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    22nd January 1901 - The death of Queen Victoria at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

    As was her custom, Queen Victoria spent Christmas at Osborne House.
    Her health was rapidly deteriorating. Victoria wrote in her diary,
    “Another year begun, I am feeling so weak and unwell, that I enter upon it sadly.”

    The Queen was confined to a wheelchair by rheumatism, she could barely see due to cataracts and from the middle of January she suffered a series of strokes. Her family and courtiers were in denial and refused to accept The Queen’s mortality, the government was totally unprepared and the public were kept in the dark about the Queen’s poor health.

    Queen Victoria passed away at 6.30 p.m. Her son and successor, King Edward VII, and her eldest grandson, Emperor Wilhelm II were at her side and, her favourite pet Pomeranian, Turi was laid upon her deathbed as a last request.

    The Queen’s death was officially announced by a small notice posted outside Osborne House:

    “Osborne House, January 22, 6.45pm

    Her Majesty the Queen breathed her last at 6.30pm, surrounded by her children and grand-children.

    PLEASE... If you are walking across farmland, stay on the footpath!

    The two photographs show the same footpath just a few weeks apart.

  • A border of wild flowers is often planted to encourage bees and insects, enhancing and protecting the environment. They will not grow if they are trampled.
  • If you walk on the other bit, (the field) which may look barren during the winter, you could be destroying the crops that will be used to make next year’s bread, beer or whisky.
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    Tower Bridge, London.


    The replica Paddle Steamer Dixie Queen passing under Tower Bridge.

    The Dixie Queen is the largest luxury pleasure cruiser available to hire on the River Thames. She can accommodate over 400 passengers for a seated meal, and you can usually see her moored at Butler’s Wharf just to the east of Tower Bridge.

    If you are a fan of the television soap opera EastEnders, many of the scenes for the river boat disaster in 2020 were filmed aboard the Dixie Queen… although, they did not really sink her!


    Bray, Berkshire.


    The delightful village of Bray on the River Thames near Maidenhead is home to two Michelin-starred restaurants; Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, and The Waterside Inn founded by Michel and Albert Roux.

    Close to the village are Bray Studios where the first series of the Hammer House of Horror films were produced and, more recently in 2019 all three episodes of the BBC’s Dracula series were also filmed here.