People want living wages but they also want clear scheduling, more rights in the workplace, better equipment and managers that aren't weird sexist boomers.