My friend's other son

    I tagged along grocery shopping today with my friend and her two sons.

    I already shared a picture awhile ago of my friend's older son in the stall at college, and I just happened to be there at the right time.

    My friend's other son I have never managed to catch until today, but unfortunately it was in the grocery store with the big gaps in the stall doors, and the bathroom was busy.

    The other son is in high school, but he is so much fucking cuter than his brother. There isn't even any contest.

    He has blonde hair, brown eyes, rosy red cheeks, and a cute little mouth that perks up.

    He also grins big quite often, but it is just cute when he does it. He wears big glasses, but they just make him cuter.

    He's such a fair twink, I don't know if you could do anything to make him ugly.

    He is very thin, but tall and lanky, because his legs are long in proportion to his upper frame.

    Just to mention, he is very ditzy, absent-minded, and goofy- but again, it only really adds to the cuteness.

    He was wearing black Adidas shorts with a blue hoodie today, and Nike sneakers.

    We were in the store as a group when I decide to excuse myself for my dump and jack.

    Well my friend's son says he is gonna go with me to the bathroom.

    He follows and along the way kinda shyly looks at me.

    " uh, you don't gotta take a crap, do ya?"

    I tell him: "yeah I do", and he kinda just laughs in a goofy way.

    I didn't know by that rather he had to dump, or thought it was funny I did.

    He isn't really too mature...

    Well when I took the end stall, both others were vacant, so he hung around looking at both- as though picking which one was a game.

    Then he took the one by me and says:

    "Hey I think I'll take the one by you, okay?"

    He's kinda bubbly, if that helps you get a better idea...

    I tell him that's fine.

    Again the lack of maturity- because most people his age don't ask you to take the next door cubicle.

    This is where he surprised me though at last...

    His shyness and awkwardness had led me to believe he might have certain prude clicks about public toilet usage.

    He doesn't...

    There are seat covers in each stall there. I always pictured him using one. I guess because he's skittish and can be people-awkward too.

    Instead of papering like I thought he just turned and dropped his shorts and undies to his ankles, which easily fell down his lanky legs.

    He didn't have to pull them.

    First the black Adidas just suddenly fell at his ankles, then maroon Hanes briefs dropped on them.

    He sat and stretched his legs out. Unusual, but his legs are lanky...

    Two low farts sounded into his bowl and then a pause.

    Then a loud burst with some loose stuff released.

    He low farted again and you could hear two projectiles of crap hit the bowl.

    "Annngggh," he sighed.

    Then he farted pretty good, but no crap I don't think.

    His thin lanky legs were perfect twink as well! Smooth and hairless.

    About five minutes passed and then he started round two.

    (By this time he had moved to another usual lanky legs toilet position. He bent them inward, so his legs were around the dip in the bottom. It was a wall toilet...)

    Some crackling and another fart.

    Nothing more after that though...

    When he started wiping I did.


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