I’m going to try to upload the video of the ‘blonde god’ dumping later on, but Tumblr doesn’t always approve my video posts being unhidden, and I have to censor out any private parts. They won’t let the video stay up for sure if it shows parts, but I’ll include the explosion and sigh

    Desperate Dump

    At work yesterday, I was sitting in the men’s room around 3pm when I heard fast footsteps coming down the hallway. Suddenly the door opened and someone bounded into the stall next to me. I could tell by his dress shoes that it was one of the cute junior lawyers. He didn’t bother to wipe the seat down and instead worked quickly at his belt. His pants dropped to his ankles as he mounted the seat. 

    Almost instantly, loud crackling shit began echoing throughout the room. He was breathing heavily as he pissed into the bowl for what seemed like ages. At that point, I heard rustling of newspaper and knew that meant we would be there for a while. Soft, airy gas seeped out of him and he flipped through the pages. 

    10 minutes into reading, round two was upon us as looser shit began pouring into the bowl. He farted 7 or 8 times in a row before finally finishing up. He stood to wipe and I noticed that he leaned forward and really dug into his cheeks for each wipe. I exited the same time he did and realized it was a newer addition to the firm. He looked to be about late 20s and had a gorgeous looking face with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I’m hoping to catch him again soon. 

    Aaron had gas

    I have this friend named Aaron and his wife I sometimes tag along with to Walmart on Sundays. That’s the day they shop. I’ve been going with them almost every Sunday for half a year. I think you all know why…

    And today was the day it happened! Aaron had to take a shit and couldn’t wait, or he just wanted some guy time. Hard to tell honestly because he didn’t really shit much. Hardly at all.

    Aaron is this really chill hippie kind of guy in his 20s. He has curly brunette hair, five o'clock shadow that doesn’t really grow out, and is about 5 ft 9 slender build.

    He’s given to wearing Levi jeans that hug his ass nicely and cable knit style sweaters. Today the sweater was navy blue.

    He is a guitarist and an artist if that helps give you more of an idea about how cool and easy going he is.

    Well as I said- we were at Walmart about an hour ago. I went to the bathroom by electronics. Aaron apparently has noticed that’s where I go.

    About ten minutes after I went in the door opens and Aaron asks: “Hey you in here?”

    I say “yep” and he asks me how everything is working out. I tell him good as he steps into the smaller stall next door and latches it shut.

    “I think she’s gonna take her time…”

    The toilet seat is dropped down LOUD.

    “And I’m gonna take a shit now, k?”

    I took that as him not particularly wanting to talk. He unbuttoned and lowered his jeans to his brown shoes along with navy blue Fruit of the Looms. Nicely hairy legs.

    When he hit the seat a drawn out echo fart sounded into his bowl. Just gas. He grunted and another loud fart that was only slightly louder echoed.

    Guess you call that the literal definition of only getting a fart…

    He went for his phone, confirming he’s not a chatty dumper. Every once in awhile he’d fart.

    Finally after five minutes or more of farting I have to say something.

    “Came for a shit, got only a fart…”

    He laughs and says: “I know man! I just cannot get anything to come out…”

    Then he wiped once, so I guess his ass at least passed some liquid. It sounded like he had a pretty messy dump still building!

    Then he pulls up and says they’ll page me when they’re ready to go. I was jacking it of course…

    Twink at Planet Fitness tried to mask the stink with cologne

    I was in the locker room toilets yesterday evening.

    Kinda slow on Sundays, but the younger guys always come out. You know most of them aren’t in church- lol

    I sat there about 10 minutes from arriving when I hear the tell tale foot falls of someone headed my way.

    Those steps get closer and then to my glee- a guy with white sweats and New Balance sneakers occupied the next door stall.

    He reached into his pocket for something I could hear. Might have thought it was his phone…

    Then he placed a can of Axe on the floor and lowered his sweats and white briefs around his nice hairy legs at his ankles.

    He picked up the Axe and sprayed as he let out a slow-churned sloppy batch that clearly splattered in the bowl.

    Small spritzes of cologne won’t rise fast enough, so it made for an interesting combo.

    You could smell the cologne AND the really rancid egg smell of his ripe shit!

    I guess he didn’t want to smell his own shit because I sure didn’t mind smelling it! I could tell he was a hottie…

    He tried spraying more while he farted into the bowl a few times. Eventually he did get the smell mostly out- but some still lingered vaguely on the air.

    He farted a few more times, but no more slop.

    He sat there about seven minutes and started unrolling.

    A got to the sinks about when he pulled up.

    A twink of about 5′6 and slender exited. He had slight acne, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and rather full lips.

    His tee shirt was red.

    He had an interesting expression on his face as he washed up next to me and gave me a playful glance when he caught me looking.

    I think he knew I was checking him out!


