When another gay is hired at your job


    When you’re the new gay who just got hired


    When the new gay get fired for not doing thier job


    When the new gay shows up after getting his job back for blowing the manager


    When the district manager fires both of you, and the manager, for starting drama in addition to having inappropriate sexual relationships with management.


    When you, the unmentioned fourth gay, sat there and ate your food and watched your messy coworkers get fired for starting unnecessary drama.


    When the fired for the second time gay finds out there was another gay the entire time


    when you’ve been waiting in line for ten minutes and just want to buy some fucking hand soap


    How do you feel about your tops kissing you when they’re dominating you?

    I love that mixture of hard and soft during sex. Like, pound my hole into oblivion, smack my cheeks til their bruised, spit on your dick and ram it inside me…but then look me in the eyes and kiss me in that way that says “i got you, ima protect U and destroy U at the same time” i love that shit.