Liam, Seb, Trev!!! (BodySwap) Sebs Present

    (Requested by Liam or @liamstfstories and his bf Seb or @sebastian-pickering93 )

    It was a normal day but an exciting one for me, I had flown down to Liam and Sebs place in Australia. I had time off and wanted to see them in person. It was the first time I would get to see them in person, we had met on tumblr and his bf later got a tumblr. We had fun and always loved to rp together or just talk in general. So I was happy when Liam invited me for the week, I touched down in Sydney and Liam was waiting to pic me up. As I walked out the airport I looked and looked for Liam, when I heard someone sneaking up behind me. I turned around real quick and yell,” you really think u can sneak up on a marine Liam.” Liam laughed and hugged me. He got my bags and I asked him where Seb was. Liam said he had to work but would be off later. We jumped in his car and started off to his house, the first thing I noticed about Liam that he was much hotter then his pics. We drove for about and hour and pulled up to this nice house where him and Seb lived, we went in and I told him his house was really nice and Liam said,” just wait to you see the pool.” I thought damn the two Aussies have it so nice. We got up to my room and he threw my stuff on the bed and he showed me around the place. It was nice and I kept telling him it was such a beautiful home. After that he got me a beer and we went to the living room to sit and talk. I remember him sitting there talking all about his day at work and tagt Seb was made cuz he got home late. I just stared at him and looked him up and down, I knew I shouldn’t have cuz he was a friend but something about him made me hard. Maybe it wa stage fact that we had rp and talked about sexual stuff online so much and seeing him in person made it all real.

    He would look at me and smile, like he knew I was mentally undressing him. I took another drink of my beer and started to feel funny. That’s when he just stared at me. Like he was waiting for something, i started getting lightheaded and the last thing I remember was passing out and the bottle slipping out of my hand. When I came too, I was in a bed but not the one Liam was letting me stay in. It was actually Liam bed, it was soft and the pillows felt great. I pushed myslef up and felt odd, like something was off. I got out of the bed and looked down the hall and nothing and went back in and went to look in the mirror. I walked in the bathroom and washed my hands and then my face. When I looked up at the mirror, I jumped as I didn’t see myslef staring back at me. Except it was Liam, I touched my face and moved my hands. Well Liams hands, and I freaked when the realization tagt I was in Liams body. I ran in the bedroom to see my body sitting on the bed. I walked over to him and asked “Liam is that you in my body? What happened, I’m really scared.” Liam responseded,” haha yeah it’s me Trev! How do I look” he stood up and showed off my old body. He asked if he looked good and lifted his shirt to reveal my abs. Then he went further and grabbed my dick and cupped it in his hands. Liam broke the silence,” damn Trev why didn’t you tell me u had a big cock. I’ve already jerked off twice in ur body.” I said”EWW WHAT THE FUCK LIAM, were friends”

    Once I calmed down and realized this wasn’t so bad, i mean we had rped this all the time about us swapping and now that ith has it was cool. Liam told me why he swapped us, Liam said that it was Sebs birthday and that we were going to go out to the beach and have fun and I wanted you to pretend to be me. I said “no I can’t do that to Seb, what if he finds out?” Liam said he wouldn’t and even if he didn’t Seb has been wanting this forever. I said alright and I said how long Seb was gonna be and he said at least an hour.”PERFECT” I said as I jumped on the bed and got naked. Liam in my body did too and he slapped my new ass. He fucked me for a good 20 mins before he blew his massive load all up into my ass. As the time went by, I slowly became more and more like Liam. I started getting his memories and his interests. And learn more and more about Seb, he’s a kinky little fucker. He loved fucking Liam in any way possible, after we fucked Liam and I jumped in the shower he did a Trev specialty. He sucked all the cum out of my ass and we kissed shuffling the cum back and forth until I swallowed it all. Seb got home and he hugged Liam or who he throught was Liam. I could tell he was horny from a long day at work cuz he grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard. He ran to Trev and jumped in his arms, he was so glad to see me. He said he was gonna go change and then we headed to the beach. We got to the beach and it was a great day. Seb tore his shirt off immediately and ran to the water.

