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    After Graduation

    From Jock Transformations

    Hello, all. This is the new me. You’ll notice that I don’t look at all like I used to before high school graduation three months ago. Let me explain.


    After graduation, I began college almost immediately over the summer. It was here that I met my new body, Jack. Jack was a year older than me, and just trying to get in two years of college before he moved completely into the modeling industry. Needless to say, I expected him to succeed in that field.

    Now, we took a general science class together (that’s where we met) and the professor? Completely bonkers, but brilliant. He always had this open ad posted for a “job opening” testing his experiments for him. He invented a lot, so it would be something different usually. One week, the ad had a note tacked to it that said he’d like people to sign up as partners. Jack and I had talked just a little bit, and he and I decided to get the extra money and signed up together.

    We arrived to find the professor waiting for us at the door to his personal lab in the basement of the science building. He unlocked it and told us to follow him. After walking through a veritable maze of equipment, we finally arrived at a series of four tables, all arranged around a central dome-shaped device. A control computer was a ways off. He told us that we were the only partnership there that day, and asked us to lie down on the tables that were opposite of each other, our heads facing the dome. We obliged, and he said he was beginning the experiment. He told us to close our eyes, and the machinery in the dome began humming. It was actually relaxing. I felt myself slipping into sleep. I finally did fall asleep, and had odd dreams, made of flashes of color and random sounds… Suddenly, I felt a hand shake me awake. I was disoriented and groggy, and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. I thought I had made a mistake, because I could have sworn I had gotten on the other bed. I stood up, feeling heavier and taller than normal.

    “That was really relaxing, professor, I fell asleep so deeply it’s still messing with my head. See, I even think my voice sounds wrong,” I said.

    The professor just grinned at me.  "Look down,“ he said.


    I did, and saw the brown Abercrombie shirt that Jack had worn in. “You switched our clothes?

    “Your bodies, act
    ually. Jack awoke before you and asked to be allowed home,” the professor explained.

    “So Jack ran off with my body?” I said, stunned.

    “Not exactly. I wasn’t going to switch you back for another five years. It’s how the experiment will work. I need to be able to present data on the psychological and social consequences of the body swap technology before I get a patent and a contract to manufacture and sell it to the public,” he told me. I suppose it could be worse. After all, I get to spend the next five years as a model while the old Jack gets to go to college and study engineering as a younger man. I left the lab, and found Jack’s keys in my pocket. I located his car and drove to his apartment, where he lived alone. I hurried into his bathroom, and stripped down to nothing, stepping into the shower. I grinned at the reflection in the mirror.


    I soaped up, and was barely able to contain myself. The feeling of running my hands over this chiseled body was euphoric. My hands lingered on the Apollo’s belt jack had for a lot longer than they needed to, and I forced myself to pull away. I scrubbed his short, blonde hair (so different from my old long, brown, and greasy hair) and spiked it up in front with his gel. I couldn’t wait to get a taste of life as Jack.


    Seeing myself in this body in the mirror was really getting my new member all worked up. I did several poses, and then had the bright idea to try on some of his nice modeling underwear. I got half way to the dresser, then decided to give up right there. I collapsed on the bed, letting my new dick spring up, grabbing it and exploring my new sensitive zones.

    Yes, I knew graduating high school was only the beginning!


    Source:“After Graduation” from Jock Transformations Blogspot


    As usual @verus-veritas has done an excellent job bringing a story into a new medium! And from my first ever tf blog no less!