Strange Flesh Is Now Available

    This is Strange Flesh: a sexy, gay, adult beat ‘em up game for Windows, macOS, and browser.

    The browser version works best in Chrome. You may need to whitelist us in your adblocker to play. Don’t worry, our site does not serve any ads.

    Get Strange Flesh from Greatest Bear Studios

    You will play the role of The Bartender, a master of the hypnotic arts and a servant of the bar, Strange Flesh.

    In the game, you’ll infiltrate the mind of Joe, one of the bar’s many troubled patrons.

    Pummel your enemies into submission, corrupt them with your hypnotic smoke, or recruit them to your side. The choice is yours.

    Just wait until you see what happens when you hit an enemy with your corruptive cigar smoke…

    So why are you still here? Get on over to the Greatest Bear Studios website!

    And if you like the game, remember to tip your Bartender.


    IT’S OUT PEEPS! enjoy!

    Desperate  Times

    Hello everyone.

    im wondering if anyone would be interested in a emergency commission. i woke up today to the sound of mom crying and shouting and we all as a family are facing a problem. id rather keep the details private but it will get worse over time if not tended to. 

    keep in mind i have a list of commissions so yours might take a bit to get to, which is why i had them closed but i have no option at this point. i dont know what else to do. take a look at my commission page and note me if youre interested, or help spread the word and send me hugs. i need them.