    I ran in after him, Liam in my body stayed back for a minute. Before running towards the unaware me and pushing me down into the water. We all had a blast and Seb was clueless to the whole thing. Seb kept asking me what his b-day present was and I didn’t know what to say and kept telling him to wait and see. We swam played a little and ate at a beach side bar. We came back and it was probably 4pm and I could tell Liam had a little to much to drink. We messed with him and he chased the pigeons, he told use he was gonna go for a run and jogged down the beach. Seb turned to me and said, “ I’m so glad u invited Trevor, he’s so fun and he reminds me of you Liam haha.” I laughed and shrugged it off and told him,” yeah me too Trev couldn’t stop staring at me earlier I think he likes me and I know he’s been all up on u.” Seb blushed and got up and I noticed the hard on in his pants. Seb then said,” We should have a little fun tonight, the three of us you down?” I agreed and noticed Liam jogging back. He stopped and scooped up so sand and throwing it up.

    We got home and watched a movie, it was Angel Has Fallen, a good movie I thought as I sat there cuddling Seb. I wasn’t playing much attention to the movie though cuz I kept Ed look at Liam in my body exploring himslef for Sebs pleasure. I squeezed Seb tight and messed with his cute blond hair, and then I don’t know why but I ran my hand down to his shorts and pulled them up and ran my hand in his pants. I cupped his coco and balls but they were big and didn’t fit in to much, I was surprised when I felt his cock. It was massive, and he got hard as I rubbed and stroked his cock. Lik watched me the whole time, I could see he was enjoying watching me have fun with his BF. I looked in Sebs eyes and told him,” you ready for ur present?” Seb got all excited and said yes. I said,” me and Trev are gonna go get it we will be back. We went to the back room and I told him that we should have a three some. Liam agreed and we got naked, we walked out of the room and Liams jaw dropped when he saw us two naked cock and balls waving around.

    He through up his thumbs and striped so fast, we all ran up to Liams or my room now. I was a little disappointed when I saw Liam in my body jump up and get into doggy position. I didn’t bottom that much and was scared that my sensitive ass was gonna be sore. Seb took initiative quick and spit on his cock. He pulled My ass up to his cock and shoved it in my ass. I got on the bed and me and Liam sixty-nined each other. Liam and a uncut cock and it felt so good when it got sucked. I had never sucked my cock before and thought it was weird that I liked the taste of my own cock. I cummed so fast that I was embarrassed but I was still hard so I went over to Seb and helped him fill my old hole up with another cock. The feeling of two cocks rub against each other as they slide in a tight asshole is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I made out with Seb as we fuck Liams new hole Liam in my body shot a massive load all over his new chisled body. I bent over and licked up all his cum and it tasted so good. Finally it was getting close and me and Seb were pumping in rythem, the climax came and we both shot our loads up his ass. That’s when it happened we pulled out and Seb kneeled real quick. He ate out my old ass now Liams, and sucked all the cum of use too. Liam jerk with pleasure and Seb stood up with a full mouth. He grabbed my head and kissed me, he pushed all of our cum in my mouth and I returned. We did this for a couple of mins before I finally swallowed it all. It tasted so good, Liam stood and up and pulled us into the bathroom and we took a shower. We had a nice shower before we went out and all theee sleptrd in the same bed. Turns out Liam didn’t know how to swap us back so he was forced to go back to California, but he said it would be fun and new I would take care of Seb while I look for a solution to our predicament. We kissed him goodbye and left into the airport. Me and Seb went home and when we got in ten house he said, “so Trev you want to go fuck?” I was so shocked he said my name but I was in Liams body. I laughed and told him fuck yeah. We ran to the room and had our fun. Liam would be back In a month so we had plenty of time to have fun.

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    1.Seb waiting for me to get him a beer and fuck in the pool. 2.Me as Liam showing off to to Liam as me in a pic. 3.And Liam in my body going to his first country club.

    Amusement Park- Skye

    (Dedicated to my friend Skye or @vore4life If u can’t tell I really enjoyed writing this one for him and me. Leave a comment, telling me if u enjoyed it or which part you liked.)

