Non amo mostrare le mie stanze a chiunque.

    Qui in pochi ti capiscono davvero…

    La gente mi vede normale, mentre conservo gelosamente la mia follia.

    Mi piacciono le menti, quelle importanti.

    Vivo di occhi, abbracci, pensieri.

    Abito sogni che condivido solo con chi ne è degno.

    Perché sognare insieme è intimo, più intimo di una notte di sesso.

    Sono fatta di passione e sono anche tanto fragile.

    Un'anima fragile con la corazza da guerriera.

    -   Angelo De Pascalis

    “Si sentono spari in lontananza

    Il nemico prende il via ed avanza

    Colpisce ed ammazza

    Tre corpi giovani cadono a terra


    La morte arriva e li afferra

    Li porta con sè

    In un pozzo senza fondo

    Consapevoli che non ci sarebbe stato ritorno

    Se ne vanno senza nemmeno un addio

    Lasciando nei nostri cuori solamente il ricordo” (25-04-2019 Liberation Day)


    how deep does ur sign love?

    venus in aries: kinda deep, but it depends. they fall in and out of infatuation super quick and they're fickle as hell so once it's over, ya never know for sure that it's over

    venus in taurus: they don't love so easily but when they DO love, they love so deep. they literally won't budge. even when they think they've moved on, they haven't truly moved on

    venus in gemini: somewhat deep enough as long as you're fun and interesting enough and never stop exciting them. if that stops at any point, though, it's not worth it anymore

    cancer venus in cancer: incredibly deep, especially when they find someone who appreciates them and needs their appreciation too. if they aren't appreciated tho, they know it's time to go

    venus in leo: so deep it's almost unhealthy. they hang onto relationships for longer than most, but if they feel under-appreciated, y'all know the relationship's dead

    venus in virgo: only deep after having been in the relationship a while. they gotta feel safe and happy before loving harder but when they do they're obsessed

    venus in libra: pretty deep but they keep it balanced. they're romantic af but they give you space too. just know that if they don't feel at peace, they gonna retreat

    venus in scorpio: intense it's scary? they really will love u so hard and obsessively they'll get jealous of (and kill) most people u talk to so treat them right

    venus in sagittarius: hella deeep as long as the love keeps them guessing, like a fun game. once it stops being an interesting adventure/gets in the way of their personal freedom it's done

    venus in capricorn: cautious and slow at first but it's always gonna be v deep and strong and reliable when they're comfortable with it

    venus in aquarius: deep, but very rarely. everything literally has to be perfect for it to be deep, and if they find love too conventional or boring they don't stick around

    venus in pisces: loves real deep but who really even knows? they know how to choose exactly when they want to love deeply and when they don't, so if ur harsh to them u ain't worth it

    rare words

    adomania: the sense that the future is coming too quickly

    anecdoche: a conversation where no one is listening

    kairosclerosis: the moment when you realize you're happy

    monachopsis: the subtle persisting sense of being out of place

    opia: the ambiguous intensity from looking someone in the eye

    rubatosis: the unsettling awareness of your heartbeat

    vellichor: the strange wistfulness of used book stores

    zenosyne: the sense that time keeps going faster