    Shaggy brunette tried out the gym toilets before register

    Was at Planet Fitness earlier in the evening. I had occupied the bigger stall, but no one in the locker room seemed to be using the toilet.

    Then I hear a guy say suddenly, young-type voice: “…and this is our locker room and facilities…”

    Two guys step into the toilets/shower area and a second hipster voice says: “cool, cool”

    Then he says: “Do you mind if I…use the bathroom really quick?”

    “Oh no, no,” the PF worker says. “I’ll just wait up at the front”

    “K thanks,” hipster voice replied as he stepped into the next door stall and turned to latch it.

    He had on blue jeans and All-Star chucks.

    The toilet seat was lowered and he turned to drop his jeans with light blue boxers around nicely hairy legs.

    He sat and ripped a quick fart.

    Two more gas bursts popped into the bowl and then a splat of loose mess.

    He grunted and passed another low fart.

    After playing on his phone a few minutes he began wiping so I got to the sinks.

    When he exited the stall he was wearing a sky blue tee and had curly brunette hair that stopped just above his shoulders.

    He washed up and went to finish his membership.


    I've seen guys do this more than once. Guess you wanna make sure the facilities are adequate where you're gonna be dumping often...

    Young Dude has a Verbal Dump at the Station

    I was traveling recently and won't say what city this was in.

    I had a layover so I decided to go scope the field.

    One of the city rail stations was right by the high school, so young dudes were using it.

    I went into the station toilets, which had 3 stalls.

    I took the last one on the end. Even though it wasn't bigger in this bathroom. All the stalls were the same.

    The toilets were really ancient 'Standard' floor models from before the company became 'A-S'.

    I just parked my bare ass as I always do and waited.

    It wasn't long before three guys came in.

    One of them took the middle stall next door and a young voice says: "we gotta get to school".

    "Yeah I know," a really cool hipster voice says next to me. "Just let me go quick..."

    After placing his backpack on the floor, he lowered khaki uniform pants with a belt to his blue Vans sneakers and pushed down red Hanes.

    His legs were somewhat hairy.

    He also seated bare like so many young guys do!

    Immediately a wet batch popped and spattered the bowl and he breathes out with relief: "yeah that's better..."

    He blows two farts and begins unrolling.

    I cleaned up fast and got to the sinks.

    His buddy was waiting close to the stalls. He had on khaki pants and a navy blue uniform shirt.

    His hair was wavy brunette. Not quite a bowl cut.

    As I washed my hands his buddy exited. He had a black uniform shirt and clipped blonde hair.

    "Feel better?" brunette asks with a smirk.

    "Much better now," the blonde agrees and takes the sink by me. "What's up man?"

    We chatted a bit.

    I may be going to France for a trip soon, but I don't think I can do pics because toilet stalls are made so private there with the bottom barely off the floor.

    I'll just have to write text about all those French hotties grunting out their gassy loads.

    Because you know the stereotype about the French and gas...

    Yeah... so this airport I was in had only two stalls in both men's bathrooms. Who the hell designed that place? Two stalls isn't gonna do it with the way guys like to shit before and after flights.

    I've been in airports with about 25 stalls and people still waited...

    A fantasy just entered my head:

    Imagine some young guy with a backward cap bent over the sofa at his friend’s house, playing a video game. His friend comes out of his bedroom and sees his buddy leaned over the back of the couch, his ass pushing out his athletic shorts. The friend can’t help it. He grabs his buddy quick and pulls those shorts down. His friend tries to wrestle from his position of being pinned to the couch. Then he feels a cock go up his ass and makes a surprised sound, dropping the game controller. He isn’t fighting anymore because part of him has wondered what having a cock up there might feel like. He’s taking it and willing his asshole to stretch.

    Church Lad came into the Home Depot toilets with a full load

    I assume he was a church boy anyway. Given he was dressed up and today is Sunday.

    This happened in the afternoon, about 2ish.

    I was in the big end stall at the Home Depot, just waiting on someone to come in who I could watch.

    I glanced under when the door opened and saw brown dress shoes and black dress pants.

    He went past the urinals, so I knew he was coming for a stall.

    He took the middle one right next to mine and quickly latched the door. Then he wasted no time in undoing his belt and getting those dress pants and white briefs down.

    I could tell he was desperate!

    As soon as his ass hit the seat he started pissing into his bowl. After his bladder was empty a heavy plop hit his water and he blasted a fart.

    Two more farts sounded, then two more plops.

    He didn’t waste any time when he finished, so I think that also indicates a church boy. No playing around in the bathroom- lol.

    He started unrolling so I got to the sinks. When he came out, he looked to be 19 or 20.

    He had short clipped blonde hair and was wearing a peach colored dress shirt tucked into his pants with a tie. Clean shaven.

    He may have been quick, but he was really full though! He had to piss and shit…