    I had just got through the day, when I was called in. I was apparently picked and was apart of a group that was going to speak to a school. To inform them about the marines and what we do. We landed in a small town in Utah, where the school we were going to was. We got there an everything went smoothly the students had a blast learning and we wrapped up the day and went back to the hotel, that we were all staying at. I over heard some teachers talking about an amusement park that was close to the hotel and decided to go to it with some of the other guys which I knew. We got to the park and immediately started goofing off and having fun. We rode the biggest coaster they had and played bumper cars. It was getting late and the other guys were tired so they went back to the hotel, but I was having fun. I decided to stay for awhile and ride some rides I hadn’t rode yet. As I was walking around I passed this young guy who looked my age. He was cute and made me do a double take when I saw him. He noticed me as well and looked back as well. I won a bear shortly after seeing him at a claw machine. Then I decide to get something to eat and was standing in line when I noticed the him standing in front of me. He was twinkish, he had muscles and was definitely good looking and had a cute, but a big ass. He order a corn dog, and I walked up behind him and told the vendor, “ make that two corn dogs”. He turned around and saw me, he cocked a grin and blushed when I smiled at him. I payed for the two corn dogs and asked if he wanted to sit with me and eat our corn dogs. He said yes and we sat down, I introduced myself as Trevor and he said his name was Skye. I thought what a unique name, Skye asked if I was from around here and I said no. I said I was born in Texas but joined the marines right out of highschool. He asked why I was in Utah and I said it was a school event, I was picked to go and speak to high schoolers about the marines. I asked him where he was from and he said he lived about 10 miles away and had alway come here every year. It wasn’t long before we started flirting with eachother. He was definitely cute and I saw in his eyes that he thought I was pretty good looking aswell. Although I seemed to be interested in him, which I was but not in the way he was. I could tell he was thinking in his mind, how great of a couple we would be. Me I was never the dating type, I found myself to young to have commitments like that. I was just looking to have some fun and blow of some steam of the day. Skye was definitely my type a cute boyish type twink who wasn’t skinny but wasn’t fat either. He was what I would call a muscled twink who was 19 years old the same age as me. As we talked more and more I good see in his eyes they told everything about him. He was a bottom, he had some what werid fantasy and fetishishes with I assumed he was living out as I talked to him.

    I could tell our conversation had come to and end and we ran out of things to talk about but it didn’t have to stop there. Something I hadn’t mentioned till know was a little different I would call it a fetish’s or type of porn. The thing I didn’t mentio was that I had the ability of vore. I was pred, I don’t know where I got it, my dad apparently told me it ran in the family and that he would vore, guys he had no connection with so nobody got suspicious. I first learned I could do this when I was 13 when I was fooling around with a friend. We were messing around, watching porn together when he started giving me a bj. It felt great and I had never done anything with anyone before. Shortly after he started, he went for air and mid way going back down my cock opens up and swallowed his head. It was scary at first but it felt amazing, I didn’t want to loose a friend but my pred instincts kicked in and my cock pulled him in all the way. Anyways back to present, our conversation ended on an interesting topic, Skye asked me a question, he asked” what is ur biggest fantasy or fetish.” I found it odd and interesting at the sam time, I deflected the question and ask him the same question. Skye wasn’t a very shy guy he answered immediately and said” I’m not that kinky of a guy” I knew he was lying. I asked while lifting my foot up and rubbing his cock with my foot,” there’s got to be something ur into Skye”. He dodged again, at this point I knew if I could get him alone I could find out what it is.

    I got up from the table and told him I’m going to pee. As I was walking to the bathroom I turned my head to him and winked as I gesture him to follow me. He got up and saw his pants, I got to admit I was a little shocked when I saw a pretty decent sized cock tenting in his pants. I guess my foot got him going haha. I really did have to pee so I went in and told him to come as well. It was a one toilet bathroom so when he got in u locked the door behind him. He stood at the sink as I went pee. I turned to look at him and saw him trying to catch a peek of my cock. I grinned as I first and turned around, as soon as I did Skye was right up on me. He went in for a kiss and I greet him back with a kiss. After that I told him to strip and he did as I told him. He seemed very obedient, like he wanted to do everything I say. This just made me horny and I took off my shirt to reveal my chided body, I had been working out since highschool so my body was in really good shape. Skye marveled at my abs and pecs. He could stop staring at me as he got naked. There he was, sky completely naked and he went back up to me and got on his knees. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants and fished out my cock. As soon as Skye saw my cock his mouth was watering, he grabbed it and immediately started sucking it. It was like a starving guy eating food for the first time in days. It felt so good, his lips were so soft and he knew exactly how to suck cock. My cock was above average, 7 inches hard and he took all 7 easily. I was impressed that I cummed after five minutes of my cock being sucked. His tongue felt great as it lapped around my cock. He swallows all my cum, which was a pretty decent load since I hadn’t cummed in a couple of days.

