Tyler and Dylan Battleshits Fantasy

The Teen Wolf cast reunion party was in full swing.

Tyler Posey grinned and sipped at a Pina Colada, thinking how cool it was that they'd all remained close for the most part.

Tyler's gaze fell on Crystal and Holland giggling like school girls over by the punch bowl.

Then there was Colton and Charlie Carver...

Colton had recently divorced, but that didn't stop Charlie from making passes.

Colton failed miserably at playing hard to get. He shook with laughter and allowed Charlie's lips to claim his.

Then Tyler saw Dylan. His bestest buddy!

Dylan was headed over with a beer and chuckled at Tyler's cocktail.

"Try a real drink Posey," Dylan joked, offering his beer glass.

Tyler smirked and swatted Dylan's arm playfully.

"Hey!" Dylan mock protested in a very Stiles way. "Not cool..."

"Then don't make fun of me," Tyler suggested. "Just because I like Pina Coladas..."

Dylan grinned.

"...and getting caught in the rain," he added.

Tyler finished downing his cocktail and handed Dylan the empty glass.

"Make yourself useful," he joked. "I gotta go find a bathroom..."

Tyler turned and starting walking before Dylan could get him off track.

He didn't have time for that...

Tyler's stomach gurgled angrily. He could have kicked himself for consuming so much dairy!

He frantically searched the conference room and found what he was looking for.

There were two doors in the back corner of the large space.

Tyler made a quick march that way, merely waving in acknowledgment of Sprayberry saying hi.

He pushed open the door and found a surprisingly small restroom.

There was one urinal and two stalls. Presently, the room was entirely empty and smelled clean.

That was about to change...

Tyler made his way to the second stall at the end with the higher wall toilet and latched the door closed.

The toilet was full of cleaning chemicals with the seat up, so Tyler knew it wasn't dirty.

He lowered the seat with urgency as a painful sensation jolted his gut.

He began undoing his belt and unbuttoned his black jeans.

The restroom door creaked and opened as Tyler was lowering his jeans and blue plaid Fruit of the Looms to his ankles.

"Man," O'Brien said loudly. "Glad there's another one! My beer's talking to me..."

He took the other stall as Tyler farted into his bowl, getting the door latched closed.

Dylan lowered his toilet's seat and found it passable. He wasn't too prude about this kinda thing...

He turned and quickly shoved his tan jeans to his ankles with Calvin tightie whities.

"Seems urgent," Tyler remarked.

"Hell yeah," Dylan confirmed as his ass hit the seat.

He crackled and a wet batch burst from his ass, splattering his bowl.

"Yeah that's better," Dylan grunted.

"That fucking stinks!" Tyler remarked with a laugh.

"Sinks your battleshit," Dylan joked.

They both laughed and took awhile pushing out their dumps as they goofed off...