Gay Comic Son
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2021-04-10 12:00:45

    This human was but one of many males to be captured by the alien vessel while in Earth’s orbit. The alien species makes the visit every few months, replacing whoever they capture with an identical alien clone, who would then observe human society and culture.

    As for the original human, he would be taken back to the homeworld for further examination. It had only been a few months or so since the alien species had discovered Earth, and early preliminary tests on human subjects revealed that human male reproductive juices had both curative and narcotic effects on the aliens.

    This chubby teenager was captured on his way back from his friend’s house, while deciding to take a shortcut through an open field. He, and the hundreds of other males of all ages, shapes, races and sizes would be pumped full of technology which would make sure that their cells can regenerate for far longer than usual, increasing their lifespan and taken to special facilities on the alien homeworld to either undergo extensive milking or experimentation for the rest of their days.


    Give them my address. Please!