    I went in for a kiss when I saw a drop of cum on his lip. I sucked it off and missed him pushing the drop into his mouth with my tongue. After that I picked him up and pushed him down on the toilet. I kneeled down and saw his amazing bubble butt, it wasn’t super tight but for my cock it was gonna be tight. I could tell his ass was used but taht made it hotter. I rimmed his while for awhile with my tongue making sure it was nice and wet. As I was doing that I was fingering him, I could tell he enjoyed it from us moans. I got up and once again grabbed my dick, I jerked it to get it hard again and got it lined up with his smooth hairless asshole. I pushed slowly at first and Skye moaned as my tip enter his ass. His ass was tighter then I thought and it felt great, I pulled out and spit in my hard and lubed my cock and went back in. It went in slowly. Skye put his hand on my thigh, trying to slow me down and be gentle. I did and gave him some time to ajust, he thrusted in and out for awhile before going back in for the finale push. I thrusted in slowly and he moaned as I went all the way. He took my whole dick down to the balls. I knew at that moment, what type of guy he was and why he was so obedient and attracted to me. It was obvious, Skye was prey. He knew his place and taht why he did everything I told him. See prey knows when the are near a pred and there instinct take control. They need to be apart of something bigger and better, it’s hardwired in there self. As I was fucking Skye I thought about him, he was like every preds dream. He had everything, the ass that preds love to fuck with force, the fact that he could take a cock without gagging. And the fact that we both knew mentally when we passed each other the first time who we were. It all made sense and at that moment I had to have him. My pred instincts kick in and took control, I grabbed Skye and forced my cock in and out of his ass with such force it knocked him forward every time I went balls deep with every thrust. Skye was a load moaner and I’m sure everyone out side knew what we were doing but we both didn’t care. We both knew we wanted this and soon he would be with me forever. I slowed down and wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, “ are you enjoying this my prey, ur nothing but food for me after I’m done filling ur ass with my thick alpha pred cum. This is how it’s gonna feel when my stomach is wrapped around you, crushing you gripping you tight” Skye cummed after me telling him taht and I stood up and laughed, I was right and he was loving it. My mind thought he was pathetic, but understood why Skye wanted to be apart of me. I was superior in every way, and Skye love thatbhe was getting his ass filled by the man who would vore him soon. I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me every time I thrusted into his now loosen hole. It was great but I knew I was coming close. I felt it coming and shot my load deep inside his ass. I slowly left my cock fall out and kneeled down to suck all the cum out of his ass. I swallows all my cum and grabbed Skye. I knew at this point it was over he couldn’t run not that he wanted to. He looked at me in the eyes and said, “ I want to be in u apart of you, pls. Eat me I’m nothing compared to you” as he asked I complied. I opened my mouth and swallowed his head. We were both sweaty from the intense fuck, he tasted salty but sweet. Which was weird I never tasted anyone sweet before. I guess it was his shampoo. I lifted him more and more into my throat.

    As he slide down he squirmed, it’s like he knew what to do, to make a pred happy. The more he squirmed the more went into my mouth and down into my stomach. I was up to his chest and he was going if fast. Probably the fact taht he was smooth and was sweaty. He glided down my throat up we hit a snag his cock was hard again and I couldn’t swallow with his boner in the way. So as he was half way in my throat I used my tongue and jacked him off until he cummed on him slef. After his nice cock went soft and his cum covered body went down with gravity. I closed my eyes enjoy this nice meal. Skye was unlike anyone I had ever vored before. It’s like he had been waiting to get vored by a pred his whole life and was doing all the right things to make me feel great. He squirmed he didn’t fight or try to free himself but new it was over and took it like a man. His feet were the only thing still in the outside world when I pushed them in and swallows one last time. Skye was sent down all the way to my stomach where he curled up into a ball. I look in the mirror and again was surprised he was a decent meal but hardly made a bulge. If anything it was a little beer belly with abs. I rub my stomach and felt Skye nice and wiggle around. I sat down on the toilet and notice my cock got hard again. I started to jerk off whe I looked to my side and saw Skyes underwear. I picked them up and smelled them as I jerk. His underwear was where his cum had landed when I whisper into his ear. His cum smelled so good along with his musk taht i cum for the finale time. I then wipe my dick off with his underwear and get up and thought Skyes clothes in the trash. I got dress and stuck his underwear in my pants pocket and left no trace of poor Skye. I look down and ask him,” how is it in there my man, is it everything u thought and more.” I hear a muffled voice, it sounded like a yes but then felt him shaking and realized he was jacking off. I laughed and walked out of the bathroom. I go back to the hotel where I tell all the guys about what happened after they left. They laugh, apparently they thought I was joking, whatever I say and move on as I feel Skye move around. It had been three days since I vored him and he is still alive in my gut. The forth day was difoas I woke up to no movement and no beer gut. My chiseled abs back and I think, I bet he loved every second of it. Know I’m sitting hear and I’m really hungry, wonder if I can find a quick meal before I have to head back to base.